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Barbara warren mas 2017 DALR

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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

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Barbara warren mas 2017 DALR

  1. 1. Dynamic Actions Lead to Results Barbara Warren Salem Sound Coastwatch Executive Director MassBays National Estuary Regional Service Provider March 17, 2017 7th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities & Campuses Conference
  2. 2. Collaboration - Partnerships Salem Sound Coastwatch • Regional environmental non-profit on the North Shore • 26 years – started as Salem Sound 2000 • Founded by residents, businesses and municipalities concerned with the economic and environmental impacts of Salem Sound’s severely polluted waters Change takes time, patience, commitment and determination! Working together
  3. 3. Actions with Volunteer Efforts Coastal/water initiatives: Bacterial Reduction – Water Quality Capturing and Cleaning the Rain Flooding - Coastal Resilience Marine debris programs: Adopt a Beach – clean ups and more Talking Trash for Clean Oceans - a teen service learning internship program.
  4. 4. Storm Water Runoff NUMBER ONE THREAT to Coastal Water Quality RUNOFF
  5. 5. Shoreline Survey leading to Cleaner Water Surveyed 41-mile of shoreline by 100 trained volunteers in 1993 Observed 166 potential pollution sources Monitored 100 sites once a week for next two years by 25 volunteers Partners: South Essex Sewer District Marine Fisheries fecal coliform testing
  6. 6. Solving the Problems • Illicit connections (new developments as well as old) • Non-connections in historic areas along the coast • Failing infrastructure: cracking sewers & stormwater pipes • Septic systems condition and failure • Animal waste: dogs and congregated birds (feeding) • Recreational uses: boating
  7. 7. Clean Beaches & Streams Throughout the summer, volunteers & staff collect water from selected sites to be tested for bacterial contamination.
  8. 8. Wolf Trap Marsh, Black Beach Kettle Cove, Manchester-by-the-Sea 1 2 3 2007-2010 Clean Beaches & Streams • MCST volunteers with SSCW • 60 Homes with Septic Systems surround the marsh
  9. 9. Wolf Trap Marsh, Black Beach Kettle Cove, Manchester-by-the-Sea Passed Manchester Town Meeting 2009 ARTICLE 19. To see if the Town will require the Board of Health to develop a plan of regular Title V testing of the Town’s septic systems that are five years of age or older, with priority given to those systems in areas of environmental vulnerability.
  10. 10. Wolf Trap Marsh, Black Beach Kettle Cove, Manchester-by-the-Sea 1 2 3 Since 2009 As of 2015 28 failed Title V inspection and have been Repaired or New systems
  11. 11. Take Home Thoughts • Storm water runoff is the problem • Outfall drainage are inspected • Illicit connections found & fixed • Storm drains cleaned • !!Report foul smell from storm drains!! • Water contact should be avoided for a minimum of 1 - 3 days after heavy rainfall
  12. 12. Other Ways to Improve Water Quality Commercial Street with sidewalk (dog feces) and vegetated strip abutting the North River in Salem. Cars leave oil and hydrocarbons on the road. Missing landscape timbers that once contained the islands gone providing a continual source of sediments being washed into the North River.
  13. 13. Build Rain Gardens – Capture and Clean Rain Where It Falls Soil replaced with gravel and a sandy loam in a depression. Curb cuts made for storm water to flow into the basins.
  14. 14. Maintain Rain Gardens – As all living things, works in process Salem Sound Coastwatch is inviting volunteers to help us plant, weed, develop signage and keep gardens clean for the North River.
  15. 15. Use Rain Barrels – to capture rain from your roof Reuse in your yard and garden Or Direct to a rain garden.
  16. 16. Gravel layer 2 parts sand, 1 part topsoil, 1 part compost Layer of mulch around Native Plants Build Our Own Rain Gardens
  17. 17. Global Climate Change • Reduce your carbon footprint Are we Climate Change Resilient?? A Watershed Moment!
  18. 18. Focused on 5 Sectors • Critical building infrastructure • Drinking water • Energy • Stormwater • Transportation • Vulnerable populations NOT OUR NATURAL COASTLINE Vulnerability Assessment Plans http://www.salem.com/planning-and-community-development/pages/studies-and-reports
  19. 19. Storm Surge Transportation Map City of Salem’s Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation Plan 2014
  20. 20. Understanding and Preparing for the Future Flooding already….
  21. 21. Fringing Salt Marshes Banks with Plantings Creation, Enhancement or Restoration Creating a Living Shorelines Using “green” – natural way Public Shoreline Management Alternatives By Rebecca Haney, CZM Coastal Geologist www.nantucket-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/920 DelawareEstuary.org
  22. 22. VIEW LOOKING WEST - Existing Surveying the Shoreline – Collins Cove, Salem
  23. 23. VIEW LOOKING WEST – Photo Rendering Potential Living Shoreline - green infrastructure
  24. 24. Adopt a Beach Program Year-round – holistic response to issues Comprehensive – public health, ocean health & environmental issues Taking SHARED! actions
  25. 25. Adopt a Beach Program Taking SHARED Actions: Clean Ups
  26. 26. WHEN NEEDED especially after storms when debris is washed ashore Also - Document flooding, erosion, invasive species, and impacts from people Adopt a Beach Program
  27. 27. Need Beachkeepers to be the Eyes and Ears Report the unusual Help remove invasive species Reported fertilizer Pulling pepperweed & removing trash
  28. 28. NOAA Marine Debris Outreach and Prevention Taking Trash for Clean Oceans Teens Internships – after school February – June • Learn about the issue • Create service learning projects Worked with City’s Public Art Director to organize 14 storm drain murals. Led experiential hands on activities for elementary school classes.
  29. 29. Salem Plastic Bag Ordinance Met with Board of Health and City Councilors to begin the discussion about reducing single-use plastic bags in Salem Researched plastic bag reduction ordinance language Testified for the plastic bag reduction ordinance Torri Salem City Council after Passage of Ordinance Teens learn how to express their ideas to adults in their community and make a BIG Difference!
  30. 30. Beach cleanups – across the lower North Shore Adopt a beach training – Time to Join Commercial Street Rain Garden Crew Invasive Pepperweed Pulls Marine Invasive Training & Monitoring And MORE! Civic Engagement Opportunities Upcoming Actions & Programs This Spring-Summer Make Sure You Sign Up for SoundNet, our E-newsletter salemsound.org – 978-741-7900 – info@salemsound.org