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Rotterdam Partners - MICE Presentation 2019

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Rotterdam Partners - MICE Presentation 2019

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Rotterdam Partners - MICE Presentation 2019

  1. 1. 1. City of innovation & unmatched possibilities 2. International leading hub for business & knowledge 3. Refreshingly Dutch & remarkably international 4. Connected to the world WHY ROTTERDAM for your congress or event
  2. 2. Young dynamic city with daring architecture & room to experiment ‘Can Do’ mentality: we look for possibilities in impossibilities We believe in the power of collaboration: 170 partners 1. City of Innovation & unmatched possibilities
  3. 3. Leading clusters in food, medical, maritime, cleantech & more Home to internationally renowned knowledge & research institutions 2. International leading hub for business & knowledge Gateway to Europe: No 1. Port & international business hub
  4. 4. Next city to discover: Magnet for delegates Unique venues, creative social programs & competitive rates 2. Refreshingly Dutch & remarkably international Vibrant & multicultural metropolis encompassing 170+ nationalities
  5. 5. Stable, organised & hospitable city where everyone speaks English Compact city centre with excellent public transport links Easily accessible & central location near other Dutch cities & hotspots 4. Connected to the world
  6. 6. 2nd largest hub in the world & one of world’s best airports Easily accessible Schiphol Airport
  7. 7. Frequent international trains from Germany, France, Belgium & UK Easily accessible Fast train connections TRAVEL TIMES (BY TRAIN) Schiphol Airport o hrs 26 min Düsseldorf 2 hrs 26 min Cologne 2 hrs 55 min Frankfurt 4 hrs 35 min Hannover 4 hrs 45 min
  8. 8. Rotterdam Venues for your event Postillion at WTC – venue and conference centre Rotterdam Ahoy / RACC – multifunctional venue, conference center and arena deDoelen – conference venue with connection to Marriott Rotterdam Cruise Terminal – on the Wilhelmina pier, still used as a terminal for cruise ships and as spacious venue
  9. 9. Rotterdam Venues for your event SS Rotterdam – venue, hotel and restaurantsRDM – multifunctional venue in a listed building at the innovation dock Laurenskerk – Rotterdam‘s only remaining late Gothic building and stunning venue Floating Pavilion – Rotterdam‘s first floating business event venue
  10. 10. Rotterdam Venues for your event nhow Rotterdam – stylisch hotel with excellent views over the Maas and Rotterdam next to Cruise Terminal Hotel New York – formerly the Holland America Line head office, 1993 converted into a charming hotel Room Mate Bruno – stylish boutique hotel in a former tea warehouse, opened in August 2018 Marriott Rotterdam– Opposite Rotterdam Central Station and connected with deDoelen
  11. 11. Hotels in Rotterdam Overview Go to our Venue & Service Finder for more information: https://en.rotterdampartners.nl/find-a-venue
  12. 12. Best in Travel 2016: ‘Futuristic architecture, inspired initiatives such as inner-city canal surfing, a proliferation of art, and a surge of drinking, dining and nightlife venues make Rotterdam one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities right now.’ Best of Travel 2019 ‘Why Rotterdam is Europe’s coolest foodie destination: With top end restaurants and more food markets than you can shake a fork at, the Netherlands’ second city makes for a mouthwatering city break' International media Rotterdam in the spotlight click logo to read article
  13. 13. Click on the image for the Rotterdam video or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9kRAlPnBbo Experience Rotterdam Video
  14. 14. Rotterdam Partners What we do Our mission Rotterdam Partners aims to strengthen the Rotterdam economy Marketing Promotion & Attraction Knowledge & Advise Networks To attract future • visitors • businesses • residents To connect • our knowledge • our networks • our stakeholders
  15. 15. • Inform about Rotterdam as a business destination • Connect to our partners in Rotterdam • Advise on best venues, accommodations & social programme combinations • Check availability of venues and accommodations • Assist in requesting and comparing quotations • Organise site inspections and FAM trips • Arrange support from city (subvention fund & welcome reception) • Offer promotional tools for use before and during the congress or event • Offer a hospitality desk at the congress or event • Facilitate throughout bid or proposal process (city wide support) Rotterdam Partners How we help
  16. 16. We connect you to Rotterdam Rotterdam Partners Convention Bureau of Rotterdam Contact us Tina Koehler Sales & Account Manager MICE T: +49 89 552533 441 E: Rotterdam.MICE@aviareps.com W: www.rotterdampartners.nl
  17. 17. 48 hours in Rotterdam: what to see, plus the best bars and restaurants Rotterdam in the spotlight: from dismal mega-port to 'Dutch Brooklyn' This Dutch city has made a floating park out of plastic waste Rotterdam: Europe's hottest design destination Five reasons to visit unsung Rotterdam instead of overcrowded Amsterdam The Independent’s Best of Travel 2019 Food for thought: 5 reasons why Rotterdam should be your next culinary breakMiniguide Rotterdam An Insider’s Guide to Rotterdam (paywall) The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching. Why Rotterdam is Europe’s coolest foodie destination A weekend in . . . Rotterdam, the Netherlands Rotterdam's continuous fight against floods (video) Rotterdam: Leading in the implementation of small scale solutions for adaptation measures on a large scale