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Information Technology and Software Recruiting

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Through deep and objective research into your organization, we get to know you better than anyone. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you to understand your strategic objectives, your corporate areas of expertise, and how a premier recruiting firm can help your business solve current problems and achieve long-term strategic goals.
Upon completion of our thorough research, we will know more about your organization than most of the people in it. With that information in hand, we begin our search for the best candidate to fill your needs.

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Information Technology and Software Recruiting

  1. 1. Information Technology and Software3384 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30326 800.466.4489 www.lucasgroup.com
  2. 2. Recruiting Results that Drive Business Success We deliver trusted, consultative service by truly listening and responding to the needs of our clients. In looking for the information technology and software talent you need, Lucas Group goes beyond skill sets and backgrounds. We look at personality, cultural fit, motivation, and other subjective variables to ensure the best possible match. We thoroughly screen candidates’ capabilities, communications skills, leadership skills, and other important characteristics. We work with knowledge, speed, and confidentiality. We recently worked with a major Canadian corporation with extensive operations in the Midwest. For more than six months, this client had been searching for an information technology operations and program management leader. In all of that time, they had accumulated hundreds of resumes but had yet to find the right hire. So they turned to Lucas Group. Within three business days, we uncovered three highly-qualified candidates. One soon became the client’s new Operations Director. Recent follow-up interviews with both the client and the candidate reveal a mutually profitable match and one that will help drive operational and financial success for years to come. You Succeed: We Succeed. A Better Approach to Information Technology and SoftwareLucas Group accomplishes what others can’t.We have a different perspective on how to be successful in thetechnology marketplace and in executive recruiting as a whole.Through deep and objective research into your organization, we get to know you The Technology Talent You Need –better than anyone. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you When and Where You Need It.to understand your strategic objectives, your corporate areas of expertise, and howa premier recruiting firm can help your business solve current problems and Lucas Group was recently retained by a leadingachieve long-term strategic goals. global information technology solutions firm to help fill 12 positions in a high-visibility corporate fastUpon completion of our thorough research, we will know more about yourorganization than most of the people in it. With that information in hand, we begin track M.B.A. program.our search for the best candidate to fill your needs. We were not the only executive recruiting firm working on the assignment, but we certainly turnedWe know where and how to find the talent you need for success. out to be the best.Our information technology and software recruiters discretely assist top companies Within 10 days we delivered a sufficient number ofto find and hire transcendent talent. We qualify both our clients and prospectivecandidates to ensure that Lucas Group makes the most sense for you. Everything highly qualified candidates from the Top 20 M.B.A.we do reflects our deep understanding of the recruiting process and the critical programs in the U.S. to fulfill their requirements –importance of each placement for both our clients and the candidates they seek. precisely the type of transcendent talent they were seeking for their program.Our focus on long-term client satisfaction is sincere and ongoing,and it separates Lucas Group from the field. Despite the presence and efforts of other recruiters, Lucas Group filled every one ofWe understand our clients and our candidates, and we appreciate that hiring the 12 positions for this new initiative.decisions impact people, companies, families, and careers. We’re in this for thelong haul, and we’ll work diligently to become a seamless, accessible, andcomplementary partner to your company – helping you achieve increasingly You succeed: We succeed.aggressive business and technical goals.
  3. 3. Local Knowledge and National Reach With offices in 15 cities around the country, Lucas Group information technology and software recruiters understand the nuances of local markets and the significance of global trends. We have deep industry knowledge, both in the technology sector and executive recruiting. Consider the experience of one of our clients, a leading healthcare information technology company. Recently a VP at the company turned to our technology and software division to help them establish a new, critically-important Electronic Medical Records (EMR) team. The key to this new unit’s success would be finding the best person possible to lead the team and serve as Director. The new Director would be charged with establishing the strategic framework of the unit and aggressively managing the hiring of the entire team. Lucas Group began by researching the company’s specific needs within the highly competitive healthcare