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The story of the bear and the squirrel

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The story of the bear and the squirrel

  1. 1. The story of the Bear and the Squirrel Tarasova Anastasia, Pavlova Victoria, Talagaev Evgeniy
  2. 2. A Bear lived in the deep forest. He was alone because he hadn’t got friends. The bear was angry and no one wanted to be his friend.
  3. 3. One day a bear woke up after a long winter sleep. “I’m very hungry. I need some food,” said a bear.
  4. 4. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. The bear was angry; he stumped his feet and roared, “Where can I find tasty, delicious yummy food?”
  5. 5. He was so sad and lonely. He wanted to find something to eat but he couldn’t. The bear was very tired and he sat down near the big tree.
  6. 6. A little squirrel jumped happily up and down that tree. She saw a bear and asked him: “Hello, bear! Why are you so sad? What’s the matter?” “Hey, squirrel! Give me some food! I’m hungry!” said a bear angrily.
  7. 7. “Don’t you know the magic word, the bear?” asked the squirrel. “What! What do you mean?” said the bear. “Oh, poor bear! Say “please”. It’s simple,” said the squirrel. “No! I am big and strong! I never say “please” to anyone,” said the bear. “Be polite, bear. Say “please” and everyone helps you,” said the squirrel.
  8. 8. The squirrel was very kind and friendly. She wanted to help the bear “I will help you bear,” said the squirrel. “Come with me,” said the squirrel. “Here are delicious berries and this is some sweet honey. Eat it!” said the squirrel.
  9. 9. The bear was happy. He ate and ate and then he said with pleasure: “Thank you, little squirrel. You are very nice.” “You are welcome!” said the squirrel and smiled. Moreover, they became friends. They always helped each other and lived happily.