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Profile MR. WOM 2018

Why Earned Media and Word of Mouth does matter now.
Profile & Services of MR. WOM on Word of Mouth & Earned Media Planning

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Profile MR. WOM 2018

  1. 1. WHY EARNED MEDIA DOES MATTER NOW. ReThinking Marketing & Media | by MR. WOM | 2017 | mrwom.com
  2. 2. New Brand Challenges
  3. 3. #1 Media (for brands) sucks...
  4. 4. Sucks my „Byron Sharp“ Plan? Loss of media reach in the future? loss fragm. fragm. ?????? works works POSOOHOwnedDigitalRadioTVPrint
  5. 5. TraditionalAd Impact: More difficulties
  6. 6. #2 Marketing for consumers sucks
  7. 7. Brands are alienated from consumers Photo Source via Wikipedia CC BY 3.0 by Archer2000; https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_the_gap#/media/File:London_underground_mind_the_gap.jpg
  8. 8.  Toomuchinfospam& datagrabbing  Irrelevantnativeads& brandcontent  Alternativefacts  Toomanyirrelevant brands  Filterbubble  Digitalcocooningindark social  Engagementwithfriends &influencers–notbrands  Nomoreloyalty Marketing annoys consumers today.
  9. 9. Consumers react on advertised world.
  10. 10. Peer related communication amongst themselves – not disturbed by ads.
  11. 11. Brand Relations Modell by MR. WOM based on Edelman Trust Study 2017 Consumers take over control of trust, story & media.
  12. 12. With theriseof thecustomerasa channel there´sa newmediuminthemix: Earned Media.
  13. 13.  80%ofallwebcontentisuser generated(UGC)  ConsumerspreferUGCthemost ofallcontenttypes  Mayorityofonlinebrandviewsis generatedviaUGC  UGCdrivesawareness,reputation &sales  User´sengagementwithUGC is 7xhigher thanwithbrandcontent  ConsumerstrustthemostinWord ofMouth(WOM)&EarnedMedia  WOMdrivesawarenessand sales  ImpactofWOMby„everybody“ (nano)influencersismoreefficient &effectivethanbyanyother influencer  Ifcombined,WOMleveragesthe impactofallothermedias Earned Media is highly relevant. *Source: Whitepaper Word of Mouth & Earned Media Facts 2017 by MR. WOM https://www.mrwom.com/2017/03/wom-facts-2017/
  14. 14. WOM drives 20 - 50% of all purchases 2/3via Offline WOM 1/3 via Online WOM 13% of all consumer sales are directly driven by Earned 1Offline WOM Impression drives than1PaidMedia Impression more sales5x *Source: Whitepaper Word of Mouth & Earned Media Facts 2017 by MR. WOM https://www.mrwom.com/2017/03/wom-facts-2017/
  15. 15. "Word of mouth is the best medium of all…" BillBernbach, FounderDDB Source: http://www.ddb.com/BillBernbachSaid/why_bernbach_matters/deep-influence
  16. 16. “…if you´ve a strategy and a plan how to use it in your marketing." MarkLeinemann, MR.WOM
  17. 17. DOYOUHAVEASTRATEGY&PLANFOR WORD OF MOUTH & EARNED MEDIA? Word of Mouth Marketing & Earned Media Services Analysis | Strategy | Implementation | Actions & Campaigns MR. WOM | 2018 | mrwom.com
  18. 18. How to get Earned?
