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Growth Hacking 101

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You have developed your application and are now facing the biggest challenge known to mankind: How to get and engage users?

This presentation will give an overview of various actionable growth hacking techniques based on our observations and experiences with mobile apps. Listen to us and go out to scale your app from zero to hero!

Topics covered: PlayStore Optimization, Social Media, Invitation and Referral Systems, Event and E-Mail Marketing, Analytics

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Growth Hacking 101

  1. 1. Growth Hacking 101 scale your app from zero to hero
  2. 2. Lukas Masuch Google+: +LukasMasuch Twitter: @lukasmasuch Henning Muszynski Google+: +HenningBalboa Twitter: @henningmus Benjamin Räthlein Google+: +BenjaminRäthlein Twitter: @B3nRa About us
  3. 3. Facebook The Growth Hack everybody knows
  4. 4. Growth Hacking?
  5. 5. Growth Process
  6. 6. Growth Process
  7. 7. Validated-Learning-Cycle
  8. 8. Analytics Tools Google Analytics: “Arm your team with the marketing data & insights they need to make informed decisions” Crashlytics: Stay tuned about the crash behavior of your app. Google Play Dev Console: Get general metrics such as number of downloads and user rating
  9. 9. Product/Market Fit How Dropbox got 70k customers without a product 70000 users signed up for beta overnight and strong interest by investors
  10. 10. Landing Page Catch your audience Outperformed competitors with $4500 video. Todays valuation: $615 million
  11. 11. Landing Page – A/B Testing How Highrise doubled signups with a pretty face
  12. 12. Landing Page – A/B Testing Don’t be the John in your team
  13. 13. Landing Page – Tools Get your Landing Page up in minutes Launchrock: Click your landing page for free MailChimp: Collect, manage & send your mails LeadPages: Launchrock on steroids
  14. 14. Waiting List Mostexclusivewebsite.com – the title says it all Over 1 million users signed up resulting in 63.76 years were spent waiting
  15. 15. Waiting List Mostexclusivewebsite.com – the title says it all Over 1 million users signed up resulting in 63.76 years were spent waiting
  16. 16. Waiting List Standing in line for Mailbox 800k users in queue at once resulting in over 1 million sign-ups in 6 weeks
  17. 17. Invite system for 1 year, beta for > 3 years Invites were sold for up to $500 Invite System This has to be an April Fools Hoax
  18. 18. Invite System OnePlus and the circle of VIPs 25.6M visits in Dec. 2014 to check invite status and generated a total revenue of $300 million
  19. 19. Invite System Ello pokes the giant 35k invites / hour (28. Sept. 2014)
  20. 20. Waiting List & Invite System The Yin & Yang of Growth Hack Buzz, Beta Testing & Stability Combine with benefits for social media actions Exclusivity & Snowball Effect Combine & Conquer
  21. 21. Big Press Launch Boom goes the dynamite Press Release App. Buy PR. Get Press. Growth !? When should I launch my startup? My answer is almost always the same: don’t – Eric Ries (Lean Startup) Don’t combine product release with a marketing launch. Do a marketing launch later when you have good indicators and a clear strategy.
  22. 22. Launch Strategy Release silently, grow organically and collect feedback
  23. 23. Promote Promote Promote Spam Spam Spam your Target Group
  24. 24. Promote Promote Promote HackerNews Launch - Success Story Takeaways: If not successful -> post again, encourage participation, time your post (morning/breakfast time in SF), join conversation, ask for specific feedback
  25. 25. Social Media What fuels engagement
  26. 26. Social Media Best Day
  27. 27. Social Media Best Timing
  28. 28. Social Media Tools
  29. 29. It’s a set of actions that separate customers who find value in your product from those who don’t. AHA Moment The one metric to rule them all
  30. 30. AHA Moment How long it needs to get hooked Study about how many episodes it takes to get you hooked on a TV show.
  31. 31. AHA Moment Twitters point of no return Once a user follows 30 people, they're more or less active forever – Josh Elman (Growth Manager @ Twitter) Figure out your AHA moment and focus your UX to encourage people to reach it
