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Workforce and Professional Development                         Course Catalog                          Fall 2011          ...
Extended University Courses • Fall 2011                   Class             Hours               Dates              Times  ...
C ou r s e Descr i p ti ons                                                                            Fall 2011        Bu...
Co ur se Descr i p ti ons                                                                               Fall 2011editing a...
C ou r s e Descr i p ti ons                                                                                    Fall 2011al...
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MSU Extended University Fall 2011 non-credit course catalog

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Fall 2011 non-credit course catalog from Montana State University's Extended University

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MSU Extended University Fall 2011 non-credit course catalog

  1. 1. Workforce and Professional Development Course Catalog Fall 2011 1
  2. 2. Extended University Courses • Fall 2011 Class Hours Dates Times Location Fee Instructor BusIness/Home soFTware appLICaTIons Excel Level I 9 Oct. 3, 6, 10 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $98 Julie Heard Excel Level II 9 Oct. 13, 18, 20 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $98 Julie Heard Excel Level III 9 Dec. 6, 8, 13 2-5pm Downtown $98 Julie Heard 21 Excel Tips and Tricks 3 Dec. 8 9am-Noon Downtown $59 Connie Campbell Introduction to QuickBooks 9 Oct. 5, 6, 7 9am-Noon Downtown $119 Christina Riffle QuickBooks Intermediate 9 Nov. 1, 3, 8 2-5pm Downtown $119 Sherry LeNeve GrapHICs/muLTImeDIa InDesign Basic 12 Nov. 7, 9, 14, 16 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $125 David Ashcraft Photoshop Basic 15 Oct. 25, 27; Nov. 1, 2, 3 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $174 Sukha Worob Photoshop Intermediate 12 Nov. 8, 10, 15, 17 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $145 Ben Pierce Photoshop Lightroom 9 Nov. 29; Dec. 1, 6 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $135 Sukha Worob Dreamweaver Basic 12 Oct. 4, 5, 11, 12 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $149 Connie Campbell Dreamweaver Intermediate 12 Nov. 28, 30; Dec. 5, 7 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $149 Connie Campbell BusIness/enTrepreneursHIp Build Your Websites NOW! 12 Oct. 17, 19, 24, 26 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $225 Jake Cook Advanced WordPress 6 Nov. 21, 22 5:30-8:30pm Downtown $145 Jake Cook Maximizing Google Tools 3 Oct. 20 1-4pm Downtown $59 Connie Campbell proGrammInG Visual Basics 12 Nov. 9, 10, 16, 17 1-4pm Downtown $149 Connie Campbell HeaLTHCare Spanish for Healthcare 3 cr. Sept. 6 – Dec. 20 — Online $755 Mark T. Lehman Diagnostics Webinar 2 Sept. 13 7-9pm Online $25 E. Lee Simes, MD Carla Cobb, Pharm.D., Pharmacotherapy Webinar 2 Sept. 15 7-9pm Online $25 BCPP Dana Hillyer, PMHCNS, Depressive Disorders Webinar 2 Sept. 20 7-9pm Online $25 APRN-BC Anxiety Disorders Webinar 2 Sept. 22 7-9pm Online $25 Robert Munjal, MD Bipolar Disorders Webinar 2 Sept. 27 7-9pm Online $25 Robert Munjal, MD Cognitive Disorders in the Older 2 Sept. 29 7-9pm Online $25 Robert Rosenbaum, MD Adult Webinar Managing Neurobehavioral Crises 2 Oct. 4 7-9pm Online $25 John Honsky, APRN WebinarExtended University’s Downtown Education Center is in Room LL10 of the Alfred M. Stiff Professional Building at 20 E. Olive (behind the downtown postoffice). Some courses require purchase of a book and/or materials. See online course descriptions for details or call 994-6683. On the cover: “Autumn on the Gallatin” by Tim Leonhardt. As Director of Product at Schedulicity.com, Tim works with bright, creative people every day. He expresses his own creativity through his photography, and counts himself blessed to be living and working in the Gallatin Valley. He captured this fall photo of the Gallatin from River Road last autumn. “I love the light we get in the fall - glorious sunsets, changing colors. Fall is my favorite time to shoot photography.” View Tim’s blog and photography at www.timleonhardt.com and http://images.timleonhardt.com2
  3. 3. C ou r s e Descr i p ti ons Fall 2011 Business/HOme sOftware 21 excel tips and tricks “The Bozeman The capabilities of Microsoft Excel are business communityexcel Level i astounding, and it always seems thereJump start your knowledge of Excel with is something new to discover. Come and is fortunate to have anthis interactive, hands-on course. After an learn about functions that you never knew Extended Universityintroduction to spreadsheet terminology and existed as well as tips that will make workingExcel’s window components, you will learn curriculum that offers in excel more efficient including hotkeys,how to use the help system and navigate merging, absolute position, styles, and more. classes like theworksheets and workbooks. Develop your When was the last time you had an A-Hah Advanced WordPressskills by entering and editing text, values, moment in Excel? This class is for everyone:formulas, and pictures. You will also learn class taught by Jake Cook. He Whether you are an Excel power user orabout moving and copying data; absolute rarely open a spreadsheet, you will find new is a savvy entrepreneur and anand relative references; and ranges, rows, tips to improve your productivity. excellent teacher. Jake makesand columns. In addition, increase yourskills by learning simple functions, basic Dec. 8 9am – Noon Downtown these “techie” topics accessibleformatting techniques, and printing. introduction to QuickBooks and manageable to execute. ThisOct. 