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ESL: Means of Transport: Video

  2. canoe balloon bicycle Select the right answer: boat tram bus car
  3. canoe car ship canoe airplane bicycle foot tram UFO
  4. bicycle train tram airplane UFO boat lorry car subway
  5. train tram ship helicopter balloon subway boat submarine airplane
  6. airplane UFO bus ship boat subway submarine balloon canoe
  7. boat subway UFO ambulance lorry foot ship bus tram
  8. bus tram lorry ship submarine bus balloon canoe ambulance
  9. lorry airplane canoe boat ship motorcycle submarine train subway
  10. ship boat tram train taxi bus foot submarine ambulance
  11. tram UFO airplane balloon rocket train horse lorry subway
  12. UFO balloon bus foot horse submarine airplane rocket train
  13. attic van motorcycle boat airplane balloon subway horse ambulance
  14. balloon foot motorcycle car bus bicycle horse van taxi
  15. taxi van submarine boat foot ambulance subway canoe horse
  16. submarine boat car horse foot balloon motorcycle van UFO
  17. horse airplane tram subway ambulance boat train van car
  18. van foot car tram ship horse ambulance helicopter boat
  19. foot train bus foot horse helicopter airplane subway tram
  20. subway airplane canoe car ambulance motorcycle taxi train van
  21. ambulance car horse motorcycle ship horse taxi helicopter boat
  22. car foot van UFO ship horse train motorcycle bicycle
  23. motorcycle balloon helicopter airplane taxi bus tram submarine ambulance