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RHIM 3358 Final Exam

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RHIM 3358 Final Exam

  1. 1. Running Head: EXAM II Exam II Luz Juliana Charles Skylar Bogle Peyton Millington Texas Tech University Professor: Sheila Scott-Halsell, PhD RHIM 3358 May 10, 2015
  2. 2. Running Head: EXAM II Many questions come to mind when it comes to maintaining a balanced and healthy workplace for all employees. Beginning with identification of “unhealthy employees”. Being “unhealthy” means employees are susceptible to being less productive. What are the four causes of employee stress? The four causes of employee stress can vary. Starting with personal problems or issues outside of work and in their personal life. Lingering onto their workload, deadlines and dealing with having to turn work in to upper management including the Chief Financial Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Stress can stem from misunderstandings with their direct management. Often times when they do not see eye to eye with their boss or manager employees tend to become stressed and overwhelmed by their demands and expectations. Especially when they are unaware of their performance measures. This is why performance feedback is critical. Self-stress is the number one cause of employee stress. When employees are unsure or unaware of how they are doing they become stressed out. This is normal in regards to being unsure if their work is productive or not within company standards. In summary, employee stress can stem from within themselves especially when they are unsure about their performance, their personal problems outside of work, their relationship or issues with their direct superior or boss and their workload. Having to pick up the slack for their peers/ coworkers can stress out employees because they not only have to worry about their workload but also the responsibility of picking up the slack for their team mate (s). Often times this is seen during a team member’s medical leave of absence or even just a personal leave of absence. Stress Reduction Methods
  3. 3. Running Head: EXAM II There are many methods employees can use to try and help reduce their stress. It is very important for employees to recognize stressful situations, and have quick stress relief tips on hand to use. One of the top stress reduction methods to use is taking a quick walk. Taking a brisk walk outside with a change in scenery and fresh air, can really bring your stress down. Another method to use is to rehydration. Having a glass of water and rehydrating yourself is extremely important. When you’re properly hydrated your whole entire body is able to function at its prime. Keeping a glass on your desk so that it is easy for you to just grab the glass and chug it down to rehydrate. According to Forbes, you should also “eliminate interruptions.” Being overwhelmed with emails, texts, etc. can cause a lot of stress to an already busy day, and being able to minimize these can keep your day running smoothly. Reasons for instituting an Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Some of the principal reasons for instituting an employee assistance program would include fostering healthy employees in the workplace. Employees need to be mentally and emotionally balanced to perform to the best of their abilities. Organizations who institute an employee assistance program (EAP) do so in order to help employees obtain the professional counseling or therapy that they may need. Not only is an employee assistance program (EAP) for employees but also for qualifying dependents. In my current role any relative, or significant other living with the employee under the same roof would be classified as a qualified dependent. Each employee receives up to Five (5) free sessions for each issue / concern for each qualified dependent including themselves. Say for example, an employee is going through a divorce or separation, the employee could receive marriage or couples counseling, so would dependent children even step children. Each could receive up to 5 free counseling / therapy sessions (depending on their organizations individual restrictions and limitations).
  4. 4. Running Head: EXAM II Why is AIDS problematic? AIDS presents a particular problem for the hospitality industry due to the fact we are in the service of business industry. AIDS threatens the safety of the employees and the guests. Employers can also risk loss of money from leave of absence. Then they must also replace that additional labor in the meantime. Not only is AIDS directly affecting cost through labor, word of mouth can severely damage a company as well. Whether or not the problem was taken care of immediately and no one was harmed in the public, a business can be ruined. Employee Wellness Program It is very important to promote workplace wellness in a company. A healthy work environment and lifestyle can really improve your company’s productivity. As listed in Healthy Workforce 2010 health promotion is important for “attracting superlative workers in a competitive global marketplace; reducing absenteeism/lost time; improving on-the-job decision- making and time utilization….” Etc. You can achieve this goal through an employee wellness program. Components In these programs you can find some very basic components. First, your company needs to have good health education ready for employees. This education focuses on “skill development and lifestyle behavior change” (Healthy People 2010). Another component is having a company that is supportive of your healthy lifestyle, and an environment that promotes
  5. 5. Running Head: EXAM II this as well. Third, your company needs “integration of the worksite program” (Healthy People 2010). Another component is being able to balance this program with the employee’s personal life (i.e. work and family). Last, your company needs to have screening programs in place. These screenings are medically related and make sure you follow up and get any required treatment. Problems with Dual-Career Families There are many problems associated with dual career families. Many times, men can feel emasculated by woman making more money and being more successful. There are also many people who believe that women are trying to do too much by working and having a family as well. Many women are chastised, saying that they are not doing their job as a woman and solely taking care of the kids. When there is a dual income family, there always comes a time for advancement in one’s career. More often than not, one has to sacrifice so the other can succeed. Thus causing more stress within the family. Last but not least, many couples struggle with the lack of time spent together as a family. Even though their careers may be in a great place, they sacrifice time with their family thus causing disruption.
  6. 6. Running Head: EXAM II References Goudreau, J. (2013, March 20). 12 Ways to eliminate stress at work. Retrieved May 10, 2015, from http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml U.S Department of Health & Human Services. (2010). Healthy Workforce 2010. Retrieved May 10, 2015, from http://www.acsworkplacesolutions.com/documents/healthy_workforce_2010.pdf Woods. R. H. (2012). Managing Hospitality Human Resources (5th ed), Lansing, Michigan: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.