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MSM MBA class profile 2016

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The one-year full-time MBA program offered at Maastricht School of Management combines the latest knowledge in management theory with practice and applied research, with an emphasis on leadership and management in multicultural settings.

The program is designed for managers and entrepreneurs with at least three years of postgraduate work experience, who have a passion for the challenges faced by organisations in a globalized world.

Graduates from the one-year full-time MBA program assume leading and challenging positions in the private or public sector, and many have successfully started their own entrepreneurial venture.

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MSM MBA class profile 2016

  1. 1. Working together for better global management Master in Business Administration (MBA) Meet the Class of 2016
  2. 2. The one-year full-time MBA program offered at Maastricht School of Management combines the latest knowledge in management theory with the practical experience of the School’s global faculty and worldwide networks. It equips graduates to lead with confidence and impact, and to place higher value on integrity, respect for society and self-reflection. The program is designed for managers and entrepreneurs with at least three years of postgraduate work experience, who have a passion for the challenges faced by organizations in a globalized world. Graduates from the one-year full-time MBA program assume leading and challenging positions in the private or public sector, and many have successfully started their own entrepreneurial ventures. MBA
  3. 3. the MBA Business Colloquium and work visits to regional companies and organizations. The international management mentorship program MSM’s international management mentorship program is a platform to link our talented, experienced and diverse group of MBA students on an individual basis with representatives from the local and regional business community and governmental institutions.This match allows mentors and students to build mutually beneficial and durable networks and relationships. For MBA students, the mentorship program is a unique and much appreciated opportunity to gain insights into Dutch business and governance know-how. The initiative is also valued by local representatives, who see it as a chance to broaden their personal knowledge of foreign business cultures and expertise.The precise content of the mentorship is jointly determined by the mentor and the student. Professional interaction is the main objective of the mentorship program; experience shows however that the most durable and beneficial relationships most often emerge in the cultural and social sphere. Over the past years many senior managers from organizations such as Obvion NV, Mayfran International BV, ING Nederland, the City of Maastricht, DSM Innovation Center, the Province of Limburg have participated in the international management mentorship program which was one of the three nominees for the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award 2014. Learn, grow and network in the heart of Europe Internationally accredited and recognized The one-year full-time MSM MBA program draws on MSM’s more than 60 years experience in management and business education, is ranked #2 in the Netherlands according Eduniversal’s Best Masters ranking and it is accredited by NVAO, ACBSP, IACBE and AMBA. MSM was one of the three nominees for the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award in 2014, in recognition for its contribution to the internationalization of higher education in the Netherlands. In 2014 MSM was a finalist for the prestigious Association of MBAs Innovation Award. Developing global leadership skills Global and multicultural leadership skills are vital assets for today’s managers. Joining MSM’s MBA class will challenge you to develop your management skills in a diverse, international and multicultural environment.The more than two dozen nationalities represented in a typical class of the full-time MSM MBA create a stimulating learning environment inside and outside the classroom.This will help you expand your global outlook and network. Maastricht’s proximity to other major European countries and MSM’s worldwide network of partner institutions, including the Global Business School Network (GBSN) only add to our attractiveness as an international management school. Responsible management MSM subscribes to high ethical standards in business and strongly promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.We subscribe to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).With CSR and business ethics constituting an integral part of the MBA curriculum, you will be trained to become a responsible and effective manager. Strong links to business community Pursuing an MBA degree is not only about management theory and case studies. Our strong links to the local business community will give you exposure to the best companies and organizations in the region.This is facilitated by our international management mentorship program,
