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Keith bergman gcc 2017

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Presentation at Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on October 5, 2017

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Keith bergman gcc 2017

  1. 1. Municipalities, Green Infrastructure, Jobs: Sustainability, Economic Development, and Transportation Keith Bergman LittletonTown Administrator Metropolitan Area Planning Council President Climate Reality Leadership CorpsVolunteer “Municipalities,Green Infrastructure,and Jobs” Massachusetts Green Careers Conference,Westborough,MA Thursday, October 5, 2017
  2. 2. 3 Littleton, Massachusetts
  3. 3. “Prepare, monitor, evaluate, and periodically update a community resilience plan, tailored to Littleton, to ensure that the town’s infrastructure and social and economy systems can withstand the impact of climate change and other twenty-first century hazards; and incorporate the recommendations of the resilience plan into this Master Plan as needed.”
  4. 4. Environmental issues are at the top of the agenda in many communities.
  5. 5. U.S. Cities Committed to 100% Renewable Energy AlreadyThere Committed Abita Springs, LA Atlanta, GA Boulder, CO Cambridge, MA Del Mar, CA East Hampton, NYGrand Rapids, MI Hanover, NH Madison, WI Moab, UT Nassau, NY Palo Alto, CA Park City, UT Portland, OR Pueblo, CO Salt Lake City, UT San Diego, CA San Fran., CA San Jose, CA South Lake Tahoe, CA Southampton, NY St. Petersburg, FL Taos, NM Sarasota, FL Columbia, SC Georgetown, TX Rock Port, MO Greensburg, KS Burlington, VT Aspen, CO Columbia, MD Kodiak Island, AK Climate leadership is a driver.
  6. 6. “We’ll always have Paris” – Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman
  7. 7. Many municipal leaders are working on green economic development and greener infrastructure
  8. 8. Town partners with State government Tax Increment Financing (EDIP) MassWorks grant Community Compact
  9. 9. Littleton’s Community Compact 1. Transportation (regional) ◦ CrossTown ConnectTransportation Management Association to expand transportation opportunities, promote economic development ◦ Towns of Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, Maynard and Westford; employers including IBM, Juniper 2. Economic Development ◦ Develop Economic Development Marketing Plan for Littleton to promote economic development consistent with community character; using Dukakis Center’s Economic Development Self Assessment Tool (EDSAT) With the Baker/Polito Administration
  10. 10. Community Compact signing Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, Maynard, andWestford
  11. 11. Transportation Electricity Consumption Residential Commercial Massachusetts Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission and Business-As- Usual (BAU) Projections for Major Sectors, 1990-2020 Source: MassDEP (2017). Massachusetts Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: 1990 through 2014
  12. 12. Transportation  Work with the five CrossTown Connect towns and two regional transit authorities (MART, LRTA)  Support CTC with $50,000/year for 3 years through CMAQ  Work with CTC to address first mile / last mile / reverse commute issues.  Work with CTC, RTAs and local employers to convert the promise of reverse commuting into reality by investing and coordinating so that the last mile systems are created  Enhance Fitchburg Line commuter rail schedule to make the current train arrive earlier in the morning and adding a second early morning train that will make it more viable to travel by transit to work.  Consider need for additional parking for Littleton commuter rail station Community Compact next steps: MassDOT will . . .
  13. 13. 2017 MOVING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 18 First Mile / Last Mile in Littleton  Complete StreetsTier 2 Foster St. (Harwood to Taylor) roadway, drainage, bike lanes, sidewalks to Littleton commuter rail station  Includes shuttle route from MBTA commuter rail station to IBM Littleton Common  Boston MPO TIP funding request for $4.5-million  Town 25% design $450,000 to be developed FY 2018
  14. 14. 2017 MOVING TOGETHER CONFERENCE 19 1. Littleton, MA 2. Peru, IN 3. Fort Lauderdale, FL 4.Auburn, ME (tie) 4. Lewiston, ME (tie) 6. Baltimore County, MD 7. Portsmouth,NH 8. Muscatine, IA 9. Piqua, OH 10. Oakland, CA 11. Hayward, CA (tie) 11. Livermore, CA (tie) 11. Massachusetts DOT (tie) 14. Cedar Falls, IA (tie) 14.Waterloo, IA (tie)