  19. 19. You cannot buy (orbook) Word of Mouth. Youhave to EARN it. Earned Media (WoM) Paid Media Product / Service & Managed Borrowed (Social) Media, Influencer & WoM Owned Media
  20. 20.  BuildastrategytogetEarned&Word ofMouth(WOM)  Defineyour WOMsuccessfactors (EPIC)ingeneralorforacampaign  Combinestrategy,creation&plan andsetupaplanthatleadstoEarned  Sharp“yourMixwithEarned/WOM: Select&adressyour wordofmouth marketinginfluencergroups (WOMMigs©)ofyour(ByronSharp) MarketingMix  LeverageandintegratetheWOM you´veearned  ThinkWOMinyourCustomer JourneyTouch-&Talkingpoints andin„inter-silo“connectedpaid, owned,earnedmediaflights  ThinkWOMinproductlifecycles  ReThinkyourmarketing&media budgetanddefineyourEarned MediaBudget 8 drivers to get Earned Media. © WOM & Earned Media Strategy & Planning Modell by MR. WOM
  21. 21. Define your Earned Media Budget. IMAGINE: If you shift 10% of your Paid Media Budget to Earned Media / Word of Mouth (WoM) – what would be the outcome in sales? FIRST: 10% less invest in Paid Media will cost you 2 - 3 % of your sales BUT SECOND: 10% of your Paid Media Budget will DOUBLE your Earned Media / WoM Impact (and it´s sales outcome) MEANS IN GENERAL: Shifting 10% of your Paid Media Budget to Earned/ WoM will generate additional Sales: +10% (avg.) Source: © Marketing & Media Budget Analysis (US market data) by MR. WOM
  22. 22. Earned Media Planning – does your MediaAgency have a plan? «Not relevant for us: We only use quantitative data like reach and we don´t earn money with WOM » Mention of a managing director of an international media agency about qualitative WOM planning during a conversation with MR. WOM «No Strategy, no explanation, no red thread.» Mr.Media Thomas Koch, cited in werbewoche.ch
  23. 23. Does your media agency know how to plan earned media? YES! Please connect us with them. We are looking for partners, who understand the relevance of playing paid, owned & earned together. We are happy,if they join our Earned Media Network! NO? Too bad, but don´t worry. 2 Options: 1. We can brief & train your media agency in earned.2. We are partnering with media agencies, which know earned. Just ask MR. WOM – Earned Media starts with a conversation.
  24. 24. Making your brand more talkable. About MR. WOM.
  25. 25. The „wommable“ Life of MR. WOM Thewho,howandwhataboutMR.WOM MR.WOMisamarketing service boutiqueforoptimal wordofmouth&effective earnedmediaplanning. Together with a team of specialized partners in creation, campaigning, planning, research, analytics and marketing we create, plan and execute optimal „Wommability“ and earned media for your brand – online & offline, B2C & B2B. We work co-operative together with your marketing service partners and agencies and can brief and educate them to generated the best WOM & earned media results for your brand. Milestones ofWOM&EarnedMedia  1993: Mark Leinemann generates buzz at his university with knickerbocker & flat cap  2007: New approach after years in marketing & consulting: Customer made marketing  2012: A word of mouth (WOM) workshop for JCI generates the idea of founding of MR. WOM as a consultancy for WOM marketing: MR. WOM makes brands more talkable  2016: Earned Media becomes a new and important part of the media mix. MR. WOM develops a new approach for Earned Media as full service: analysis, strategy, planning & execution  2017: MR. WOM launches Earned Media Planning as new service Facts First Word of Mouth Marketing expert of Switzerland One of the leading experts for WOM & Earned Media in DACH +25 years marketing knowledge in B2C & B2B 10 years experience in WOM & Earned Media Has worked for several WOM marketing provider
  26. 26. WOMMfolio: MR. WOM´s Services on Word of Mouth & Earned Media. Analysis Strategy Planning Execution Transformation Systems Knowledge Ambassador
  27. 27. WOM& EarnedMedia Analysis WOM& EarnedMedia Strategy WOM& EarnedMedia Planning WOM& EarnedMedia Execution WOMMable: Become more talkable with MR. WOM. WOM&EarnedMediaControlling Analyzing the WOM & Earned Media Potential of your Brand, Products & Services Tracking, Controlling & Impovement of your Brand´s WOM & Earned Media Actions Development of the WOM & Earned Media Strategy of your Brand, Products & Services Definition of the Marketing, Media & Touchpoint Mix that generates the right WOM /Earned Media Development, Briefing & Execution of Planning, Campaigns & Actions that lead to WOM/Earned
