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Alina Korotkina Website Mock-Up Designs

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Alina Korotkina Website Mock-Up Designs

  1. 1. Creative Brief  Client Name: Alina Korotkina  Proof Line­Up: Jeffrey, Alina, Adrienne, Corinne    Products:  ● Logo Design  ○ Alina Korotkina logo  ● Website Design / Theme Used:  http://www.kingsizetheme.com/   Website Link for Previewing:     Logo Design:    We messed around with some logo concepts  Concept 1:     The Nerpa adds a playful element to your logo ­ we understand that this may look more like a  seal. And the pun on being playful with the  diamond, perhaps a bit too playful. However,  we find Alina to be a very fun and think that this  could have potential with or without the  diamond.        
  2. 2.  
  3. 3.  
  4. 4.             Website Design:  They are looking for an elegent, haute couture website to display and promote Alina Korotkina jewelry. Theme: http://www.kingsizetheme.com/ Site-Map: ● Home ● About Me ● Jewelry Gallery ○ Earrings ○ Rings ○ Accessories ● Engagement ● Couture ● Awards ● Contact Us Footer Specifications: © 2009 - 2011 All rights reserved. Email Newsletter / Terms & Conditions / Sitemap
  5. 5. Font Choice Detail: Samples to be submitted. ● Feminine, Serif, Elegant, ● Uppercase only on the first letter ● Font Color: Ivory Theme Customizations: Custom Font Installation Email Newsletter Implementation Homepage Background Files: Background Slide Visuals / Layout Specifications Descriptions Perfect leave as is. Create a neat visual timeline Needs to be slightly centered. Maybe this could start at the right of the menu.
  6. 6. Leave as is. Add rose petals Move slightly left. Leave as is. Add rose petals.
  7. 7. Add design style. - See right. I have placed it onto the site - you can check to see if you like it.     About Us Page   
  8. 8.     Corinne’s Notes:       Your Notes:  For this page, I thought it would be neat to make it a bit more dramatic with the  usage of the model photos. I did not care  for the image we had previously selected.  See small image to the right>>>     
  9. 9.         Corinne’s Notes:   See Pop­Up Frame:   Your Notes:  For the jewelry page, I am trying to  create a more unique layout than the  simple box pattern. On this page, each  of the boxes or circles becomes a link.   Once someone scrolls over the a  particular ring,  they would see a  See enlarged version of pop­up below.  
  10. 10. pop­up frame with enlarged photo’s  and detailed description of the piece.    Mock­Up of Pop­Up for each individual jewelry piece.  
  11. 11.            
  12. 12.     Corinne’s Notes:     Your Notes:  I have three layouts that I think could work well. See above and below. Also, I would  fade the embellished background, so that  it doesn’t look like a henna tattoo on the  womans body ­ just noticed that.      
  13. 13.                
  14. 14.   Reducing the transparency of the main menu bar + adding the beads to the  background.        Example 1: 50% Transparency       
  15. 15. Example 2: 75% Transparency      Example 3 : 75% Transparency with Beads 
  16. 16.                          
  17. 17. Example 4: No Red Bar