  4. 4. Connecting theory to practice The MBA Business Colloquium features monthly guest lectures with a representative from the business community on a subject directly linked to the MBA course topic. In this way, theory is directly related to practice. A diverse community The current full-time MBA intake consists of 20 nationalities and represents many different job responsibilities in a diverse range of sectors. “My mentor and I soon discovered that we were both interested in sustainable development. My mentor happened to be well-vested in issues of sustainable energy. In the area of climate change issues and considering that my country is beginning to put sustainable energy sources in the fore of development initiatives, I learned a lot from him.” Morgan Mwesa Kapeya, Zambia Alumnus 2013 Class profile Students: 37 Gender: 22 Male, 15 Female (59% : 41%) Nationalities: 20 Age range: 23-49, average age: 33 Work experience range: 3-19 years, average work experience: 8 years Nationality Job areas 11% 5% 16% 8% 19% Asia Africa Latin America Middle East Europe Asia 3% 38% 24%24% 11% 5% 8% 16% 11% Finance Business Development/Sales Operations Management General Management Marketing Entrepreneur Law Quality Other
  5. 5. Aly Toba Egypt October 6 University Egypt - BSc in Accounting,Work experience: 13 years Aly is the General Manager at SEDRA for Agricultural Investment. In this role he set up the company’s operation team and developed its Strategic Business Plans. Aly played a major role in SEDRA´s growth in turnover and market share in the Egyptian market. He provides overall management to 120 agricultural engineers. Aly decided to follow the MBA program to better deal with the growing challenges of his demanding job. Andres Sanchez Martinez Colombia Universidad de los Andes - Bachelor of Business Administration,Work experience: 6 years As Vice-President of ACI Proyectos Group, Andres is responsible for the company´s strategy and policies. ACI Proyectos business group has more than 1,600 employees and is active in diverse industries: engineering and construction, car and equipment rental, medical services, real state, and the cattle industry. Andres analyzed and planned the diversification strategy for the Group in Colombia and Peru. Antoine Jeha Lebanon Notre Dame University Lebanon - Bachelor of Business Administration,Work experience: 4 years After having worked in different Human Resources positions, Antoine is now open for a new challenge. By joining the MBA program, he aims to develop the management knowledge and skills that will help him to set up his own business venture in the future. Anwer Azzan Yemen Sana’a University - Bachelor in English Language,Work experience: 9 years In his current job as Programs Manager at the Center of Business Administration (CBA) of Sana’a University, Anwer is responsible for managing human resources, overall operations, financial management, marketing and branding. Additionally he is engaged in program development in topics such as innovation, change, sustainability, initiating supportive subsidiaries or new programs/projects and exploring new opportunities. MBA intake 32 Class of 2016
  6. 6. Gireesh Shrivastava India Devi Ahilya University Indore - Master of Business Administration Marketing,Work experience: 8 years Gireesh has been working as Business Development Manager in one of the leading general insurance companies in Mumbai, Liberty Videocon GIC Ltd. Prior to that he acquired experience in relationship management and sales in the financial industry. Gireesh believes in constant improvement and learning. He is open for a position in a global organization in Europe where he can use his skills in communications, team work and leadership. Fiorella Estela Bocanegra Peru University of Lima - Bachelor in Business Administration,Work experience: 7 years7 years7 As Senior Demand planner Fiorella is responsible for the IT & B2B product line in the technology consumer goods at LG Electronics Peru. She has experience in forecasting accuracy, inventory management, supply chain optimization and customs clearance processes. Fiorella has joined the MBA program to improve her management skills and to learn to combine her passion for supply chain processes with CSR activities. In the future, she would like to manage projects that generate positive impacts on cultural awareness among companies. Beverly Best Trinidad and Tobago University of Manchester,Institute of Science & Technology - Master in Management and Implementation of Development Projects,Work experience:16 years As Head of the Functional Cooperation and Programme Management Unit at the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat. Beverly coordinates and oversees the Secretariat’s program portfolio. She is also responsible for creating and driving a sustainable resource mobilisation strategy across the organization. Specific tasks include preparing and reporting on OECS’s annual work program,directing and monitoring the implementa- tion of Result-Based Management (RBM) tools and systems for work program planning and reporting,project management,and coordinating relationships with regional and international development partners. Gerardo Padron Peru University of Piura - Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration,Work experience: 9 years As the Sales Team Leader at insurance agency RIMAC Seguros, Gerardo manages a sales team consisting of 10 members. He recruited, developed and motivated the team and contributed in this way to help RIMAC become the leading agency in the Peruvian insurance market in 2015. During his career in sales, human resources and hospitality management Gerardo developed a clear passion for service and he believes that service plays a key role in every organization. Awalia Noor Baroroh Indonesia University of Diponegoro - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering,Work experience: 7 years7 years7 Awalia works as Business Development Engineer at PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, a fertilizer and chemical company in Indonesia. In this capacity she controls and monitors investment and project progress, coordinates new project and investment analysis, particularly from a technical and financial point of view, and explores new investment and business opportunities to maintain the company’s growth and development.
