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The Hague Convention Bureau - MICE Presentation

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The Hague Convention Bureau - MICE Presentation

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The Hague Convention Bureau - MICE Presentation

  1. 1. The City that We are a city with great diversity and a wealth of possibilities:a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!
  2. 2. Home to the Dutch Government VThe City that Matters
  3. 3. The International City of Peace & Justice VThe City that Matters
  4. 4. Home to the Royal Family VThe City that Matters
  5. 5. VThe City that Matters The Hague has 7000 trees
  6. 6. 516k residents live in the city VThe City that Matters
  7. 7. 30 museums VThe City that Matters
  8. 8. 11km of coastline & sandy beaches VThe City that Matters
  9. 9. Vibrant beach culture VThe City that Matters
  10. 10. 1700 restaurants & cafés VThe City that Matters
  11. 11. 67 Hotels VThe City that Matters
  12. 12. The Access The The Hague is closer than you think – our city is located in one of the best-connected regions in the world.
  13. 13. The Hague is located in the worlds best connected country- the Netherlands. VThe Access The Hague
  14. 14. VThe Access The Hague
  15. 15. 30mins by train 35 mins by car 35 mins by train 25 mins by car VThe Access The Hague
  16. 16. VThe Access The Hague
  17. 17. VThe Access The Hague
  18. 18. The Impressions The The Hague has it all, whatever your idea of fun is! Surprising and rich diversity within easy reach.
  19. 19. VThe Impressions The Hague
  20. 20. VThe Impressions The Hague
  21. 21. VThe Impressions The Hague
  22. 22. VThe Impressions The Hague
  23. 23. VThe Impressions The Hague
  24. 24. VThe Impressions The Hague
  25. 25. VThe Impressions The Hague
  26. 26. VThe Impressions The Hague
  27. 27. VThe Impressions The Hague
  28. 28. VThe Impressions The Hague
  29. 29. VThe Impressions The Hague
  30. 30. The Venues The Hotels The Take full advantage of what the city has to offer, and craft a unique experience for your delegates!
  31. 31. Gemeente Museum Kurzaal Brickhouse, Redererij Zuidstrandtheater Paviljoen de Witte Madurodam Louwman Museum World Forum De Mesdag Collectie Fokker Terminal Friedenspalast Panorama Mesdag New Babylon Meeting Center Remise Grote Kerk Glaze Zaal PenthouseWTC Mauritshuis
  32. 32. Crowne Plaza Promenade 178 Rooms Novotel World Forum 216 Rooms Marriott The Hague 306 Rooms B Aparthotels 62 Rooms World Forum An unique collaboration between five different brands  765 rooms  Complimentary high speed Wi-Fi  All rooms within a 3 minute walk Convention Dot The Hague - World Forum
  33. 33. World Forum: King Willem Alexander
  34. 34. World Forum Grand Ent rance Central Atrium connecting all areasAmazon 1 Atlantic -1
  35. 35. Venues + 2.000 Pax Den Haag Beach Events https://www.denhaagbeachevents.com/ Vincent Slingerland +31 (065) 492-8321 info@denhaagbeachevents.nl Beachvolleyball Stadium The Hague http://www.beachstadium.com/ T +31 (0)70 762 02 76 info@beachstadium.com De Broodfabriek www.de-broodfabriek.nl Julia Forsch-Prins T+31 070 – 307 59 02 julia@de-broodfabriek.nl Malieveld (Grünfläche für Festivals zentral im Stadtzentrum) Tim Fransen T +31 71-3613809 M +31 6-10926268 t.fransen@staatsbosbeheer.nl Van Nelle Fabriek Events http://events.vannellefabriek.com T +31 10 750 35 00 info@vannellefabriekevents.com
  36. 36. Incentives The Fun in the city or at the beach. And lots of options with easy & quick accessibility to The Hague.
  37. 37. Incentives
  38. 38. Incentives Easy access For city day trips to Delft, Amsterdam & Rotterdam
  39. 39. The Clusters The In The Hague we focus on Peace & Justice,IT & Telecom, Cybersecurity,Oil and Gas, Energy & Renewables,as well as Legal and Finance.
  40. 40. Peace & Justice Cybersecurity IT & Telecom Energy & Renewables Legal & Finance Oil & Gas
  41. 41. The Hague has been a resounding name on the international stage of events ever since it hosted the first international peace congress in 1899. Peace & VThe Clusters The Hague
  42. 42. The Hague houses the largest security cluster in Europe:The Hague Security Delta, driving business, knowledge and expertise to the city. VThe Clusters The Hague
  43. 43. The Hague takes pride in its well-established IT & Telecommunications sector, an efficient network that enables a free-flowing cooperation between the companies involved. IT & VThe Clusters The Hague
  44. 44. For decades, The Hague’s focus has been with developing renewable energy and tapping into the potential of new technologies that make a positive impact on the environment. Energy & VThe Clusters The Hague
  45. 45. The Hague is a key player within the legal and finance sector. Industries such as insurance, asset management and pension expertise are well-established within the city, employing around 13,000 people. Legal & VThe Clusters The Hague
  46. 46. The Hague is home to one of the most recognised names of the Oil & Gas industry: the Royal Dutch Shell, as well as a regional centre for other important players, such as Kuwait Petroleum (Q8). Oil & VThe Clusters The Hague
  47. 47. The CVB The The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) can be of great assistance in solving such challenges, working closely with our well- tuned partnership of venues, restaurants,hotels and service companies.
  48. 48. VThe CVB The Hague
  49. 49. VThe CVB The Hague