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Animal facts

  1. The ducks live in ponds, usually in groups. They are small animals. They have got a peak, feathers and paws. They eat seeds, grain and insects. They like swimming in the ponds. They are omnivores. They can fly. By: José Manuel Alcalde Llergo
  2. The flamingo is an oviparous and omnivore animal. He lives in the lakes of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. They live in groups. They live between 45 and 55 years. Their height is between 0.80 and 1.50 metres. They weigh between 2.5 and 3 kilos. They eat seaweed and mollusk. They are short and thin. They have got a small head and a long and bend beak. Their colour is between pink or red. They have got long paws. When born their feathers´ colour is white but when they grow their colour is pink or red. By Javier Herrero Porras.
  3. The lynx comes from Iberia. It usually lives about nine years. Lynxes have got a short tail, strong legs, long and triangular ears, big hands and spotted skin. The female lynx weighs between 9 and 10 kilos and the male lynx weighs between 12 and 13 kilos. They hunt rabbits, mice, ducks, partridges... but lynxes usually eat rabbits. Lynx is a mammal and carnivorous feline. They are animals with great hearing and they don't live in groups. Also they are in danger of extinction. By Irene Salamanca Díaz
  4. They live in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. They are shy but dangerous. They are very tall and strong, the biggest ones can measure three metros high with the tail. Also they have got big back legs and small front legs. They run very fast and they have a thin head with big ears. The female kangaroo has a bag where she takes her little babies. They eat plants and they live in groups too. They sleep during the day and they look for food during the night . By Irene Salamanca Díaz
  5. The African elephant is the largest land animal in the world. We can identify elephants by their huge ears shaped the African continent. Their trunks are very useful, and used to smell, breathe, drink, take things (food) and to make sounds. Only the trunk, has about 100,000 different muscles. Both males and females have tusks that they use to dig and search for food or water. Males also use them to fight each other. The Asian elephant is slightly smaller than the African. It distinguished by its small, rounded ears. For everything else is equal to the African elephant, except that these are easier to tame. By Juan José García
  6. They live in the mountains of China. Usually they eat bamboo, although they are carnivores because they eat insects. The Panda Bear weighs about 70 and 125 kilos. They spend most of their time sleeping. They sleep on branches. The Panda Bear are reproduced in spring. This is the national animal of China. There are only 1788 Panda Bear in the world. There are 1600 wild Panda Bears and 188 live in zoos By Helena García Herruzo
  7. The orca is a mammal. It’s carnivore. The orca male weighs 5.5 tons, and the orca female weighs about 4.4 tons. Males measure 9 meters and females 7.7. They live in all oceans of the planet. They prefer the cool or lukewarm water. There are more than 50,000 orcas The females live about 80-90 years and males live 50-60. They are very social animals. They live in groups.They eat 160 kg a day. They eat fish and marine mammals. Their favorites are: seals, all sorts of fish: sharks, mantas, stripes, salmon and herring This is one of most intelligent animals in the world. People called them "killer" although there have been very few cases of attacks on humans. All these animals are in danger of extinction. By Helena García Herruzo
  8. The kiwi animal isn’t eatable, but the kiwi fruit, of course is eatable. It is a very small animal, like a hen. Its peak is very long and thick. Its feathers are long and thick too, like the hair. It doesn’t fly because its wings are very small and weak. It is originary from New Zealand. By Guillermo Olmo Caballero
  9. The marine leopard is a marine mammal. A marine leopard puppy measures 1.5metres and weighs 35kg, and an adult measures 3.6m and weighs about 600kg. They are very good hunters because they have got many long and sharp teeth. They eat about 20kg of penguins every day thanks to their sense of smell and sight, which have highly developed By Guillermo Olmo Caballero
  10. The cheetah comes from Savannah(Africa). It weighs up to 40 - 65 kilos. The cheetah eats gazelles. It's has got brown spots, small eyes, long tail and long legs to run very fast. It's yellow. They rarely live in group. They are good hunters and have got very good eyesight. They are mammals and carnivores. The cheetah sometimes lives in zoos. The cheetah usually lives about 16 years old. By María Isabel Moreno Valero
  11. The giraffe comes from Savannah(Africa). It weighs up to 790 - 1300 kilos. The giraffe eats leaves and plants. It's has got long neck, long legs, long tongue, long tail and brown spots. It's yellow. The giraffes run fast. They usually live in group. They are very tall. They are mammals and herbivores. The giraffe sometimes lives in zoos. The giraffes usually live about 25 years old and measure 4 or 5 meters. By María Isabel Moreno Valero