  7. 7. Hussein Ramirez Cosio Mexico Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Bachelor of Business Administration, Work experience: 5 years Hussein works as Commercial Manager at BPO Human Resources, a tax strategy and outsourcing agency in Mexico. He is responsible for tax strategy consulting, service to the company’s key accounts, coordination of the sales team, the design and execution of the sales plan, negotiation and closing, attracting new clients, opening of new markets, recruitment and selection, coaching and post-sale service. Ian Silungwe Zambia University of Namibia - Bachelor of Accounting,Work experience: 5 years Ian works as Internal Auditor for the Kaputa District Council in Zambia. In this role he is responsible for the development of adequate safeguards for the prevention or prompt detection of fraud or loss of the Council´s assets. Furthermore he ensures that all accounts are prepared in accordance with IFRS procedures on financial reporting. Ian also conducted a financial project with AON Zambia to update their financial records. Julia Taddei Brazil Universidade Candido Mendes - Bachelor of Law,Work experience: 14 years Julia is a qualified lawyer in Brazil with experience in major law firms in Rio de Janeiro and in London. She assists clients - both local and foreign - in developing new ventures or in maintaining, enhancing and diversifying existing ones. She has worked as legal and tax counsel for M&A transactions and has dealt with project finance structures in areas such as oil and gas and shipping, and in foreign trade and customs issues. Ivy Gloria Musora Zimbabwe Institute of Marketing Management,Graduate School of Business South Africa - Bachelor of Business Administration,Work experience:7 years7 years7 Prior to enrolling for the MBA program, Ivy worked within the Hospitality industry as assistant sales and marketing manager at Meikles Hotel. She gained practical work experience in market analysis, brand building, networking, development of sales and marketing strategies, profitable negotiations with stakeholders. Ivy describes herself as a self motivated, customer driven, relationship focused and results oriented professional who strives to ensure that a company’s overall business strategy is achieved. She sees every day as a learning curve and seeks to improve her career at global level. Justina Kalu Nigeria Imo State University Owerri Nigeria - BSc in Sociology/Anthropology,Working experience: 4 years As Public Relations Officer at Suclos International Ltd., Justina handles the company´s overall marketing, sales and promotion activities. She also oversees the maintenance of high quality customer service. Thanks to her prior experience in human resources Justina acknowledges the need for managerial expertise in companies.The MBA program will help her to gain the management knowledge and skills to address the management challenges she sees in her country.
  8. 8. Mohammed Yahya Musleh Mahdi Yemen University of East Anglia UK - MSc in Information Systems,Working experience: 11 years As Chief Executive Manager in the industrial sector Mohammad established a business in the Food and Beverage industry. He led an investment portfolio of more than 100 million dollar in two years. He is experienced in defining corporate strategies, supply chain management and international logistics. Mohammed worked with many multilateral and bi-trilateral organizations and with the private sector in Africa, Asia and Middle East in development and corporate governance projects. Me Yunwei China Northeast University - Master in Program Management,Working experience: 19 years Me Yunwei is Quality Assurance department manager at the Cold Rolling Mill Plant of Baosteel in Shanghai, China. As QA manager, he is responsible for the quality control system of cold-rolled steel sheet. Me Yunwei has a keen interest in the culture of Europe, and he joined MSM to advance his knowledge and skills in management and economics. Magda Elena Minaya Bedon Peru Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina - BSc in F ishing Engineering,Working experience: 18 years Magda Elena has extensive experience in managing the implementation, maintenance and improve- ment of Integrated Management Systems in Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment. Currently she works as a specialist in this area for DYE Desarrollo y Ecologia SAC, a consulting company which develops supervisions of Safety, Health and Environment for mines. Kiba Bhutan University of North Bengal, India - Bachelor of Commerce,Working experience: 8 years Kiba works as Marketing Officer at the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation Limited (BBSCL), the only television media in the country. She is responsible for generating revenue through the marketing of BBSCL television, radio and web products.To achieve this Kiba’s main objective is to maintain a good relationship with key prospective clients and to execute long term agreements with various organizations. Katherin Galarreta Berpillot Peru Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru - BSc in Electronic Engineering,Working experience: 9 years Katherin has worked as Sales Manager for different multinationals in the telecommunication sector, most recently for Huawei Technologies, where she was in charge of America Movil Peru account as Services Sales Manager. Acting as the only interface, her role was to understand her customer’s needs and she developed a strong customer relationship. In 2012 the sales of professional services increased by 31%, and in 2014 by 27%, compared to the previous year. She has been working in a strong and growing global market and has developed her skills in an environment mostly dominated by men.
