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SparkX - Enterprise Crowdfunding

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Decision-making on approval and budgeting processes for new projects tends to be top-down in most companies. In contrast, crowdfunding uses the "wisdom of the crowd" to make funding decisions and is successfully used in the public scope (e.g. Kickstarter). SparkX is an enterprise crowdfunding platform that adapts this successful crowdfunding model to leverage its benefits in the enterprise context. This platform complements the traditional top-down decision-making to allow employees to collaborate on funding breakthrough ideas. SparkX helps to engage employees, promotes open innovation, revitalizes the culture intrapreneurship and sparks collaborative innovation from the bottom up.

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SparkX - Enterprise Crowdfunding

  1. 1. , T e T V I ’ Enterprise Crowdfunding
  2. 2. often projects are di and not evaluated company—wide
  3. 3. idea management processes are confusing and needed resources are hard to get I
  4. 4. only of employees are in their jobs
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  6. 6. crowdfunding enterprise context
  7. 7. Elismcegot Resources Feedback Exposure Sparkx
  8. 8. 1 Volunteerinq 2? §: J fix 41. “ —[ 1 Needs Resources / Find Sponsor [Monoqer] Sparkx C 303 . . Sparkx
  9. 9. Internal Management Business Angel 0 O Q 3 $5000 ’/ decidesl ii‘ 9 / / Budqet [per quarter]: $50.000 £3" $5000 /1 ‘/ Project A Project B Project C $40000 $5000 $15000 =105% =120% =13% ‘i20.000X soooo X“ 20000 X4 0/ 5°09?’ O ‘is pledges ‘? » ‘P Q = 5oo. oooXfi' Sparl<X
  10. 10. increases influence [more Sparks] felled successful PFOjeCl A Project B Project C $‘t0000 $5000 $15000 so X 40 X = 100 X lmpoct Points [Sparks] per quarter 0/ eoégr pledges C 3 Employee Sparkxfié
  11. 11. DEMO
  12. 12. -'( spa. -kX New Project Discover D 1 v I“ Trending See all I T renaing Technology Social Responsibility Cloud HANA Personal Assistant for Enterprise Enterprise Knowledge Graph ~ One Next Generation Meetings in SAP NANA saves the rainlorest! Marketm powered by Google Glass Graph to connect them all Vinual Reality based on Oculus Rift — 9 , ti Hir ; .; ~]_ hm ‘ Internal Tools PTOdUClS Processes Mobile Sustainability Simplify Others 123-» 212.312 X 21,426X 52 140*. 302.212){ 6 Le ‘ or ; 5; "uii: e; L: Followed See an Open-Source flbrary for extended Lajertag Arena at the SAP SAP Africa Initiative - Support
  13. 13. 92 Spa‘-kX New Project Discover ,0 Overview Resources challenges Documents comments 45 Enterprise Knowledge Graph 7.242 X Adequate to 53.821 of goal 55.000 302 The Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a disruptive platform that combines emerging Big Data and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside organizations This Pledgers platform aims to organize and distribute the organizations knowledge. and making it centralized and universally days to go accessible to every employee The Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a central place to structure simplify and connect the knowledge of an organization By removing complexity. the knowledge graph brings more transparency openness and simplicity into organizations That leads to democratized communications and empowers individuals to share knowledge and to make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge This platform can change the way we work challenge the traditional hierarchical approach to get work done and help to unleash human potential! Amount = .0il00 X — The Enterprise Knowledge Graph aims to replicate this unique network with most of its relevant entities into a v E < graph database (organizational and content structure) Moreover. the EKG uses advanced data analysis technologies machinelearning. graph operations and semantic methods to enhance the data quality and transform unstructured data into knowledge Therefore this platform can be used for turning straw into gold by aggregating analyzing and interconnecting the enterprise data across multiple disparate data stores an Ti m Developer HANA Platform CSl
  14. 14. New Technologies internal Tools Charitu Events “I71 Research ' New Products Moonshots Emplouee Services New Equipment Social Responsibilitu Workplace improvements
  15. 15. idea it j‘ ‘ i Activities: 3 Refining, Brainstorming, Research, Conceptualizingl Tools: l : l.l- . i-‘. i,= i= "'l‘l. .°l‘v_ l l l l l , ‘ l : <;i'ro<. ~,. -ii-i. i’uv«. ii4r. ii-ii l l I I Idea ‘ j— Management Concept [+ Prototupel Prototyping, Generate Interest, Find Volunteers, Create Roadmap Fundincj Acquire Resources, Compa ny-wide Feedback and Exposure, Kickstart Project Spark ‘F Realisation/ implementation Execution, Implementation, Development, Testing, Strategic Integration . .4 Yv ', .[lT‘ i‘_t. ; i. L‘i. .t P193333 '~(, TV” J a successfactvrs jo. m
  16. 16. Sinqle-sided Evaluation Not applicable _ +7}, centralized for moonshots ’~: :;, ::; :‘: 4 E Mainlu focused on process improvements Sparl<X Confusinq selection for the riqht contact channel
  17. 17. uiscovel Projects Discover Projects / All (newest to oldest) Sort by: one . BACKERS - VOLUNTEERS v roccowens v COMMENTS v A 30 Printer for Our Lat) Truttkirig 0.110 T(‘lt'| )T(‘5L'll('(‘ Robot Analytic 5 Criokhtxik ll annoy ' Joeqiulno Oran: ' 4‘: on Moron! ' ‘ Amodou Alain V lhnuvtli - u. <.A ii. »-. ..vm - mu . Nqvauvrli - USA lil-vsnvrh - usa He| obnng3[) pnriung capaomy Eyetraclungcaihdousiouility 'Bc‘ nlhelabmucnyouctrrl BE Everygrouohasreqixemeritson to our comnun-ry‘ behawors that put-oparirs cannot in the um‘ uiaryzr-o'n-mug drier: -nt types or aroculate data so». imam -or G ' - zoa hlvded .4“ <4; human 4‘ 9 : Von rmoea .9‘ : <9 -‘: _,_. -_. __ . . , . j_i, . | Ij. .- ‘ __ , ... )"—>"). 'i . i . .., _ . _; SparkX
  18. 18. Frsceicat Emfiafl employee decision making on budget & resources
  19. 19. Fraceicat Em§3a¢‘? * promotes from bottom-up
  20. 20. connecting to a company-wide audience & to get feedback and support
  21. 21. Fraetieafi Emjgéwii Lfencourage and amplify moonshot thinking
  22. 22. i ii W‘ W i i Enterprise Crowdfunding Lukas Masuch Henninq Muszqnski Patrick Herholz Hua-Hinq Wanq Nico Tomsich Marouan Boukli