3, 6, 10 5:30-8:30pm Downtown This class will provide hands-on computer class is a great resource!” lab experience in learning the basics of — Shannon Benserexcel Level ii QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition.Hone your excel skills by learning how to This class will give you a basic overview on Promotions Westuse multiple worksheets and workbooks accounting terms and principals. You willefficiently. Sort worksheet rows, freeze learn how to create a company, enter credit GrapHics/muLtimediaheadings and split worksheet windows. card charges, write checks, create invoices,Discover how to insert art; draw, move, receive payments, make deposits, reconcile indesign Basicsize, rotate and add styles; and create Dive into the world of graphic design. bank and credit card statements, pay bills,SmartArt. Use Office templates and create Learn the basic features of Adobe InDesign working with letters, modify preferences andcustom templates. Learn about worksheet CS4, as well as fundamental concepts templates. Bring a USB flash drive to classprotection, setting a password and digital and terminology. Create documents, place to practice backup and restore. You will besignatures. Copy and move worksheets, text and graphics, and create custom color able to apply all information you learn to thecopy formatting between worksheets and swatches. Also, work with master pages and QuickBooks Pro/Premier software.use linked formulas. multi-page documents. Learn how to format Oct. 5, 6, 7 9am-Noon Downtown text, apply styles, and work with threadedOct. 13, 18, 20 5:30-8:30pm Downtown QuickBooks intermediate text frames. In addition, work with layers, asexcel Level iii Take your knowledge of QuickBooks to well as position and group objects. Finally,Say hello to being an Excel power user. the next level. Learn the fundamentals print documents, create print presets, andYou will create and format pivot table and of financial data analysis including package documents for commercial printing.pivot charts, and learn to automate routine creating quick reports, customizing report Nov. 7, 9, 14, 16 5:30-8:30pm Downtowntasks. Use the PMT and FV functions, as information, creating graphs, and more.well as goal seek, solver, the analysis tool Expand your use of items in QuickBooks, photoshop Basicpak and the scenario manager. Learn to use practice estimating and progress invoicing, Create professional-looking images for3-D cell references and use the HLOOKUP, and learn about tracking time. Finally utilize both print and Web. You will identify theVLOOKUP and IF functions. Consolidate components of the Photoshop environment, the customizing forms and writing lettersdata from detail worksheets and group learn about the differences between raster functions in QuickBooks. Sign up now andworksheets. Discover how to use data and vector graphics, and learn how to use alleviate hours of unnecessary frustration.validation and conditional formatting. Adobe Bridge. In addition, you will learn how Nov. 1, 3, 8 2-5pm Downtown to work with text, layers, and layer effects.Dec. 6, 8, 13 2-5pm Downtown Finally adjust, retouch, and resize images. Oct. 25, 27; Nov. 1, 2, 3 5:30-8:30pm Downtown Extended University students receive student pricing (up to 80% discount) photoshop intermediate on software from Microsoft, Do you have a grasp on the basics of Quickbooks and Adobe from the Photoshop but are not yet ready to jump into the complex world of luminance masks, MSU Bookstore! smart objects and vector paths by yourself? In Photoshop Intermediate, you’ll explore the concepts behind non-destructive image 3
  4. 4. Co ur se Descr i p ti ons Fall 2011editing and delve into some of Photoshop’s Business / entrepreneursHip prOGramminGmany hidden goodies. Along the way,learn the steps necessary to expand your Build Your websites nOw!knowledge of the program and lay the Visual Basics Want to give your small business or nonprofit We’ll talk about Event Procedures, the Visualfoundation for lifelong learning. Join us for an online presence? Build a functional Basic Editor and work with some basicPhotoshop Intermediate – the next step in website that you can update and manage code writing. We’ll learn the basics aboutyour Photoshop learning process. yourself without using computer code. Learn If statements, switch statements, loops,Nov. 8, 10, 15, 17 5:30-8:30pm Downtown everything from picking a good domain calculations and writing to the database fromphotoshop Lightroom name to adding photos, menus, prices, Visual Basic. Prerequisite – Prior knowledgeFor many of us, the advent of digital and more. Use free software available to and comfort with Access.photography has meant the minimization of everyone. We’ll also cover how to measure Nov. 9, 10, 16, 17 1-4pm Downtownthe need for a physical photo and hence the your site’s traffic and use it to make betterdeath of physical organizational systems marketing decisions. (Hosting and domain registration are not included in the class HeaLtHcarefor your images.This course is designed tomaximize your workflow efficiency, teach fee) Participants must have intermediate spanish for Healthcareyou to get the most out of each photograph, computer skills before taking this class. professionalsand prepare you for Adobe Certification. Oct. 17, 19, 24, 26 5:30-8:30pm This 3-credit online course provides health DowntownWe will explore simple and effective ways care professionals with a foundation to advanced wordpress work and converse with Spanish-speakingto enhance any of your images, create file Already up and running on WordPress butstructures and embed metadata so as to patients. Students will develop cultural looking to get more out of your website? Thisbuild an easily navigable image database, competency of Latino medical issues in and class will show you how to further enricheliminate problems arising from image outside of the U.S. and apply specifically your online presence using this powerfuldegradation, easily create the outputs targeted sets of Spanish vocabulary/ platform. Topics include leveraging plug-ins,necessary for any numerous end products grammar to medical conversation. Students search engine optimization tips, customwhether digital or otherwise, and much will learn the basics of interviewing in menus and templates, and getting specificmore. Whether you are an avid amateur Spanish, participate in a real-world learning functionality built into your website.or seasoned professional photographer experience and engage with guest-speaking Please Note: This is intended forlooking to add another tool to your belt, this experienced WordPress users who are medical professionals. This course iscourse will provide valued information and designed for students who have little already familiar with the platform.techniques to help you achieve your goals. or no previous college Spanish as well Nov. 21, 22 5:30-8:30pm Downtown as intermediate and advanced SpanishNov. 29; Dec. 1, 6 5:30-8:30pm Downtown maximizing Google tools language learners.dreamweaver Basic Learn to use Google’s suite of tools more Sept. 6 – Dec. 20 OnlineWould you like to create and modify web effectively. If you don’t already have one,sites like a professional? Learn the program we’ll set up a Gmail account so you can psychiatric/mental Healththe professionals use. You will plan and access all the Google tools. Set up a Google for primary care providersdefine a Web site. Create pages, format calendar and synch with it your phone and/or webinar seriestext, and define structural elements. In These webinars are designed for non- computer. We’ll explore Google books andaddition, create and apply CSS style rules, mental health primary care providers who then spend time learning how to use Googleas well as modify tables, images, and links. documents – specifically presentations, provide mental health care in their practices.Furthermore, test and manage Web site files documents, spreadsheets, and forms and These seven independent webinars areand publish a site. related to conditions that often present in learn how to set up groups to work together.Oct. 4, 5, 11,12 5:30-8:30pm Downtown the primary care setting. Enroll in any or all Oct. 20 1-4pm Downtown of the modules. $25 per webinar ($175 fordreamweaver intermediateHone your website skills. Learn to design “I took Dreamweaver Beginner and Intermediate classespages with CSS and create and apply in the spring of 2011. I felt like I learned enough in thesetemplates and server-side includes. Inaddition build accessible forms that validate classes to be able to create a basic website on my own--user information. Furthermore, you will learn including lots of up-to-date technical features like rollovershow to position elements, apply behaviors, and interactive maps. I really enjoyed working with ourand add multimedia files. Finally, work instructor Connie who was very knowledgeable, made surewith Spry, collapsible panels and menu the pace of the class worked for everyone and had a greatbars, as well as collaborate with other sitedevelopers. sense of humor!”Nov. 28,30; Dec. 5, 7 5:30-8:30pm Downtown —Molly Ward, Project WET4