  9. 9. Nando Kom Karung India Manipur University - Master of Arts,Working experience: 14 years Nando Kom works as Executive Director for the Centre for Community Development (CCD), a Manipur- based NGO active in poverty alleviating projects. He is responsible for the supervision of the entire project management cycle from project planning, designing, formulation and preparation to project implementation, budget and finance control, and project monitoring and evaluation. Niyut Khare India University of Plymouth UK - BSc in Marine & Composite Technology,Working experience: 7 years7 years7 For the past seven years Niyut has been working as Marine Engineer in the shipping industry. He was responsible for the complete operation and maintenance of marine auxiliary machinery.This included the maintenance of critical machinery like turbochargers, auxiliary engines, main engines and fuel pumps. He has worked with colleagues from many different countries such as UK, Russia, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. Pamela Kayser Germany University of Bedfordshire UK - Bachelor in Public Relations,Working experience: 7 years7 years7 Pamela has extensive experience in Marketing and Sales, as she fulfilled different positions in this area in various sectors. She currently works as Manager New Business for HRS-Hotel Reservation Service GmbH, a hotel booking portal for business and private customers. She is in charge of the commercialization of HRS solutions and products in mobile and new media. Her main responsibilities include customer acquisition, business development and marketing activities. Pema Dorji Bhutan Sherubtse College - Bachelor in Commerce,Working experience: 9 years Pema Dorji joined Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) in 2007 as Finance Officer. He worked in various capacities both in Administration and Finance at BBS, including planning and execution of broadcast development activities. Pema has solid experience in preparing sound financial statements and reports as per Bhutan Accounting Standards, Indian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. He currently works as Head of Finance Division within BBS. Pooja Kashyap India Institute of Chartered Accountants of India - Chartered Accountancy,Working experience: 4 years Prior to joining the MBA program, Pooja worked as a Financial Reporting Analyst at Deutsche Bank (DB) in India. She was responsible for the preparation of financial statements according to IFRS as well as HGB (German GAAP) for the DB Milan branch, management review packs for the Board of Directors of DB Italy and affiliated accounting tasks. She also has experience in Auditing and Tax consultancy. She joined the MBA program to gain managerial skills and enhance her knowledge for personal development and career growth.
