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Introduction to Microsoft R Open

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Presented by David Smith, R Community Lead, Jan 28 2015

Data Science is a strategic initiative for most companies today, who seek to understand the wealth of data now available to them to understand patterns, make forcecasts, and build data-driven products and process. The open-source R language is the lingua franca of data science, and ranked #6 in popularity amongst all languages by the IEEE. If you haven’t yet learned what R is all about, this webinar will bring you up to speed on the history of the R language, how it’s used, and why it’s so popular for developing advanced analytics applications.
In this 50-minute webinar, David Smith, R Community Lead at Microsoft, will introduce the R language and community, and give examples of R in action. In the webinar, David will demonstrate Microsoft R Open, Microsoft’s enhanced distribution of open-source R. He will also cover the enhancements included in Microsoft R Open, including enhanced performance, features for reproducible programming in R, and the new CRAN Time Machine for reproducible data analysis with R packages.

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Introduction to Microsoft R Open

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  2. 2. Which statement best matches your relationship to R? - I’m completely new to R, but want to learn - I’m learning R - I’m an experienced R user - I won’t be using R (but I’m interested in what it can do)
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  10. 10. Housing • Crime mapping “The core innovation that Zillow offers are its advanced statistical predictive products, including the Zestimate®, the Rent Zestimate and the ZHVI® family of real estate indexes. By using R in production as well as research, Zillow maximizes flexibility and minimizes the latency in rolling out updates and new products.” • Statistical forecasting
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  18. 18. If you’re an R user, have you tried Microsoft R Open (or Revolution R Open)? - I’ve never tried Microsoft R Open - I’ve tried Microsoft R Open - I primarily use Microsoft R Open - I don’t use R
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