  28. 28. WOM& EarnedMedia Change WOM& EarnedMedia ProjectMan. WOM& EarnedMedia Systems WOM& EarnedMedia Knowledge WOMMinside: Marketing-Integration of WOM & Earned with MR. WOM. Support as change agent for the integration / transfor- mation of WOM/Earned into your Marketing Development, Project Management and Operations of your WOM & Earned Media Department Selection & Implementation Management of Systems & Tools for your brand owned WOM & Earned Media Individual Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Sparring of your staff in WOM & Earned Media
  29. 29. WOM Basics Training (Inhouse Full-Time- Training in general on WOMincl. Material) Secrets & Methods of WOM (IInhouse Full-Time-Training on WOM-Methodsincl. Material) Earned Media Planning (Inhouse Full-Time-Training on the Strategy & Planning of WOM& Earned Media) WOMMinars*: Know how for your staff by MR. WOM. Brand WOM Workshop (Individual Inhouse Full- Time-Workshopincl. Preparation& Wrap-up) *Selection: More individual trainings, workshops and seminars on request possible
  30. 30. Speakings aboutWOM& EarnedMedia Lectures inWOM& EarnedMedia Blog aboutWOM& EarnedMedia Mediareleases aboutWOM& EarnedMedia WOMbuzz:Ambassador for WOM. MR. WOM speaks about word of mouth & earned media on conferences (since 2012 > 60 speakings) MR. WOM is guest lecturer for word of mouth at several universities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria MR. WOM writes about word of mouth and earned media in his blog: www.mrwom.com MR. WOM is guest author of professional articles in several off- & online medias and books
  31. 31. WOMMedia Development WOMMedia adinterim WOM Ambassador (B2BInfluencer) WOM& EarnedMedia Expertise WOMmedia: Developed by MR. WOM. ExclusiveServicesforMedia&WOMSolutionProvider. Strategy, Product and Business Developement of WOM / Earned Media Services for Media Provider Ad interim Management for Media & WOM Solution Provider Speaker, Blogger & Ambassador on WOM & Earned Media for WOM / Earned Media Provider Individual Knowledge Transfer, Trainings, Studies & Research for WOM / Earned Media Provider
  32. 32. MR. WOM´s Case for deOleo/Bertolli Goal: Strategy, concept & planning of a multistep WOM campaign flight via WOM (Media) Platforms connected to paid media planning for the launch of a new deOleo Bertolli product Solution: Define strategy (workshop based), developement of strategy and campaign concept incl. WOM campaign flow and touchpoint planning. Briefing & pre-selection of WOM platforms incl. review & rating of different WOM media channels. Output: Selection of two synergetic WOM media channels (creative WOM + tryvertising) + a WOM seeding cooperation with a cook box provider. Co-management of campaign. Results: WOM reach: > 650.000 WOM interactions (CpWI of 0,12 €) Product trials: > 70.000 experiences Additional media reach: > 2 Mio. contacts ZMOT occupation: > 1.000 social mentions & user generated content pieces, > 100 consumer blog posts , 17 videos on Youtube Paid, Owned & Earned Media Planning
  34. 34. „Danke an MR. WOM für diesen sehr konstruktiven & praktischen Workshop, der unserer Agentur viele neue Ideenansätze gebracht hat.“ Silke Cuypers, Management Supervisor, Die Gefährten GmbH „Mr. WOM brennt für sein Thema. [...] Eine sehr gute Inspirationsquelle. Sabrina Prumbs | Projektmanagerin WOM-Marketing | Factor Network GmbH / Test-now.de „Das hohe fachliche Know How [...] von MR. WOM haben mich begeistert – dafür gibt´s fünf Sterne.“ Wolfgang Jung, Geschäftsführer der Agentur www.team-digital.de GmbH „[...] Wir haben klare Handlungs- und Optimierungsempfehlungen ausgearbeitet, die unsere Marke und unser Produkt weiterbringen. Vielen Dank dafür!" Oliver Goslich | Director of Sales & Marketing B&B HOTELS GmbH Customer´s voice: What others say.
  35. 35. Curious to know more? WordofMouthstartswithaconversation. All about Word of Mouth Marketing & Earned Media Strategy | Planning | Execution | Campaigns Systems | Transformation | Knowledge | Advocacy www.mrwom.com @MRWOMM facebook.com/MRWOMM MR. WOM is a service of value.ad.network Suisse AG Hauptstrasse 49c | CH-8280 Kreuzlingen Call:+41714601070 MailMR.WOM:wom@mrwom.com