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% PostScript program for distilling and combining an entire folder or
% directory of PostScript files.
% When embedding...
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  1. 1. %! % PostScript program for distilling and combining an entire folder or % directory of PostScript files. % When embedding font subsets, it is highly recommended you use this technique % to distill multiple PS files so only one font subset is used for each font. /PathName (Macintosh HD:Test:*.ps) def % Edit this to point to the folder % containing the PS files. /RunDir { % Uses PathName variable on the operand stack { /mysave save def % Performs a save before running the PS file dup = flush % Shows name of PS file being run RunFile % Calls built in Distiller procedure clear cleardictstack % Cleans up after PS file mysave restore % Restores save level } 255 string filenameforall } def PathName RunDir % INSTRUCTIONS % % 1. Place all PostScript files to be distilled and concatenated in a single % directory. For example, here are example names of PS files that might % be used to distill a book: % % ac001.ps Cover % bt001.ps Table of Contents % ch001.ps Chapter 1 % ch002.ps Chapter 2 % ch003.ps Chapter 3 % in001.ps Index % % 2. Make a copy of this file and give it the name you want to have as the prefix % for the resulting file. For example, you could name this file MyBook.txt. % % IMPORTANT: Don't use the .ps suffix if this file is in the same folder as the % rest of your .ps files. The RunDir command will execute all files that end in % .ps and this file will be distilled twice! % % 3. Redefine the variable "PathName" above to point to the folder/directory which % contains your PS files. % % Macintosh pathname syntax: /PathName (Macintosh HD:Folder:*.ps) def % Windows pathname syntax: /PathName (c:/mydir/*.ps) def % UNIX pathname syntax: /PathName (./mydir/*.ps) def % % Note: The syntax for Windows may look strange, but double escaping the % backslash character is required when using filenameforall. % % 4. Distill the file on the machine running Acrobat Distiller.