  10. 10. Syehabudin ZM Indonesia Udayana University - Bachelor in Accounting,Working experience: 9 years Seyhabudin currently works as Account Representative at the Directorate General of Taxes at the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia, where he is responsible for monitoring tax payers compliance, providing guidance and consultation to taxpayers, preparing and updating taxpayers profile and conducting taxpayers data reconciliation. During his career before and after obtaining his Bachelor in Accounting he built up extensive experience and expertise in the area of taxes through the various positions he fulfilled in this area. Reuben Kachama Walobele Zambia University of Zambia - Bachelor of Arts in Education,Working experience: 9 years As Senior Protocol Officer Reuben supervises the operations of state functions and ceremonies in order to enhance strict adherence to the diplomatic etiquette. He facilitates the accreditation of Zambian and foreign diplomats and coordinates other activities of the department of State Functions and Ceremonies. He is responsible for the timely granting of welfare to diplomats, Zambians locally engaged in diplomatic missions, and Zambians living and travelling abroad. Describing himself as “a young, educated and multi-talented visionary for his country”, he joined the MBA program to enhance his managerial and leadership skills. Shyne Rajappan India University of Kerala - Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering,Working experience: 13 years Shyne is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in Dredging and Marine operations and Maintenance. In his career he has been responsible for providing on-site management of dredging operations, site execution and monitoring of coastal protection projects. Shyne gained solid experience in project planning, including material, equipment and manpower planning. He has been involved in contract management, liaising with client and consultants as well as with different functions in the office. Raymond Agbanu Ghana University of Ghana - MA in Economic Policy Management, Paris Graduate School of Management - Executive MBA in Banking and Finance,Working experience: 8 years Raymond manages his own consultancy agency RANKK Consult,a specialist in banking risks. As a consultant he advises on the documentation of departmental operating manuals,processes and procedures,asset registration and valuation and credit proposals. Prior to this Raymond worked as General Manager of Fedek Ventures Ltd. where he was responsible for staff management,control and issue of raw materials,projects,handling of debtors and creditors,production control and general operations. He works as Head of Risk at Opportunity International Savings and Loans,and Head of Market Risk at Central andWest Africa,Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd. Reneilwe Harriett Moningi South Africa University of Pretoria - Bachelor in Administration,Working experience: 10 years Reneilwe works as Regional Communication Coordinator for the Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) in the Capricorn District. In this role she is responsible for the overall coordination of the communications system of the government to support the implementation of government programs in the Capricorn District Municipality.
  11. 11. Tumaini Peter Lawrence Tanzania Mount Meru University - Bachelor of Business Administration,Working experience: 5 years Tumaini currently works as Accountant at the Ministry of Agriculture, Security and Cooperatives in Tanzania. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of the financial planning including the analysis of budgets and the preparation of periodic financial reports. She prepares, examines, and analyzes accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards. She is in charge of formulating financial strategies and overseeing the financial policy. Tshewang Dorji Bhutan Royal University of Bhutan - Bachelor of Business Administration,Working experience: 3 years Prior to joining the MBA program Tshewang Dorji worked as Assistant Finance Officer at the Royal Institute of Management,a leading management institute in Bhutan. His main responsibilities consisted in preparing the annual budget in consultation with the management and different departments,the mid-year review of the budget,maintaining and managing accounts for the organization and supervising accounts assistants in their daily activities. Additionally he was in charge of enforcing Financial Rules and Regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance and advising on procurement procedures. Vincent van Biljon Namibia University of Cape Town South-Africa - Bachelor of Laws,Working experience: 3 years Upon graduation Vincent joined legal practice at a commercial law firm in Namibia, where he was responsible for private, trust and corporate commercial matters, his preferred area and expertise being contract law. Recently he took on the position of Corporate Affairs Manager at the Dome Swakopmund, where he was responsible for legal compliance and contracts, communications with key partners, as well as corporate governance matters.The MBA program will help him smoothen the transition from commercial legal practice to business. Xu Shilong China University of Science and Technology Beijing - Master of Material Science,Working experience: 9 years Xu Shilong joined Boasteel, one of the most competitive iron and steel companies in the world, in 2006. He now works as researcher at Baosteel’s Research Institute (R&D Center). Shilong has solid experience in the quality control and improvement of hot rolled strip and EVI technique (Early Vendor Involvement) in automobile steel fields. Xu Yeming China University of Science and Technology Beijing - Master of Engineering,Working experience: 8 years As an engineer in the Cold Rolling Plant of Baosteel Meishan Co. Ltd. Xu has expertise in continue annealing and tinplate techniques. After graduation Xu joined Baosteel as a basic manager to succeed in the debugging and trail production of the continue annealing line. Now he is involved in technical innovations and production management where he is responsible for the production and quality of Commercial Plate and Tinplate. He joined the MBA program to learn about different cultures, team building methods, and business techniques to further improve his skills and abilities.
