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Working with a Recruiter in the Talent Economy 2017-01-09

  1. Wo r k i n g w i t h A R e c r u i t e r i n t h e Ta l e n t E c o n o my J a n 9 2 0 1 7 L y n n H a z a n 1©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  2. 2
  3. NETWORKING 101 Introduce yourself to your neighbor 3©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  4. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin 4©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  5. Who’s Who: Talent in the Room • Finance/Accounting • Marketing/Sales • IT/Technology • Operations/Supply Chain • Management •Consulting •Legal •HR •Non-Profit •Other ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 5
  6. How Do You Want to be Seen? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 6
  7. Quiz to the Audience • Can I compete against younger professionals? • Am I overlooked because of my age? • Are my technology tools up-to-date? • Have you ever worked with a recruiter? As candidate/client? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 7
  8. WE LIVE IN VUCA TIMES... • Volatile • Uncertain • Complex • Ambiguous ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 8 Derived from military vocabulary in the 1990’s
  9. ANTIDOTE TO VUCA • Vision • Understanding • Clarity • Agility ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 9 What does “agility” mean to you?
  10. AGILE MARKETING MANIFESTO • Based on Agile Development Manifesto created by group of software developers • Based on 3 key principles • Scott Brinker adopted principles to formulate Agile Marketing Manifesto 10McDermott, B-to-B Marketer, 2016©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  11. 10 Key Principles of Agile Marketing 1. Remarkable customer experience: intimate customer tribes VS mass marketing 2. Use Testing & Data 3. Conduct Small Experiments 4. Embrace/Respond to Change 5. Facilitate Better Interactions Among Team Members 6. Customer Collaboration 7. Transparency 8. Rapid Iterations 9. Use Direct & Indirect Feedback 10.Break out of Silos ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 11 How are you agile? McDermott, B-to-B Marketer, 2016
  12. GRIT • Perseverance for especially long-term goals • 4 stages/components – I: Passion • Need initial interest • Substitute nuance for novelty – II: Practice • Deliberate practice • 10,000 hr rule – III: Purpose • Olympic athletes and Spelling Bee contestants – IV: Hope 12Angela Duckworth, Freakonomics Podcast, 5/4/16 What is ”grit”? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  13. AUDIENCE QUIZ - DEMOGRAPHICS • What percent of American adults are single? • How many people is 45%? • How many of you have adult children who live at home? • More young adults now live with parents than live on their own with an unmarried partner or spouse. 13 45% 109 mill. Bella DePaulo Washington Post, 11/16/2016©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  14. THE GIG ECONOMY 14©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  15. AUTOMATION IN THE WORKPLACE • Companies replacing human labor with robots (automation) • Cheaper to have robots than humans • Growing trend in the U.S. states and in Asia 15Bob Prichard, Same Work… Less Workers12/15/16©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  16. SOCIAL CAPITAL • Comparable to physical/financial capital • Principle: social networks have value • Bigger social network = more $$ • Utilize relationships to build social capital 16 What is social capital? Bob Putnam and David Halpern, Freakonomics Podcast, 11/10/16 ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  17. Spheres of Influence: Individual Contacts • Social Clubs • Community Organizations • Listservs • Places of Worship • Prof. Associations • Universities Attended • Sport Clubs ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 17
  18. THE 2017 ECONOMY WHO KNOWS?! 18©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  19. WHAT LH&A CLIENTS ARE SEEKING: • Technology • Analytics • Social media • Marketing: combo old & new technologies • Health care • Real Estate • PR/Communications: traditional & digital 19©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  20. LH&A HIRING TRENDS • Business Development – Sales: have to go above and beyond • IT and Marketing intersection • Marketing: micro and macro grassroots • Consulting – Freelance • Need talent: 3-5, 5-7, 7-10+ years 20©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  21. LH&A HIRING TRENDS • Focus on knowing the customer • Foreign language/global experience a plus • Years of experience not as important • Suburban candidates wanted • Perception: older candidates not as tech savvy, expensive resistant to change • Lean machine – multiple skills in one person 21©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  22. Software: What’s in Your Toolbox? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 22
  23. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PROFILE • Continuing education – certificate program • Online courses – MOOC, Lynda (LinkedIn) • Volunteer – raise your visibility • Career in non-profit • Mentor younger talent • Work across generations • Temp to perm, consulting • Professional associations ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 23
  24. LYNN’S “R”S OF RECRUITING • Research • Resume • Results • Relationships • Reputation • Rehearse • Reward • Rejoice! 24©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  25. Why Work with a Recruiter? ( Client’s Perspective) • Ideal Candidate • Deadline Driven • New Industries • Shortage of Talent • Geographic Needs • Confidential Replacement • Lack Recruiting Expertise ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 25
  26. Why Hire a Recruiter? (Recruiter’s Perspective) • Digs deep into specs, specialty, understands the talent needed and the corporate culture • Ability to Source and Place • Career Long Relationships with Candidates and Clients • Multiple hires for same client ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 26
  27. Advantages of Working With A Recruiter • Inside Knowledge of Company • Counsel the Candidate/Client • Dig Deeper Into Specs • Knowledge of Profession and Changes • Ahead of the Curve • Access to the “hidden job market” ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 27
  28. MARKETING YOURSELF TO A RECRUITER • Does your area of expertise match theirs? • Maintain the relationship • Pay it forward • Referrals always welcome 28©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017
  29. The Hemmingway Challenge Write A Story In 6 Words ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 29 For Sale Baby Shoes Never Worn
  30. What’s Your Story? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 30 Write YOUR Story In 6 Words Tweet your story to #LHAsixwordstory or write it down and pass it forward (name optional) Lynn’s Story: Passionate Recruiter Loves Placing Superb Talent
  31. Why Should I Hire You? What is your UPS? ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 31 Unique Positioning Statement Use Your UPS (Unique Positioning Statement) Give Specific Examples Tip: Use your UPS to prepare for your Resume’s Summary Statement!