  5. 5. C ou r s e Descr i p ti ons Fall 2011all seven webinars). The webinars can be cognitive disorders in the Older managing neurobehavioral crisesaccessed from the comfort of your home. adult Managing selected neurobehavioral crisesThis activity has been submitted to Montana An overview of cognitive disorders and situations that present in the out-patientNurses Association for approval to award dementia typologies; differentiating among setting including: suicidality, illness/symptomcontact hours. Montana Nurses Association situational etiologies; non-pharmacologic exacerbation, de-escalation of violent/is accredited as an approver of continuing and pharmacologic management strategies potentially violent situations, effectivenursing education by the American Nurses including monitoring polypharmacy; communication with a person with mentalCredentialing Center’s Commission on community resources. illness, making referrals.Accreditation. Questions? Contact: Molly Sept. 29 7-9 pm Webinar (online) Oct. 4 7-9 pm Webinar (online))Badzioch 406-243-2643 or molly.badzioch@montana.edu Sponsored by MSU Collegeof Nursing Family Psychiatric Mental Health MSU Online undergraduateNurse Practitioner Training Grant (HRSAD09HP15006) courses start Aug. 29diagnostics n 8/29Assessment and diagnostic related issues,overview of the DSM IV-TR, screening tools, Hurry—Courses begiimportance of early diagnosis, differentiating Human response to stress (HdHL 410)between diagnostic processes for physical Analysis of human response to stress in relation to a variety of biopsychosocial factors;vs. neurobehavioral conditions, obtaining thepsychiatric history, and making referrals. techniques for managing stress. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing.Sept. 13 7-9 pm Webinar (online) Human nutrition (Hdfn 221cs) Basic concepts of human nutrition which include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins,pharmacotherapy vitamins, minerals, absorption, digestion, metabolism, and energy utilization as theyAn overview of psychopharmacotherapeuticsand psychotropic medicines, dosing, relate to health and food consumption at different stages of the life cycle. 3 credits.managing ineffective results, partnering with Meets Core 2.0 requirements.the patient to improve outcomes, identifying Lifespan Human development (Hdcf 150is)patient assistance programs. Cognitive, physical, social, and emotional domains in human growth and developmentSept. 15 7-9 pm Webinar (online) from conception through adulthood, aging, and death. Emphasis on classical anddepressive disorders contemporary theory, current research, and practical applications for practitioners,An overview of depressive disorders, teachers, and parents. 3 credits. Meets Core 2.0 requirements.differentiating among depressive disorders, education, social issues and the digital age (us 121us)pharmacologic therapy, treatment resistant This multi-disciplinary course draws from psychology, sociology, history, and philosophydepression, co-occurring disorders, and asks students to consider the role of education in their lives and the socialsituational etiologies. responsibilities of educated, engaged individuals living in the digital age. 3 credits.Sept. 20 7-9 pm Webinar (online) Restricted to students who cannot attend face-to-face classes at MSU Bozeman. Seeanxiety disorders Website for pre-requisites. Meets Core 2.0 requirements.An overview of anxiety disorders, portfolio design and preparation (HOrt 491)differentiating among anxiety disorders, Students and professionals of all levels will create an online portfolio of their graphicpharmacologic therapy, depression and work. Includes skills in Photoshop and Wordpress, plus standards for scanning, imageanxiety, co-occurring disorders. size and website design consistency; and skills for editing and organizing hand-Sept. 22 7-9 pm Webinar (online) produced and electronic work samples. 3 credits.Bipolar disorders To take these Extended University courses, students do not have to be admitted to anAn overview of bipolar disorders, MSU degree program. If you have a disability for which you are or may be requestingdifferentiating among bipolar disorders, accommodation(s), please contact Disabled Student Services (406-994-2824).pharmacologic therapy, co-occurringdisorders. Register today at http://eu.montana.edu/credit/Sept. 27 7-9 pm Webinar (online) For more online courses, visit www.montana.edu/online distance@montana.edu • (406) 994-6550 (800) 435-1286 (toll-free) 5
  6. 6. How to register for courses Spring 2012 Sneak Peek Watch for these courses and Register and pay online at more in Spring 2012 http://eu.montana.edu/professional/or Register in person: 200 Culbertson Hall, MSU (pink building fLiGHt GrOund scHOOL across from Joe’s Parkway)or Mail to MSU Extended University, PO Box 172200, Bozeman, persOnaL trainer prep MT 59717-2200 exceL LeVeL ior Fax your registration form to: (406) 994-6546 exceL LeVeL iiYou can pay by check, credit card (MC, Visa) or Third Party Billing(Third party billing not available online; please mail, fax or deliver the exceL LeVeL iiipaper registration form) access LeVeL i For info: (406) 994-6683 • ContinuingEd@montana.eduBozeman Chamber of Commerce, Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, Livingston dreamweaVer BasicChamber of Commerce and Prospera Business Network members receive a25% discount on most course fees less than $200. Course materials fees are not dreamweaVer intermediatediscounted. Other restrictions may apply. pHOtOsHOp Basic iLLustratOr Basic nOn-credit cOurses administratiVe pOLicies If minimum enrollment is not met, courses may be cancelled, in which case QuickBOOks Basic tuition and fees