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Mesh Advanced Engineering

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Mesh Advanced Engineering

  1. 1. MESH ENGINEERING & SOFTWARE Co.Your design development and innovation partner for economical, robust, reliable, ergonomic, environment-friendly, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products... Advanced Engineering Solutions
  2. 2. About MESH MESH Engineering & Software Co. (MESH) is a technology and solution consultancy company founded in 2002 to present IT-based engineering and software services for various industries. MESH’s main areas of business are;• Advanced Engineering Solutions FEM, CFD & SEA• Software & System Development Smart engineering & business software customized to users’ requirements
  3. 3. Advanced Engineering Solutions Sense the Future... Purpose • By using most advanced software tools, • By carrying out engineering design verification & improvement at every level, • Presenting durable, reliable and requirement-fitting products for common use... Method • Determining behavior of designed object under predefined internal & external effects • Forming & resolving 3D numerical network by analysis oriented numerical methodResult • no surprise after the production • no waste of material • no missing function • no need or minimized need for experimental study or physical prototype
  4. 4. Advanced Engineering Analyses Fliud-Solid InteractionStructural Analysis Fluid Dynamics Analysis Analysis Hydroelastic Vibration Strength Analysis Single Phase Flow Analysis Analysis Interactive Fluid-Solid Vibration Analysis Multi Phase Flow Analysis Dynamics Analysis Dynamic & Shock Underwater Explosion Potential Flow Analysis Resistance Analysis (UNDEX) Analysis Crash Analysis Vibro-Acoustic Noise Mechanism Simulation Analysis Vibro-Acoustic Noise Thermal Analysis Analysis Fatigue Analysis Underwater Noise Analysis Buckling Analysis
  5. 5. Structural Analyses Most Powerful CAE Trio...MESH Advanced Engineering department carries out the followingstructural analyses;• Strength Analysis• Vibration Analysis• Dynamic & Shock Resistance Analysis• Crash Analysis• Mechanism Simulations• Thermal Analysis• Fatigue Analysis• Buckling Analysis
  6. 6. Strength Analysis15000 DWT Chemical Tanker A320 - 5751 Aircraft Seat 3900 DWT Chemical Tanker Truck Chassis Slop Tank on Deck Pipe Support
  7. 7. Vibration Analysis 1900 TEU Container Building & Glass Front 12700 DWT Chemical Tanker SuperstructureForced Vibration Analysis Water Storage Tank Feryyboat
  8. 8. Dynamic & Shock Vibration Analysis NBC Unit Reverse Osmosis (MILGEM ) Shore Connection Unit (MILGEM)Building (Earthquake) Explosion Characteristics Transportation Boat (MILGEM)
  9. 9. Dynamic & Shock Vibration Analysis 76 mm Caliber Gun Turret Shock Analysis
  10. 10. Crash Analysis Vibration of Elastic Structures...This is an analysis method to investigate the interaction between thestructures when the impact effect plays an important role in theirdynamic motions. Barrier Crash Analysis Ferryboat Crash Analysis
  11. 11. Mechanism Simulation Simulation of movable elastic or rigid bodies...Motion simulation analyses should be applied to the mechanismsimulations of the moving systems to investigate whether system isoperating normally or not. Cover Opening Simulation Buoy Towing Simulation
  12. 12. Mechanism SimulationDigger Operation Simulation Anchor Towing Simulation
  13. 13. Thermal Analysis5850 DWT Asphalt Tanker 7150 DWT Chemical Tanker 11000 DWT Sulphur Tanker5850 DWT Asphalt Tanker 7150 DWT Chemical Tanker 11000 DWT Sulphur Tanker
  14. 14. Fatigue Analysis Life cycle management of structures...• These analyses are applied to structures that are under periodical loadings in order to investigate the life cycle of the structure.• The detailed junction spots which have large deformation capability can be investigated within these analyses. Pressurized Vessel
  15. 15. Buckling Analysis Load capacity statement of structures...• Structures which are exposed to large compressive loading can be analysed in perspective of critical buckling force and stress values.• Platings and pillars having large unstiffened length may be exposed to buckling problems. The critical buckling forces are calculated and the results are compared with the given loading conditions.