  32. What NOT to Do: Summary Statement Senior business leader with 25 years of continuous excellence un a wide spectrum of responsibilities including critically successful turnarounds. Highly successful and innovative engineer with outstanding executive leadership performance in manufacturing and engineering, and several patents under his name. 14 years of successful operations management of multi-million dollar organizations to meet critical responsibilities and growth objectives, year after year through economic downturns and new market challenges. Resourceful leader, strong communicator and proven team builder with strong problem-solving and creative thinking capabilities to resolve business challenges, drive change and deliver exceptional results. Uncanny ability to conceptualize new products and leverage statistics to discover and capitalize on new business opportunities. Certified six-sigma black belt with diverse background and proven adaptability into new markets and industries. Long record of successful business integrations, international operations management, restructuring and turnaround, factory operations, vendor partner networks, contract negotiation, leases, equipment purchases, and total delivery process from design to production to successful market placement. ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 32
  33. Resume • Highlight Accomplishments • Quantify and Qualify as much as possible • Case Studies/Stories • Tell your story ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 33
  34. Elevator Pitch • Why should an employer hire you? • What can you bring to the employer? • 30-60 second speech • Stand in front of mirror and PRACTICE ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 34
  35. Frame the Process: Storytelling at its Best • Problem or need • Opportunity or challenge • Strategies and tactics • Results • What you did with results ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 35
  36. Brand YOU ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 36 Source:
  37. Be a Subject Matter Expert • Share best practices • Have experiences to relate • Speaking engagements to share knowledge • Webinars, conferences, and white papers • SlideShare (part of LinkedIn) ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 37
  38. Communication Leadership ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 38 Blog s Presentation s Webinar s eBooks Micro-Videos Post s Newsletter s Whitepapers Review s
  39. Wow Project • “Dazzle employers back” with a “Wow!” project. • Shows initiative and capability ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 39
  40. ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 40 May the force be with you!
  41. 41 The Empowered Job Seeker Themes: Find jobs in the hidden market• position yourself in the changing marketplace • strengthen your resume • interviewing tips • role play •networking and LinkedIn strategies • negotiate for higher salaries Sessions are tailored to each candidate’s situation and goals. Includes packet of materials, lists of professional resources, and complimentary 90 minute follow up session to review strategy. • • 312.863.5401 The Empowered Job Seeker™ With 32 years’ experience in the recruiting business, Lynn Hazan understands what clients look for in candidates. She is in a unique position to help candidates translate challenges into opportunities. Through a 90 minute, one-on-one private consultation candidates learn proven techniques to more successfully market themselves as the candidates of choice. They learn how to leverage their strengths and create demand for their skills and talents. Empowering job seekers with the tools to get not just new jobs, but better jobs. ™ “I met Lynn while looking to switch careers. She was very kind and helpful and gave me great advice about the job search. Lynn clearly knows her field extremely well and shows a personal interest in her clients. --Astrid Greve Spencer, Senior Account Supervisor at KemperLesnik $25 Gift Certificate $250 for the complete program toward the regular price of *Special offer for NSENG*
  42. 42 LH&A Resume Review • • 312.863.5401 LH&A Resume Review Your resume should be your marketing document. A great one can attract the hiring manager’s eye, help you interview better and secure your next job offer. Lynn Hazan, a 32 year recruiting expert, will coach you on how your resume can break through the clutter of similar, boring resumes. Session will also include LinkedIn strategies. Your new resume will reflect your successes and clearly demonstrate what skills/talent you can bring to a new employer. Does your resume… work for you? distinguish you from your competition? help you to interview better? A One-hour Resume Transformation $25 Gift Certificate $150 for the complete program, including complimentary phone follow-up toward the regular price of the Turn your resume from good to great! *Special offer for NSENG*
  43. Directories of Recruiting Firms • Riley Guide resources/firms/ • CareerOverview • Oya’s ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 43
  44. TRENDS 2017: WILL THE FUTURE LIKE YOU? WillTheFutureLikeYou.pdf ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 44
  45. Personal Branding Workbook • ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 45
  46. Additional Resources: Job Interview Questions • • should-be-ready-to-answer • • campaign=4996a0faca- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2016_12_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0 _104af750f8-4996a0faca-170135133 • 2017/#deb414d34576 • after-Brexit-and-the-US-election.html?cid=other-alt-mip-mgi-oth-1612 ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 46
  47. Sign up Today To sign up for Lynn’s E-jobs, the free, confidential listserv from Lynn Hazan & Associates: Clearly write down your name and email address on the sign up sheet! ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 47
  48. Credits • Zheheng Mao: Marketing & Recruiting Intern at Lynn Hazan & Associates • Maile Leisher: Intern at Lynn Hazan & Associates • Lynn Hazan ©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017 48
  49. Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc. • +1(312)369-9802 • • • 79 W Monroe St, Suite 1308, Chicago, IL 60603 49©Lynn Hazan & Associates 2017