are fully refunded. When courses have a maximum, enrollment is processed on a first come/first served basis. maGazine writinG Full payment for courses is typically due at the time of registration. In accordance with Board of Regents policy, EU non-credit courses do not qualify for veteran/ exceL excLusiVeLY fOrmuLas faculty/staff fee waivers. Financial aid is not available for non-credit courses. Cancellations before a course begins will be assessed a processing fee. There will BuiLd YOur weBsites nOw! be no refunds after the course begins. Occasionally programs have special refund policies which are stated in the course description. Social security numbers are required in order to process refunds. Refunds on materials vary by program. adVanced wOrdpress Many EU non-credit courses offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or OPI and mOre! (Office of Public Instruction) renewal units for teachers. See Web site for details. If you have a documented disability for which you are or may be requesting an For THe LaTesT Course accommodation(s), you are encouraged to contact Extended University at (406) announCemenTs anD upDaTes, 994-6683. Please give 10 business days’ notice prior to the first day of class. FoLLow exTenDeD unIversITy: www.facebook.com/ MSUExtendedU www.twitter.com/ MSUExtendedU Receive our bi-monthly email updates. Send your email address to Lesa.Pribyl@montana.edu or visit http://bit.ly/EUnewsletter6
  7. 7. workforce & professional development P.O. Box 172200 • 200 Culbertson Hallnon-credit course registration form Bozeman, MT 59717-2200You can also register online at http://eu.montana.edu/professional Ph: 406-994-6683 • Fax: 406-994-6546 http://eu.montana.edu/professional 1. REGISTRATION INFORMATION (See bottom section for payment options.)Last Name First Name Middle InitialMailing Address City State ZIPHome Phone Work or cell phone Email address 2. DISCOUNTSA 25% discount is available for Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, Big Sky Chamber of Commerce and Prospera Business Network members on non-credit coursesless than $200 (No discount on material fees). Check appropriate box below and write discounted price in Part 3. Chamber member: p Big Sky p Bozeman p Livingston p Prospera Business Network member p Bozeman city employee Name of Business: ______________________________________________________________ Please fill out third party billing information below 3. COURSE INFORMATIONIf eligible for a discount, or Bozeman city employee, write your discounted price instead of full price. course title start date price 4. PAYMENT METHODPlease note the Cancellation/Refund Policy at left.p My check is enclosed (Make checks payable to MSU) check # _________________________p Please charge the credit card as authorized below: $______________ (Max Amount)Card Type (Visa or MC) Number: _________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date ____________ CVV Code ________Name on Card: ___________________________________________________________________________Billing Address: ______________________________Card Authorized Signature:p Please bill third party (Please fill out information below).Company Name and Billing Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________Name and Phone Number of Authorized Party ______________________________________________________________________________________________Authorized Signature (must match name above) ____________________________________________________________________________________________p I certify I am authorized to and will accept payment responsibility for the above student registration.fax or mail completed form toMSU Extended University Have an msu continuing education course idea?P.O. Box 172200 • Bozeman, MT 59717-2200Ph: 406-994-6683 • Fax: 406-994-6546 Take our survey at http://eu.montana.edu/surveysor register online at: http://eu.montana.edu/professional or call Lesa pribyl at (406) 994-7441 7
  8. 8. Non-Profit Org US POSTAGEOffice of Continuing Education paidPO Box 172200 Great Falls, MTMontana State University Permit #66Bozeman, MT 59717-2200 Or Current Resident Go back to school....learn a new skill....enhance your career....at msu Fall 2011 MSU Extended University is an New Montana State Online course academic outreach unit of Montana State University that enhances access to high-quality formal and informal education for a diverse community of learners in Montana and beyond. • montana state Online: Distance learning courses, programs, degrees and certificates; faculty/student support and research. www.montana.edu/online • Office of Continuing Education:Continuing education and professional development; credit and non-credit courses and programs http://eu.montana.edu/ContinuingEd • Burns Technology Center: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Educational technologies and public • Fully online course begins Sept. 6 outreach to MSU’s larger community • No Spanish experience necessary http://eu.montana.edu/outreach • 3 undergraduate credits http://eu.montana.edu • Off-campus professionals are encouraged to enroll www.montana.edu/online • Click on All Online Courses8