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UNI NEWS: MKCL 10th Anniversary

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UNI NEWS: MKCL 10th Anniversary

  1. 1. MKCL has put Maharashtra on global map: ChavanMumbai | Saturday, Aug 20 2011 ISTMaharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) has made commendable progress inthe field of information technology and put the state not only on national but alsointernational map, said Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan today. Speaking at the decennialfunction here, Mr Chavan said, We have a long way to go in the field of digital technology.At a time when most of the state-owned companies were shut down by government due toheavy losses, in case of MKCL it was the opposite. It has made remarkable development inthe sector. Remembering former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi who was the pioneer ofbringing in computer techonology in India, he said because of his vision the country iscompeting at global-level in IT sector. MKCL has trained 60 lakh people in the past decade,he said and informed that they have signed an agreement with the Orissa government tolaunch Orissa Knowledge Corporation Limited (OKCL) on the lines of MKCL. Mr Chavansaid the ratio of profit sharing would be 30 per cent each for both the governments, 10 percent for educational institutes and remaining 30 per cent for private firms. Deputy ChiefMinister Ajit Pawar, Higher and Techancal Education Minister Rajesh Tope and other highprofile dignitaries were present on the occasion.-- (UNI) –From: http://news.webindia123.com/news/articles/India/20110820/1816283.html