information technology market. After understanding the strategic context for both and the complete details of the group, we quickly and efficiently located the ideal candidate. She, in turn, worked in partnership with us to recruit and hire the founding members of the team. Within the span of ten weeks, Lucas Group helped this company launch an entirely new EMR team that is poised to drive future growth. That’s the type of performance you need from a recruiting partner. Consider Lucas Group an extension of your own Human Resources department, bringing enhanced resources, outstanding technology, and a world-class network of currently-employed information technology and software professionals. Better People; Better Processes; Better Technology Results Lucas Group’s culture and It’s not easy to become a Lucas Group recruiter. methodologies drive superior But once hired, our recruiters receive the finest, most business results for our clients. systematic training in the industry. It begins with a month-long corporate training program at our North American headquarters in Atlanta and in their home offices. Why? Because we have the best recruiters inthe industry; we continuously train and educate We then match new recruiters with an experienced veteran who mentors them; we employ sophisticated and effective them in the nuances of success.technology to enhance their skills; and we have a business philosophy that puts our clients We continue their training through in-house and on-line training programs above everything else. throughout their first year with the firm and systematically throughout the entirety of their career at Lucas Group. All Lucas Group information technology and software recruiters have either extensive We take a highly structured approach and focus our training on forging recruiting or technology industry experience. outstanding recruiting teams. They are people with intellectual horsepower and the nimbleness to anticipate and react to At Lucas Group, we’re not simply a collection of independent contractors.dynamic situations. They are true multi-taskers, We are an integrated recruiting team that can maximize your efforts in capable of navigating the vagaries of the hiring information technology and software… or any practice area. process, in a fast and effective fashion.
  4. 4. Lucas Group can help you better address your currentchallenges and effectively plan for a dynamic future.We can help you keep your costs manageable and your talent supply at-the-ready. We work with mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients to find top informationtechnology and software talent in such major technology areas as:  Cloud Computing  Electronic Medical Records  Application Services  Mobility  Information Technology Consulting and Services  Infrastructure ServicesOur recruiters are high-energy, consultative, emotionally For each interaction you have with us,mature, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. we guarantee that:  You will have a consistent and personal point ofWith the vast majority of our recruiters coming directly from the industry, contact throughout the entire process. Thethe prototypical Lucas Group recruiter is someone who was in technology information technology recruiter you meet aton the client side and has become a highly successful information the beginning of your Lucas Group relationshiptechnology and software recruiter. We know what it’s like to travel every will be the person who works with you throughweek and meet the multiple deadline pressures of the tech industry. the entire recruiting and hiring process.We’ve been there, and we know how to help you succeed.  We will ask good questions and listen better than any other executive recruiting firm.  You will receive premium consultative service and no sales pressure.While people make the difference in our world,  We will use the depth and breadth of Lucaswe ensure that their talents are augmented by Group specialization to find transcendent talentoutstanding technology. in any industry. Looking for a Chief Technology Officer in San Francisco? We can do that. NeedLucas Group utilizes one of the most sophisticated a Senior VP for Accounting and Finance in Newcandidate databases in the world. York? We can do that too. If you have multiple hiring needs, Lucas Group can be your sole-This database works by cataloguing names, detailed notes, updated source executive recruiting partner.contact information, and a complete history of interaction with peoplewho are not active in the job market but are receptive to entertainingthe right offer.You won’t find these people through many of our competitors, and you definitely won’t ever see them on a job board.But we know who they are; where they are; and what it would take to interest them to take the next step in their career.Additionally, we have a highly visible presence in the world of social media; including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, andother business sites where professionals connect.The key to success is the integration of technology with the business knowledge to make recruitingmore efficient and effective for our clients. Lots of recruiting companies have tools. It’s how weuse them that makes a difference for our clients.At Lucas Group, we are redefining the executive recruiting experience throughthe use of market data, analytics, and consistent and candid communication.We have experience, breadth, and in-house research capabilities – all focused onfinding the perfect information technology or software candidate for your company.