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Discover my city app’

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Innovative idea of travel application

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Discover my city app’

  1. 1. Travel like you never did before New vibrant, social and surprising city guideby Marie Charbonnier and Jessica Robles for CMH IEMI
  2. 2. The concept Discovering PartnersGetting Social
  3. 3. • New easy way to discover a city thanks to : – Videos of historical context, lifestyle by local bloggers and personnality – Kit of Tools : Money converter, Pictranslator, Maps, speaking basics, facts to know, local time – Themes Tours : guided tours to go for the adventure – Possibility to record and create a personnal tour : GPS recorded intinirary, pictures, comments and video.• Gathers technologies to facilitate and enhance the tourist experience.
  4. 4. • Traveling in a new « social » way - Ranking and tags of places to visit on a social map « community » - Easily share activities and location on social networks• Exchange with local people - Tchat and organize meeting with locals or other tourists - Discovering the local way of life and share unique moments• Visit and Play - Play and visit : contest organized in the city by the app or partners - Win prices related to travel : hotels room, flights tickets …
  5. 5. • Discover my city app : a unique opportunity for partners - Target a special « travelers » community - Adapt communication and discount to the users• Examples of partners - Museum, theaters, clubs, shops. - Hotel booking engine – last night - Restaurant discount « La Fourchette » - Advertisement for local companies• Users’ benefits - Special offers and promotions in their location - Possibility to book/buy on line
  6. 6. • Numbers of downloads of the App on plateforms• Numbers of people joining the tchat• Numbers of booking and tickets/ offers used• Content shared on social network thanks to the app• Press and bloggers positive feedback• Positive comments and observations of users• Customers’ requests for the app in other cities ( we will begin with : Paris, Newyork, London, Berlin )