  32. 32. AHA Moment Facebooks magic number Get a user to reach 7 friends in 10 days after signing up – Chamath Palihapitiya (ex-Lead of Growth @ Facebook) This number was the single focus and allowed the team to drive towards a clear objective
  33. 33. AHA Moment Airbnb bookings depend on aesthetics The photos were really bad. No one was booking because you couldn't see what you were paying for. – Joe Gebbia (Co-Founder of Airbnb) Airbnb now offers its hosts free professional photography services from thousands of freelancers
  34. 34. Reddit was first populated with content submitted by fake users to not look like a ghost town. Fake It Till You Make It Faking demand does not only work the on stock market
  35. 35. User Activation Push Notification
  36. 36. User Activation Facebook Photo Tagging Facebook’s photo tagging feature turned out as an extremely effective viral growth and retention loop Retention: Notifying inactive users resulted in retention rate of 75% (visual and personal stimuli) Growth: Fueled user acquisition by notifying non-users about photo tagging
  37. 37. User Reactivation This email brings users back to your app
  38. 38. Referrals – PayPal One customer acts as sales person for bringing in other customers – Elon Musk (Co-founder of PayPal) Started a $10 Refer-A-Friend viral marketing campaign in the early 2000s 7-10% daily user growth resulting in about 1 million customers in one year
  39. 39. Referrals - Dropbox Increased signups from 100k to 4 million users (60%) in 15 months with about 2.8 million referral invites
  40. 40. Referrals - Airbnb Increased bookings by over 25%
  41. 41. Referrals – Airbnb Learnings A rebuilt referral system involved 3 months, 30k lines of code and extensive A/B testing. Focus: personalization, discoverability, localization
  42. 42. Referrals - Uber Personalization Social Sharing Progress
  43. 43. Leverage Friends – Facebook • Famous ambassadors • Seeing all your friends • Word-of-Mouth • Television Appearance QuizClash: Addictive social quiz makes it easy to play with your friends Facebook API is much more restrictive nowadays
  44. 44. Leverage Friends – Address Book Black-hat Growth Tactic: LinkedIn had to pay $13m for spamming mails to your contacts When LinkedIn introduced Address Book Import their invitations increased by 30% Sign-up and Friend Discovery via phone numbers is a proven concept
  45. 45. App Store Optimization
  46. 46. App Store Optimization
  47. 47. Polish your visuals: Video, Screenshots and App Icon Research your Keywords: Put them in the title and repeat them in the description 63% of Apps are discovered through app store searches„“ App Store Optimization SEO for your mobile app
  48. 48. App Store Optimization AdWords Keyword Planner is here to help
  49. 49. Social Contests Qwertee – the friendly shirt dealer Collected more than 200.000 likes on their page
  50. 50. Countdown The ever-effective trick from a psychologist‘s tool belt Groupon grew faster than Ebay, Amazon or Google
  51. 51. Call-to-Action with clear benefits Countdown The ever-effective trick from a psychologist‘s tool belt
  52. 52. Countdown for psychological pressure Countdown The ever-effective trick from a psychologist‘s tool belt
  53. 53. Online peer pressure Countdown The ever-effective trick from a psychologist‘s tool belt
  54. 54. Social components: Sharing and Buying for a friend Countdown The ever-effective trick from a psychologist‘s tool belt
  55. 55. Crossposting Or: How YouTube became the powerhouse it is today
  56. 56. Crossposting Or: How YouTube became the powerhouse it is today
  57. 57. Crossposting Or: How YouTube became the powerhouse it is today
  58. 58. Crossposting AirBnB helps itself using Craigslist
  59. 59. Crossposting Instagram made it easy to post to every platform
  60. 60. When posting shareable images add a watermark Investor suggested to put “PS: I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail” under every E-Mail • 3000 new signups every day • 1 million users after 6 months • 1.5 years later: 12 of 70 million internet users were registered Watermarking Hotmail loves you
  61. 61. There is no right, no wrong, just growth! Test and experiment as much as possible Learn from the best and apply it to your brand / product Define your metrics to get actionable insights Key Takeaways It’s all about the growth
  62. 62. Lukas Masuch Henning Muszynski Benjamin Räthlein