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%22Building Happiness%22 OnePage

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%22Building Happiness%22 OnePage

  1. 1. Los artistas ganan dinero con Building Happiness MISSION Building Happiness is is an organization composed of several Labs leveraging exponential technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, VR/AR, Internet of Things and Affective Computing with the mission of translating the latest Neuroscience research into actionable interventions, to increase the happiness ratios of users. WHY? In the 21st century humanity is getting more and more materially abundant, but somehow many of us still remain unsatisfied and unhappy in our day to day lives. At BuildingHappiness, we envision a world where thanks to the power of technology, billions of people can be guided into leveraging the abundance of happiness that there already exists within themselves. A world in which HUMAN FLOURISHING is the best PREVENTION for our mental health care. Archipiélago de las Quirimbas MOZAMBIQUE HOW? LABS WHO? 1. Affective Computing LAB Context. Individuals, Smartphone, Smart Cities, Smart Homes. Mission. Research about the gathering and processing of emotional data (Emotion Analytics) obtained by Affective Computing sensors First Iniciative. Execution of the first emotional map of the Madrid citizens, in real time, based on their emotional well-being. Partners. Companies specialized in Affective Computing technology (visual, verbal and physiological emotional-aware tech) and the Madrid City Council. Financing. Private companies that want to invest in Affective Computing technologies, European Institutions that financially support R&D projects 2. Endorfinder RV/AR LAB Context. Individuals, Smartphone. Mission. Research about the release of neurochemicals of happiness (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin) through behavioural change recommendations via smartphone apps. First Iniciative. Implementation and testing of the first Endorfinder App (v1.0 methodology), in personal and laboral contexts. Partners. World-class Neuroscientists (Spanish Institute of Resilience), BigData-enabled app companies (Mobdala) and Digital Design experts (SrWatson) Financing. App subscription payments by individuals and company employers. 3. NeuroSchool LAB Context. Different professional collectives. Mission. Research about education formulas among different collectives to promote the application of Positive Neuroscience research as NeuroArchitecture in Smart Cities and NeuroDesign based on the Internet of Things. First Iniciative. Organization of refresher courses in the Official College of Architects of Madrid targeted to architects who want to develop professionally in the field of NeuroArchitecture and NeuroDesign, for direct application to our “M2d+ Lab” mission Partners. Official College of Architects of Madrid, Ironhack Program (Training company participating in the "Generation Project” by McKinsey) and Internet of Things experts. Financing. course students. We are a group of Social Exponential Entrepreneurs, Neuroscientists, Digital Artists, Internet of Things experts and Smart City-Architects working together, along with the other partners integrated in our Labs, towards the same mission: Building Happiness. We expect to generate income through Corps that want to increase the happiness (and therefore productivity) ratios of their employees, and also through individual based subscriptions. Our ambitious challenge, only possible by the convergent use of different exponential technologies, could be summarized into the following steps: 1) We diagnose your emotional state through the power of Affective Computing, emotion‐aware technology, provided by IoT ubiquitous sensors. 2) We deliver positive emotional "prescriptions", based on Affective Positive Neuroscience, to: -Your smartphone, now. -Your VR/AR headset, tomorrow. -Your IoT‐emotion‐enabled physical spaces, the day after tomorrow. 3) We analyze the data via Machine Learning and Emotions Analytics in order to iterate the process and personalize even more your future interventions CAUSE BIZ MODEL Building Happiness raises funds to expand our educational project for the children of the "Quirimbas Archipelago". We want to host at least 1000 children to teach them how to make the best use of the online educational content already available on their Smartphones. 4. M2d+ LAB Context. Individuals, Smartphone, Smart Cities, Smart Homes. Mission. Research about the increase of well-being (release of neurochemicals of happiness) through interventions based on sensors in homes and cities. First Iniciative. Execution of a pilot project in Madrid Airport District based on the extension, remodeling and sensorization of part of the 3million homes built during the Spanish post-war. Partners. OSS (Office for Strategic Spaces) architectural studio, Madrid City Council (Sustainable Urban Development Area), Confederation of Cooperatives of Spain. Financing. European Institutions, Banks, homeowners.