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Most Amazing Stone Types and Materials to Achieve a Stunning Looking Kitchen

Look out for most amazing stone types and materials to achieve a stunning looking kitchen. Stone kitchen products and accessories such as countertops, wall claddings, backsplashes, and floorings play a crucial role in deciding the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Stone blocks owing to their durability, strength, subtle elegance, beauty and the ability to add the much needed organic flair to today’s modern kitchens. For more info visit : http://www.mkwsurfaces.co.uk/

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Most Amazing Stone Types and Materials to Achieve a Stunning Looking Kitchen

  1. 1. The most Amazing Stone Types and materials to Achieve a Stunning Looking Kitchen.
  2. 2. A beautiful kitchen is an end result of creativity, right aesthetic choices and an eye for detail
  3. 3. The kitchen is an important corner any home or office home that deserves a lot of attention
  4. 4. FlooringsBacksplashes Wall CladdingsCountertops The stone you choose plays a crucial role in deciding the overall look and feel of a
  5. 5. GRANITE
  6. 6. Granite is one of the most popular stone types for kitchen worktops and floorings owing to its extreme durability, aesthetic appeal and easy availability
  7. 7. • Granite is made of molten rock • Each granite surface is composed of a unique pattern, colour shade and texture • These are available in hundreds of hues and colours such as white, black, silver, grey, blue, green, brown, yellow, cream and red
  8. 8. • Granite is one of the most resilient stones ideal for daily wear and tear. • Granite is highly resistant to scratches, fissures, stains, heat and impact • Granite surfaces require very little maintenance
  9. 9. MARBLE
  10. 10. Marble is one of the most widely used architectural stones in human history. There are two variants in marble – natural marble and engineered marble. They are known for their soothing aura, timeless beauty and naturally occurring patterns
  11. 11. • Marble worktops are highly resistant to daily wear and tear. • Engineered marble worktops are durable, resistant to fire, day-to-day damage, and heavy impact, are easy to clean • Engineered marble allows minimal water absorption
  12. 12. You can rely on leading London based stone suppliers/ dealers as they bring the best quality marble worktops that matches your taste and functional requirements
  13. 13. QUARTZ
  14. 14. Engineered quartz is a stone made of pure quartz, silicon and oxygen and is famed for its semi- precious nature and appearance
  15. 15. There are several renowned global brands of quartz work surfaces – Compac quartz, Silestone, Caesarstone, Diresco, Quartzforms, Technistone and Samsung Radianz are some of these and boast longevity, excellent finesse and craftsmanship
  16. 16. • Quartz surfaces are ideal for kitchen for strength, magnificence and durability • Surfaces are resistant to mould, mildew, scratch, stain and cracks • Low on maintenance because of their non- porous quality
  18. 18. Limestone is formed naturally due to deposition of the remains of marine animals over thousands of years. They have beautiful, rich fibrous texture, and offer a fine and elegant look
  19. 19. Travertine is also a kind of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine is available in gold and slightly reddish hues
  20. 20. Limestone and travertine worktops have high resistance to heat. Limestone are more porous than other natural stones and can easily get stained, which makes the ideal for bathrooms and floorings rather than kitchen worktop applications.
  21. 21. • Use Limestone with care and use water-based sealants at least once every year • These surfaces require frequent cleaning using mild alkaline based products
  22. 22. QUARTZITE
  23. 23. Quartzite is another natural stone type that is famous for its unique, glassy appearance and strength when it comes to performance.
  24. 24. It is made of crystallized quartz grains, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that is highly resistant to cracks and weathering
  25. 25. Quartzite work surfaces require care and maintenance. If maintained properly, these surfaces remain in their pristine condition for decades.
  26. 26. SLATE
  27. 27. Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock composed of several minerals such as quartz, muscovite, pyrite, and many more. Slate surfaces are ideal for creating stylish work surfaces and attractive wall claddings and tiles
  28. 28. Slate is quarried from Spain, France, Belgium and UK regions of Cornwall, Wales and Cambria. Some exquisite slate types are also quarried in South America, especially Brazil
  29. 29. Slate kitchen worktops are available in different shades of greys as well as purple, light green or cyan
  30. 30. Slate surfaces have properties that make it very low in terms of water absorption. It is a very durable material and requires minimal maintenance
  31. 31. GRANITE MARBLE QUARTZ LIMESTONE QUARTZITE SLATE You can choose any of the above natural or engineered stones, we recommend to ensure you source them from a reputed London based
  32. 32. Stone suppliers not only offer an extensive collection of high quality work surfaces, but also provide their expert service in helping you choose the worktop that will work best for your dream kitchen
  33. 33. A team of specialists will guide you through all available options with respect to material, finish, design, and color; to find the best match for your aesthetic and functional needs and that too within a given budget
  34. 34. Installation of stone worktops, floorings, wall tiles and claddings require professional expertise
  35. 35. A kitchen renovation does not takes place everyday and it will last for many years to come. Choose wisely and seek professional help wherever necessary
  36. 36. MKW Surfaces
  37. 37. MKW Surfaces 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU To get advice on any these exotic stone worktops, please contact: Tel: 020-3078-8912 Web: http://www.mkwsurfaces.co.uk/ E-mail: hello@mkwsurfaces.co.uk