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Madhubbu Resume

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Madhubbu Resume

  1. 1. MADHUBABU C.H. Mobile: 9440616549 ~ E-Mail: madhubabuchakravarthula@gmail.com 78931709197893170919 Seeking middle Level Managerial assignments in Functional areas / MIS Analysis with a growthSeeking middle Level Managerial assignments in Functional areas / MIS Analysis with a growth oriented organisation in Financial Sector.oriented organisation in Financial Sector. PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS  A dynamic professional with 14years of rich experience in strategic finance & accounts, taxation and analysis, Client Relationship Management, Channel Management and Team Management in the Financial Industry.  Presently associated with Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited, as SR.Manager Accounts  Expertise in Finance & Accounts company’s operations with key focus on MIS, Financials and Statuary Payments of Income tax service tax Returns (through online payments), Co-ordinate with statuary auditors Appointed as Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and Bankers for Fund mobilisations services.  Possess in-depth knowledge of M.I.S - Finance & Accounts & Taxation.  Track record of consistently achieving assigned work in time, building dynamic teams, identifying high-yielding services and processes during the career span.  Demonstrated abilities in cementing healthy relationship with key accounts for completing work and leading workforce towards accomplishing Finalization and corporate accounts.  An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude. SLIC- list down my contributions during FY 2015 – 16 Effectively managed & controlled (F&A) HO team in timely completion of assigned work and ensured smooth functioning of entire Day to Day activities of (Finance & Accounts). Played a key role in proper mapping of all the Finance transactions in IBAS Financial system related to Expenses& receipts Nature and provided the ready data for preparation of Final accounts of organization. Participated effectively at the time of Audit program (Statutory Audit, Service Tax Audit and Income Tax Audit) conducted by external audit the organization and provided the ready data with proper records as and when required. Effective control &Supervision over entire accounting transactions by preparing the MIS Reports on monthlyBasis. And submission of accounting reports as and when required by Higher officials. Performed a key role through supervision of entire Team of (Finance &Accounts) in matter relates to payments& receipts transactions of Employees& all other vendors. Has been responsible for Implementation of Online General Payments (NEFT, RTGS Transfers)accounting system. Also plays a Key role in timely submission of statutory payments related to Income tax, Provident fund, ESI &other important payment transactions through online payment system. Contributed in Requirement analysis, Preparation of requirement documents, functional assistance to Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department. Coordinated with Bankers for revenue related matters, Monitored, trained & motivated the manpower & ensuring quality Accounts. Also keeps a effective control and supervision over petty cash expenses incured for official purpose. And Keeps a control over advances taken by employees of organization. Played a key role acting as a Mediator between Head office and Pan India Locations of SLIC offices in solving Query’s related to Financial ascepts.
  2. 2. I have contributed towards implementation of Expenses Management System software in overall every aspect of implementation and development process. And also provided every effort of minewith valuable inputs in designing the EMS Software and also in making it successfully implemented. Facilitating Factors: Working in Shriram life insurance co ltd as a Sr.Manager(F&A Dept).The major factor which facilitates in my work environment is the advanced development of softwares systems implemented in the office of SLIC i.e EMS,IBAS.Which enhances us in speedy completion of work and proper generation of reports as and when require.Thus reduces the manpower and develops the technical and ability skills. CAREER RECITAL From April’2003 to Dec’2006 associated with Shriram City Union Finance company Limited, Hyderabad as Assistant Manager. The Accountabilities: Finance & Accounts / Taxation  In charge of Finance and Accounts Department at the Registered Office.  Liaisoning with Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department.  Finalisation of the Annual Accounts and visibility.  Attending the Statutory Audit, Service Tax Audit and Income Tax Audit  Debtors and Creditors management  Authorising payments, MIS Reporting & Reconciliations. Channel Management  Identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable Channel accounts heads, resulting in all Reconciliations penetration and improved accounting system.  Evaluating performance & monitor channel partner related activities for deeper accounting package penetration.  Assisting the accounts channel heads to meet their performance accounting system. Relationship Management  Attending the Statutory Audit, Service Tax Audit and Income Tax Audit  Liaisoning with Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department.  Coordinate with Bankers for revenue related matters. Team Management  Monitoring, training & motivating the manpower & ensuring quality accounts.  Leading, mentoring & monitoring the performance of the team members to ensure efficiency in process accounts systems and meeting of individuals. Operational Management  Co-ordinating with Higher Management requirement –MIS, Funds states, Bank operations & Auditors Coordination. & Budgent Reports.  Mediating healthy operational relationship with the Auditors, Bankers and IRDA Insurance Company. Financial Analysis  Understanding the Financials modules of the company and helping to improve the modules.  Understanding the processes in all the departments of the company  Responsible for Requirement analysis, Preparation of requirement documents, functional assistance to Income Tax Department, Service Tax Department.  Responsible for authorising payments.  Responsible for general accounts operations of the company.  Mediator between Head office and Pan India Lociations in offices.  Mediator between accounts department and IT department. Significant Highlights  Responsible for Fund requirements to All Channels & Tax Payments .(through Online Net banking).
  3. 3.  Responsible for Implementation of Online General Payments (NEFT ,RTGS Transfers)accounting system. EDUCATION  Master of Business Administration (Finance) from Osmania University, Hyderabad. . PERSONAL DETAIL Date of Birth: 08th June1970 Address: HNo. 445, LIGH Bharath Nagar Colony, Moosapet, Hyderabad-500 018. CERTIFICATION / Knowledge/ Skills / Capabilities / Competencies :  Undertaken a course on Software Testing in SUNSYSTEM Technologies at Mumbai  Vision & Sun systems Accounting Package, widely used in Insurance companies.  Undertaken a course on Software web online accounts package in Integrated Business accounting System (IBAS) Developed by Pro-active salutations Limited at Chennai.  Undertaken a course on Software web online accounts package in SAP accounting System. (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing).  New Project of Online Payment system (EMS-Expenses Management System) Reimbursement of Employee Expenses.Implemented at Shriram life insurance co ltd.

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