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ONB2 Smartpitch 2014

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ONB2 Smartpitch 2014

  1. 1. BRIDAL STUDIO Bushwick, Brooklyn
  2. 2. OUR MISSION: To be a unique brand that creates contemporary Bridal attire by upcycling vintage fabrics and clothing for the earth conscience, youthful bride-to-be. Before After
  3. 3. WHO IS O-N-B-2? Old New Borrowed Blue - We design for the progressive „vintage loving‟ client with concerns for Carbon footprints and originality - We remain on trend with todays Women‟s RTW and Bridal Markets - Offer off the rack and made to order garments - Never Sacrifice Quality, Style or Beauty to be green Creative Director Erin Gabriella Startup Manager Loukman Lamany Production Assistant Michael Cohen
  4. 4. • Mass produced gowns are impersonal to its wearer with thousands of “cookie cutter” gowns being made daily • Wasteful production practices • The industry leaders tend to stick to dated standards of how a bride should dress • Not progressing at the same rate as of how wedding parties have changed • Offer a bit of history in each garment ie: heirlooms, vintage textiles, artistic value • Offer a variety of styles: Skirts, Pant Suits, Vests, and tops done in bridal fabrics with a bit of hipster edge • blending highly personalized service with superb tailoring skills and unique designs • Being inclusive and catering to all types of bridal Parties Issues Solutions THE CURRENT BRIDAL INDUSTRY
  5. 5. TARGET CUSTOMER • Lives an earth-friendly lifestyle • Identifies with the hipster culture • 18 to 39 year old people • primarily lives in the gentrified neighborhoods of Brooklyn : Williamsburg/Bushwick/Park Slope So Who is That Girl? *She loves guys with beards and girls with tattoos* *Has an appreciation for the arts and the process of ONB2 *She Uses social media daily
  6. 6. The Bridal Industry $70 billion dollar wedding industry The ECO Bridal Market Green movement (re/upcycled/ fair traded/ use of natural and organic fibers) Slow Fashion Movement (not mass produced/ couture/ works of art) estimated at $3 billion dollars in 2013 ONB2- 1st collection of 13 dresses is worth over $27,000 expecting net profit of $45,590 the first year MARKET  74,362 weddings in New York City alone (2012)  One in five engaged couples want their wedding to be eco-friendly  Which gives us over 14,000 potential customers  Growth rate of over 4% annually FYI
  7. 7. STOREFRONTRENTALS LIMITED O-T-R PRODUCTION COUTURE DIRECT SALES WEBSITE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTASKING  To handle all legal requirements to form an LLC  Launch and promote ONB2.COM  Complete and Launch our next season‟s collection  Secure a venue for Fashion Week -SS2015  Enter into October‟s NY International Bridal Market -2014 $15,000
  8. 8. Thank You