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What is Imagine Cup Oman 2017?

This presentation provides more information about Imagine Cup Oman 2017 #ICOman17 #ImagineCup

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What is Imagine Cup Oman 2017?

  1. 1. ‫مسابقة‬ #‫كأس‬_‫التخيل‬_‫عمان‬ ‫مايكروسوفت‬ ‫من‬ Strategic Partner Details of Imagine Cup Oman
  2. 2. Imagine Cup is the world’s premier year-round student experience and competition. The Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. Microsoft Imagine Cup 3 million students 190 countries
  3. 3. Imagine Cup is the world’s premier year-round student experience and competition. Imagine Cup Celebrating 15 years of Awesome 10th Year in Oman
  4. 4. How the competition works?
  5. 5. Imagine Cup 2017 competition stages National Finals April 20, 2017 Location: Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat Pan MEA Semi-Finals May 2017 Location: TBA Worldwide Finals July 2017 Location: Seattle, USA - As each country holds a National Finals competition. - In Oman, 6 teams will be shortlisted to compete at the National Finals stage. - First team will qualify to the next round (Pan MEA Semi-Finals). - All qualified teams from MEA countries National Finals will travel to compete with each other. - 6 teams from MEA will qualify to round 3 (WW Finals) - World finalists will travel to Seattle to compete face-to-face to announce the world champion team. Interested teams from Oman submit their project proposal to have a chance to reach the National Finals
  6. 6. Imagine Cup Oman 2017 Online Registration Projects Execution March 21 Registration Deadline Announcing Shortlisted teams April 20 March 19 Coaching Sessions IC Oman National Finals &
  7. 7. Who can register in Imagine Cup Oman?
  8. 8. Imagine Cup is the world’s premier year-round student experience and competition. ▪ Students from all Omani universities and high schools of the age 16+ can participate in the competition. ▪ Fresh graduates who didn’t exceed 1 year of graduation. University and High School Students & Fresh Graduates
  9. 9. What are the competition rules?
  10. 10. What are the competition rules? Microsoft Azure • Teams should not exceed three (3) eligible students/members, * 1 mentor can be part of team (optional). • Projects eligibility: 1. Any innovative idea (application, device, game, product or solution) built on/using any technology platform but must be integrating with one or more Microsoft Azure cloud features. 2. Having clear business and feasibility plans behind this idea.
  11. 11. What are the awards?
  12. 12. Awards 1st Place Winners 2,500 OMR 2nd Place Winners 1,500 OMR 3rd Place Winners 1,000 OMR Oman National Finals Pan MEA Semi-Finals Worldwide Finals (USA) Best 6 teams in Middle East and Africa will be announced + More Prizes … Best team will win $100,000 Cash Prize Free Tickets to MEA Finals to compete and represent Oman Free Tickets to WW Finals to represent their countries in USA + More Prizes ;)
  13. 13. New Award for Imagine Cup Oman Team incubation opportunities and consultancy to startup a successful business. ✓ Incubation opportunities through Omani partners. ✓ Free software tools and licenses. ✓ Free cloud offerings and technical consultancy. Eligibility is for one team among the 6 National Finalists.
  14. 14. Thank you! icom@microsoft.com