  16. 16. Fluid Dynamics Finding the optimum shape...Flow analysis of single or multiphase fluid around and/or inside an objectby taking thermal effects into consideration. MESH provides CFD solutions, optimization & design services on following fields; • Hydrodynamics of Open Sea Structures • Hydrodynamics of Ships • Aerodynamics of Vehicles • Heat Transfer Analysis • HVAC Analysis • Sloshing Analysis • Turbo Machinery Analysis
  17. 17. Single Phase Flow AnalysisRescue & Towing Ship (RATSHIP) Research Ship Propulsion System Propeller CFD Mesh NBC Unit Air Flow
  18. 18. Single Phase Flow Analysis BELL 206 Helicopter Flow Analysis Inflow Streamlines Rotor Inflow Velocity DistributionInflow Velocity Vectors Rotor Inflow Result Comparison
  19. 19. Single Phase Flow Analysis Airbus A-340 Flow AnalysisVelocity Distribution @ Transverse Sections Pressıre Distribution & StreamlinesPressure Distribution on Wing Transverse Section Wing Vortex
  20. 20. MultiPhase Flow AnalysisExhaust Gas CFD Analysis Propeller Cavitation CFD Analysis Research Ship CFD Analysis 10000 DWT Chemical Tanker CFD Numerical Mesh 2600 DWT Tanker Benchmark between CFD Analysis & Towing Test
  21. 21. Potential Flow Analysis Potential Flow Analysis
  22. 22. Fluid-Structure Interaction Fluid & Structure: a couple that never breaks up...• Hydroelastic Vibration Analysis• Interactive Fluid-Solid Dynamics Analysis• UNDEX Analysis
  23. 23. Hydroelastic Vibration Analysis20000 DWT Bulk Carrier 53000 DWT Bulk Carrier 1900 TEU Container Ship32000 DWT Bulk Carrier 180000 DWT Bulk Carrier Research Ship
  24. 24. Interactive Fluid-Solid Dynamics Analysis Tank Sloshing Analysis
  25. 25. Underwater Explosion Analysis Contactless underwater explosion simulations...Predicting the transient response of submerged or floating structuresaffected by a pressure shock wave as a result of an underwaterexplosion.
  26. 26. Vibro-Acoustics Noise Analysis Silent Structures & Noise Control…• SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) • an effective method for understanding complex noise and vibration issues • applied at the early stages in the ship design • optimization of final design before a physical prototype is built • meeting the IMO Guidelines for noise levels on board ships • saving both time and money
  27. 27. Vibro-Acoustics Noise Analysis SEA method for noise and vibration analysis of many different structures such as automobiles, aircrafts, space ships, ships, electronic devices, buildings, etc.
  28. 28. Vibro-Acoustics Noise Analysis Yacht Vibro-Acoustics Noise Analysis
  29. 29. Underwater Noise AnalysisCalculating the soundpressure in fluid environmentdue to noise and vibrationsources such as main engine,propeller, etc. in a selfpropelled floating structure.
  30. 30. Requirement – Value – BenefitRequirements Values Benefits• Economy • More easy-to-produce, • Fast responses to• Functionality • More robust, customer needs• Environment • Less breaking, • Risk free design by• Safety • More ergonomic & early error detection• Performance easy-to-use, • Cost reducing • More environment- developments• Aesthetic friendly & lean • Competitive• Ergonomics superiority by • Less time consuming for maintenance, innovation • Less costly, • Improved engineering knowledge
  31. 31. Scientific methods Smart designs Qualified products... Your design, development & innovation partner...
  32. 32. Thank you...
  33. 33. www.mesh.com.tr