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Brand pyramid Marketing

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Brand pyramid Marketing

  1. 1. Image Vision Mission Segmentation / Differentiation /Positioning Brand Design Added Value Personality Brand Essence Brand Identity Image: -American Prep Style -Laidback and "carefree" clothing trend for teens -Quality clothing at an affordable price Vision: -To maintain the American Prep style while adding in more trendier pieces -Keeping up with target markets expectations for ecommerce (websites, social media, new innovative technology for sales and advertising) Mission: -Removal of large plastered logo on clothing -Correcting merchandise to meet target markets expectations -Change of atmosphere in store and online Segmentation/Differentiation/Positioning: -Mass market, stand alone stores, factory stores, E- commerce, Locations in large shopping centres -To target men who are looking to maintain an American Prep style. American Eagle's heritage is based on denim and offering high quality clothing and accessories that allow for versatility within our markets needs -Versatility of clothing, Quality items, and Rewards programs, E-commerce Brand Design: -Strong denim category -Tops, Bottoms, underwear, socks, shoes, accessories, Cologne -American Prep Style Added Value: -Product assortment allows for versatility in the target markets daily activities including school, work, social activities, and everything in between Personality: -15 to 25 years of age -"Live your life" perspective, laidback and carefree -Students who engage in multiple activities throughout the day Brand Essence: - Versatile, American Prep Style for any occasion Brand Identity: -Competent, innovative, trendy -Separate social media page for menswear -Related to celebrity target market aspires to be -In-Store events (New launches, social media celebrity)