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MERATH - Quarterly highlights - Q3 2017

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EDUCATION : 300 more children back-to-school this year
LIVELIHOODS : 500 school uniforms on their way!
PARTNERS’ CORNER : Gathering our educators
BASIC NEEDS : It all starts with food security

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MERATH - Quarterly highlights - Q3 2017

  1. 1. © MERATH © Helen Manson / TFNZ In Syria, my family and I were happy, and life was good. Now we live in a small tent in the Beqaa Valley. My husband tries to find day labor, but work is scarce and his health is not good. We were in- troduced to the church by some of our neighbors. The church is helping us tre- mendously now. Through the church we receive monthly food assistance and my children are fi- nally back in school. Between displace- ment in Syria and moving to Lebanon they missed four years of school. The education program at the church has helped them catch up on the years they missed and has changed them a lot. They are happy now and confident. Even during the weekend they want to go school. The teachers are like second mothers to them and care for them so much. They were extremely sad to leave Syria and affected by the war. The school has not only helped them academically, but emotionally. * Name changed Meet Samar* 2017July – September Quarterly Highlights This new school year, 1,500 out-of-school children will be learning at the nine education centers we are sup- porting in Lebanon. Mathematics, History, Arabic, English, Sports : enough subjects for everyone! Over 300 more refugee children who weren’t going to school will be reached with education this new academic year. In to- tal, there are 1,500 children getting a high quality non-formal education at the nine centers MERATH is supporting this year, up from 1,200 in 2016/17. Going to school is more than just learning for these refugee children. It gives them a much- needed routine, a safe place to play with their peers and hope of a better future. The centers are also providing psychosocial support, includ- ing group and individualized counseling for children with the most significant challenges. EDUCAT ION : 300 MORE CHILDREN BACK-TO-SCHOOL THIS YEAR!
  2. 2. Quarterly Update October—December 2017 BASIC NEEDS :IT ALL STARTS WITH FOOD SECURITY PARTNERS’ CORNER : GATHERING OUR EDUCATORS We are so thankful for our Education Learning Network’s meeting in Septem- ber! It is deeply encouraging to see many people from different backgrounds meet with one common goal : improving their teaching skills to better serve their com- munities and the vulnerable people among them. They are an inspiration to us all! This summer, we continued to help our partners in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq provide vital food assistance to thousands of vulnerable households. Over 4,000 food boxes and vouchers were distributed each month. This contributed to stabilizing their food security situation, easing the financial burden for refugees and vulnera- ble local populations alike. LIVELIHOODS : 500 SCHOOL UNIFORMS ON THEIR WAY! MERATH, through local partners, implements relief and development projects for thousands of refugee and internally displaced families in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq © MERATH © MERATH We are proud of the inspiring women in our sewing projects, who are working hard to learn new skills and have now started generating income! They have been partic- ularly busy these past three months, sew- ing 500 school uniforms for the pupils of two of our non-formal education pro- grams. © Food for the Hungry www.merathlebanon.org information@merathlebanon.org