  12. 12. Zhang Wei China Central Institute of F inancial and Banking - Bachelor in Accounting,Working experience: 19 years. Zhang Wei works as investment manager in the Assets and Financial Department at Baosteel Resources Co. Ltd., which is responsible for the purchasing of crude materials for the whole Baosteel group. Before joining Baosteel, he served the most profitable listed coal company of China,Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. (YZC) and was involved in YZC’s successful listing in the stock market. Zhang joined the MBA program to gain more international experience, to learn about different cultures, and to gain management skills for further professional development. Yvonne Mapika Zimbabwe Solusi University - Bachelor in Business Administration,Working experience: 13 years Yvonne has worked in various positions in entrepreneurial business ventures, most recently as General Manager for a start-up guest house and prior to that for a Commodity Trading Company. She built extended experience in early stage development of companies, planning and directing of operations, formulation of policies, capital fund raising and preparation of business proposals.Through the MBA program she hopes to further enhance her knowledge and skills, especially in the area of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Yanella Cucho Guillen Peru Pontifical Catholic University of Peru - Bachelor in Industrial Engineering,Working experience: 5 years After assuming different positions at Telefonica Gestion de Servicios Compartidos,Yanella gained solid work experience in consultancy on Process Improvement, Information Technology and Commercial Management for private and public enterprises. She joined the MBA program to gain international experience, to enjoy the opportunity of global networking, to acquire new knowledge and to develop her skills in order to continue her professional and personal development.
  13. 13. Admission requirements • At least a Bachelor’s degree or its academic equivalent from a recognized university. • A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) with a score of 600 or higher. In addition to a GMAT of 600 we also accept a GRE with an equivalent score of 600 or higher.Without either of these two, participants needs to complete four, online leveling courses. • Proficiency in English: non-native speaking candidates and whose previous education has been in a language other than English must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language. Minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score: 570 on a paper-based TOEFL; 230 on the computer-based test; and 88 on the internet-based test; or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. • At least three or more years of relevant working experience, obtained after your bachelor’s degree. “MSM is a perfect place for quality education, diverse cultural exposure and global connections. Being with students from many countries and working in intercultural groups is very enriching. Apart from the business subjects, MSM also teaches to manage time and self-discipline indirectly through its tight schedules, vast curriculum and workshops.The skills developed, knowledge acquired, and the network built at MSM will certainly help me contribute positively in the fields of development and human rights in my future career.” Mahendra Subedi, India Class of 2015 Apply now Candidates are admitted on a competitive basis.To apply for the one-year full-time MBA program please fill in the online application form on the MSM website www.msm.nl/apply In order to complete the application process MSM needs the following documents: • Copies of Bachelor’s/Master’s degree • Academic transcripts • Proof of English proficiency • Two reference letters • Personal resume • Motivational letter Please refer to the website www.msm.nl/mba for more information on the program start date, application deadlines, full admission procedure and financial details, or contact us at admissions@msm.nl
  14. 14. Apart from these programs MSM offers on a regular basis Refresher Courses for alumni and Summer School courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Check our website www.msm.nl to find out more about these and the above mentioned programs, or contact our admission department at admissions@msm.nl or via +31 43 3870 882. Pre- career Early Career Mid-career Senior managers Master of Science (MSc) in Management and Engineering 2 year full-time program in joint cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. 4 different variations: - MSc in Management and Engineering in Production Systems - MSc in Management and Engineering in Electrical Power Systems - MSc in Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering - MSc in Management and Engineering in Water Master in Management One- year full-time program for recent graduates who wish to follow a career in institutional management and leadership or who wish to prepare for further study in management. MBA: one-year full-time 1 year full-time program,targeting professionals who wish to develop greater confidence in management and leadership and improve their global career prospects.Various specializations. Executive MBA: two-year part-time 2 year part-time modular,designed for professionals with at least 5 years of managerial work experience who wish to accelerate their professional and personal growth.Various specializations like Sports Management,Healthcare Management,International Business and Sustainable Development Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Ranked #2 in the world in the DBAstudies.com ranking. Prepares students for visionary management and leadership. 4-6 years duration, full-time/part-time mode,offered in Maastricht,Albania,Egypt and Peru. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Conducted as a joint doctorate program between MSM and a number of universities based in the Netherlands. The PhD degree is conferred by one of these carefully selected partner universities. Executive Education A broad portfolio of short open enrollment programs,designed for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in internationally relevant expertise areas or in specific management competence areas. MSM educational programs
  15. 15. www.msm.nl Maastricht School of Management Endepolsdomein 150, 6229 EP Maastricht,The Netherlands T:+31 43 387 08 08 E:info@msm.nl