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Best Advices for Graduates

Career advices for graduates from top leaders and experts. Compiled from LinkedIn Pulse series #IfIwere22

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Best Advices for Graduates

  1. Best Advices for Graduates Sharing From Industry Leaders And Experts Published at www.cocoon.fi
  2. Check your ego at the door. If you want to get people to do something, you’ve got to help them understand why they’re doing it and to how it will benefit them.Bill Marriott
  3. There's enough time in your life for everything important. We don’t get to keep all that time we “save.” It’s actually a very costly way to live. Arianna Huffington
  4. Have real friends, who value the same things I value, and who would tolerate (and even enjoy) my funny newfound lifestyle. And to never let go of that vision. Alanis Morissette
  5. Self-awareness is the most important skill for career success Peter Guber
  6. Safe will almost always equal sorry. Take intelligent business and personal risks, and trust you will be able to work through any challenges. Jeff Haden
  7. If I were 22, I would make mistakes. I still make plenty of them now I am 64. Richard Branson
  8. How you get there and what you do will be predominantly up to you. And if you’re not in a good place within five or six years, then go away and do something else. You can do that. Always have another dream, but finish the current one first. Ian Callum
  9. Work won't remember that weekend you didn't give it. Your friends will. Naomi Simson
  10. There is no knowing what we once didn’t know, without going where we once had to go. So to my young friends, with strong legs, and eyes directed at horizons: Go. Knowing will follow, with the miles. Dr. David L. Katz
  11. Nurture the 'thing' that makes you feel energized and talented. Pay attention to those moments, make the decisions that will allow you to have more of those moments, and you’ll be on the right track.Carrie Schwab- Pomerantz
  12. One of the best things you can do in life is to surround yourself with people who are better than you are. High-grade people. You will end up behaving more like them, and they, in turn, will get it back from you. It’s like a planetary system. Warren Buffett