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filming editing

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filming editing

  1. 1. Editing Music Video: Band Parts • After editing the woman's ‘shh’ I had a lot of band shots that needed to be added to the video. • Adding these again was simple and I did just the same as before by finding the areas where the band parts would fit in. I cut and dragged the shots into place and played through them a few times to make sure that they were in time. • Adding effects came after the clips were added to the video and they were put into place to make the video flow more.
  2. 2. Editing Music Video • The next few lessons were made up of editing the music video shots that we had filmed. It was quite easy to do as the majority is dragging and dropping of files into place with the music. • In the first lesson after editing band parts I decided tom get all of the nitty gritty bits edited onto the video. This included the drum parts and some extra space saving parts that I managed to salvage from filming to cover up mistakes and make the video flow more toughly.
  3. 3. Editing Music Video • Once the nitty gritty was done it all that was left was the solo. For this we only had one shot that was good enough to use where the solo was actually being played so I put this into the video. After I had put it in my partner came up with the idea of having an outtake part faded over the top of this of the woman's face and I agreed so that’s what we did. • We will change this in the future though to add more shots as it’s a very long shot without any cuts and we need to sort that out in the future.