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Change.org: Leave When You Need Women in Tech: How to Build A Human Company

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Change.org: Leave When You Need It
THE COMPANY: 300 employees, founded in 2007
Change.org provides 18 weeks of fully
paid parental leave for every new parent
globally — regardless of gender, or
whether the child is biological or
adopted. Leave can be taken non-
consecutively, within one year of the
child’s arrival.
Change.org conducted a robust cost-
benefit analysis. They believe building
the right culture of support, and
attracting and retaining top talent, far
exceeds the policy’s cost.
“Generous, paid parental
leave eliminates the financial
hardship of unpaid leave and
ensures that all families are
able to spend important time
with new children. The result
is that employees are less
stressed, more engaged,
and more productive when
they come back to work.

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