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Discovering joy and gratitude

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How do you discover joy and gratitude and move forward in life with purpose and hope? We explore these and other issues related to addiction, mental health, chronic pain, and trauma.

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Discovering joy and gratitude

  1. 1. Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CDWF, CIP
  2. 2. About Dr. Louise Clinician, Social Worker Educator, Trainer Clinical Interventionist Author, Blogger Wife, Mother, Grandmother Adventurer
  3. 3. Have you contemplated the great mysteries of Life? How do you view life and death Are they inextricably tied together? Researchers have found when you lose something, research suggests you value it more
  4. 4. Joy Clarity Curiosity Gratitude
  5. 5. Have you brought your listening skills ?
  6. 6. ASAM Sept 15, 2019 New Definition of Addiction Addiction is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment , and an individuals life experiences. People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. Prevention efforts and treatment approaches for addiction are generally as successful as those for other chronic diseases
  7. 7. Living Room Porch Sidewalk Trail Riding the waves Living Room Porch Sidewalk Trail
  8. 8. You are Invited You are Invited You are Invited
  9. 9. Friends and Family May Feel Anxious, resentful A Desire to fit things or Bail loved ones out To shields client from bad news To look good to the public To Avoid self help groups at home To feel guilty or shame or If only I could
  10. 10. What is Recovery ? Letting go of what we cannot control Learning how to care for ourselves and not be attached to the problem Learning about SA, MH, CP, and other disorders
  11. 11. While in Treatment Your Loved one May balk a bit May ask for things they do not need May at first say things are worse not better May feel Guilt, Shame , Embarrassment May want to shield you from talking with staff May minimize issues
  12. 12. Recovery is Lifetime growth Development of New Problem Solving Skills and Strategies Responding Not Reacting Compassionate Directness Taking Care of Oneself - Physically, emotionally and consistant with Ones Values
  13. 13. 8 Principles of Recovery Abstinence Peer Support Meditation Exercise Ritual Good Nutrition Professional Services Connection
  14. 14. The Nitty Gritty Of Recovery Delay-15 minutes Escape- have a parachute ready Avoid - Strategic plan Distraction
  15. 15. DEAD
  16. 16. Recovery Issues Issues Early Middle Advanced Grieving Identify ones losses Learning to grieve Grieve past and present losses Neglecting ones own needs Realization of needs Beginning to get needs met Getting needs met Being Over responsible Identifying boundaries Setting limits Responsible for self-clear boundaries Low self-esteem Identify Sharing Affirming – improved SE Control Identify Taking responsibility Responsibility& letting go All or none thinking Recognize & identify Learning there are choices Multicolored world Being Real Recognize Risking being real Being real
  17. 17. Recovery Issues Issues Early Middle Advanced Trust Trust can be helpful Selective Trusting Trusting appropriately Feeling Recognizing & Identifying Experiencing Observing & Using Hi Tolerance inappropriate beh. Questioning behaviors Learning Knowing & having safe folks Abandonment & Conflict Recognizing & Identifying Grieving & Resolving Freedom From & work thru current conflicts Giving and Receiving Love Defining: What is love Practicing Refining, loving self, higher power Dependence & Independence Identifying Learning/ Practicing Being healthy
  18. 18. Recovery Emotional Stablility New skills and strategies Realistic appreciation of disease Participated clinical offerings Sponsor Addressing legal or financial issues Handling confrontations Planning for aftercare Following Rules
  19. 19. Family and Friends Learn Addiction is a Disease To Differentiate Between the person and the disorder To learn stress reduction To build a recovery network of their own-Alanon, Alateen
  20. 20. Connection CHIME Hope &Optimism Identity Meaning & Purpose Empowerment
  21. 21. CHIME
  22. 22. CONNECTION
  23. 23. The 7 C’s I did not cause I cannot cure I can’t control I can take care of myself I can communicate my feelings I can make healthy choices I can celebrate myself
  24. 24. Magic Words Yes No Oh Really Whatever
  25. 25. Seeing with a Grateful Eye Requires that you see the web of Interconnections in relationships with nature and other other people Recovery = showing up and being of service , making amends
  26. 26. Be Grateful to People Not Just Things
  27. 27. To Thank Outside the Box? Your loved one for allowing you to explore your own behaviors Your boss for firing you Your boyfriend or girlfriend for ending your relationship Your interventionists for getting you to treatment
  28. 28. Processing Life thru a Grateful Lens Does not mean denying Negativity Instead it means realizing you have the power to transform an obstacle into an opportunity It means reframing a loss to a potential gain and recasting negativity into positive channels
  29. 29. To Take Care Of Oneself Physically Emotionally Spiritually or Consistent with Ones Values
  30. 30. Specificity is Paramount The more specific you are with another, the more genuine gratitude feels I appreciate being told exactly what is working and what is not
  31. 31. What three, four or even five people did you thank today for a specific thing that enriches your life?
  32. 32. How will you express Gratitude?
  33. 33. Available On Amazon and at Rutledge
  34. 34. Available On Amazon
  35. 35. Call or email Dr. Louise 619-507-1699 www.allaboutinterventions. com drstanger@me.com