  15. 15. IBM MassLab ribbon-cutting 550 King Street, Littleton, MA June 16, 2010
  16. 16.  MAPC facilitated planning process  2010Town Meeting adopted zoning ◦ Village District (A) ◦ Overlay (B)  Smart Sewer ◦ 2012 CRWA plan ◦ Relaunched 2017 Littleton Common
  17. 17. Smart sewer reuses water & generates energy Littleton Common Smart Sewer
  18. 18. What is a Smart Sewer?  Energy efficient design ◦ Uses cutting edge environmental and energy technology ◦ Reduces overall energy & energy generated can be sold/used to heat/cool surrounding buildings ◦ Optimizes benefits to environment ◦ Reclaimed water can be reused (lawn watering, businesses, facilities, etc.)  Wastewater is a resource  Replenishes aquifer and provides groundwater protection  Treated wastewater returns to the watershed from which it was extracted  Smart Growth  Focuses development in a designated district thereby reducing ‘sprawl’  Opt in model – no one required to participate and only those that participate pay. Traditional sewers are subsidized by all taxpayers, even if not served by the system.
  19. 19. • MAGIC Climate Adaptation Strategy • MAGIC Stormwater Collaborative • Suburban Mobility Transportation Planning Studies
  20. 20. MAGIC Climate Mitigation & Adaptation  1. Prepare Local Government and Monitor Local Economy - Designate a Municipal Climate Lead; Fund municipal climate resiliency efforts; Promote economic resiliency; Emergency preparedness; Advocate for climate policy in Mass. and U.S.; Disseminate municipally-tested and proven best practices for climate resiliency  2. Monitor and Apply Local Predictions for Climate Changes - Operationalize climate change data use and updates  3. Protect Natural Resources and Maximize Use of Ecosystem Services - Adopt a Regional Green Infrastructure Approach; Use Low Impact Development Techniques in Local Development; Plan for a stormwater utility; Institute water conservation practices; Ecological and habitat restoration;Tree planting initiatives  4. Increase Use of Clean Energy and Green Building Measures - Continue transition to renewable and resilient energy systems; Establish weatherization and green building measures; Develop and institute climate resilient, restorative building practices  5. Enforce and Enhance Regulatory Measures Affecting the Built Environment - Wetland and floodplain regulations;Transfer of Development Rights (TDR); Implement climate responsive land use policies and regulations; Flood proofing; Agricultural land conservation and farm resilience  6. Maintain and Protect Critical Infrastructure -Water infrastructure; Transportation;  7 .Safeguard Health and Human Resources - Protect vulnerable populations; Build and bolster community resilience; Ensure access to food
  21. 21. Other communities are hard at work, too.
  22. 22. Established partnerships and recent activities: o Institute for Sustainable Communities: Local Climate Vulnerability Assessment Workshop for Metro Mayors municipalities o City of Quincy: Hydrodynamic Modeling and Community Education Program o City of Boston: Boston Climate Preparedness Planning Initiative o Trust for Public Land: Metro Boston Climate Smart Cities Project Metro Mayors Coalition Climate Preparedness Taskforce 29
  23. 23. Boston has analyzed climate change and sea level rise projections.
  24. 24. South Shore Climate Assessment – pilot (2011) Minuteman Subregion Climate Assessment (2016) Scituate & Duxbury Coastal Resiliency Plan (2015) Resilient Quincy Plan – pilot (2016) MAPC Climate Planning Projects Climate Smart Region Program – pilot (2016) BraintreeVulnerability Assessment (2017) Newton ClimateAssessment & Action Plan (2017) BrooklineVulnerability Assessment (2017)
  25. 25. Efforts are emerging to rebuild more sustainable communities after storms.
  26. 26. MAPC provides technical support.
  27. 27. International City/County ManagementAssociation https://icma.org/job-posts Massachusetts Municipal Association www.mma.org/municipal-job-opportunities Massachusetts Maritime Academy Masters in facilities and emergency management www.maritime.edu New EnglandWater EnvironmentAssociation www.NEWEA.org Many opportunities exist for green economic development, green infrastructure, and greener jobs for the future.
  28. 28. For more information  Contact Keith A. Bergman Town Administrator 37 Shattuck Street Littleton, MA 01460 kbergman@littletonma.org 978-540-2461 https://twitter.com/TALittletonMA