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Hub site; the sub-site killer!

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If you are building an Intranet in Office 365, you need to decide of a proper SharePoint site architecture. Most organizations have environments with many sub-sites. Although, some people think sub-sites are evil. Is this true?
What are hub sites and how do they change the way we plan our SharePoint ecosystem? What are the pros and cons of a flat hierarchy?
In this session, we'll do an analysis of Hub-sites and how they change the rules of the game.
Note: Presented in SharePoint Saturday Vancouver.

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Hub site; the sub-site killer!

  1. 1. HUB SITES; THE SUB SITE KILLER Taking full advantage of Office 365 April 14th 2018
  2. 2. @valleelp https://en.share-gate.com/blog Sharegate | Product manager | Speaker Louis-Philippe Vallée
  3. 3. [ NDA ] Source: https://en.share-gate.com/global-sharepoint-industry-study
  5. 5. What’s the problem?
  6. 6. Business decides it’s time to move to Office 365
  7. 7. We don’t really know what is awaiting us on this road.
  8. 8. Wishing for a nice and easy migration We migrate our SharePoint sites « as is »
  9. 9. We don’t really know what is awaiting us on this road. MISSING ON MODERN EXPERIENCE OFFICE 365 GROUPS HUB SITES …
  10. 10. WE ARE STUCK IN A ROUTINE SHAREPOINT 2007 SHAREPOINT 2010 SHAREPOINT 2013 … trying to do the same things in the newest version
  11. 11. Ben, our IT admin
  12. 12. HOW TO GET THERE SUCCESSFULLY? Getting to know hub sites Planning your migration • Flat architecture vs Sub-sites • Known limitations Demo
  13. 13. Let’s start with the basic. Shall we ?
  14. 14. The intent behind a hub site is to help organizations add structure, aggregate news, search across sites, and organize what normally would be a disconnected ecosystem of collaboration sites.
  15. 15. Hub site Team sites Communication sites Basics Bring together related team sites and communication sites Cross site navigation Roll up news and site activity Search across associated sites Consistent look & feel across sites Admins create, users adopt and use
  16. 16. Basics Customers want to organize sites into groupings that  Make it easier for users to discover and recall related content  Apply common controls and branding  Establish common admin policies New hires Benefits Benefits planning Rewards Comm Giving Campaign HR Source: Ignite 2017 session BRK2393 by Denise Trabona & Melissa Torres Intranet
  17. 17. Basics Customers want to organize sites into groupings that  Make it easier for users to discover and recall related content  Apply common controls and branding  Establish common admin policies Kids New hires Benefits Special Project Benefits planning Quests Reward s Special interest Research Senior Student Facilitie s Giving Campaig n Comms HR Travel Program s Source: Ignite 2017 session BRK2393 by Denise Trabona & Melissa Torres
  18. 18. Creating a hub site What you need to know.
  19. 19. Only a SharePoint tenant admin can promote a site to a Hub Site
  20. 20. $adminUPN = Read-Host -Prompt "The full email address of a SharePoint administrator account, example: jdoe@contosotoycompany.onmicrosoft.com" $orgName = Read-Host -Prompt "Name of your Office 365 organization, example: contosotoycompany" $userCredential = Get-Credential -UserName $adminUPN -Message "Type your password." Connect-SPOService -Url https://$orgName-admin.sharepoint.com -Credential $userCredential Write-Host "Connection successful" $hubSiteUrl = Read-Host -Prompt "Url of the site to convert to a hub site" Register-SPOHubSite $hubSiteUrl Write-Host "Convertion successful" Using Powershell
  21. 21. Hub site association : • Works on all site templates • Limited to only 1 hub That’s right, there is no hub of hubs
  22. 22. An SPO Admin can control, who is allowed to assign a site to a specific hub Powershell: Grant-SPOHubSiteRights A site owner can associate/disassociate the site UI: Edit site information panel
  23. 23. Hubs do not influence permissions
  24. 24. “We are working on an approval process so that when someone associates their site to a hub, the hub site owner gets to approve the request” -Microsoft No approval process
  25. 25. Navigation Persistent and shared across all sites associated to a hub.
  26. 26. In a site associated to a hub a navigation bar is added in the header of each page
  27. 27. Global navigation It can have a maximum of 3 levels This menu is managed manually Note : Only modern page will display the global navigation Not editable on associated sites
  28. 28. Work in progress • Not taxonomy driven for centralized management in the term store • No security trimming or audience targeting
  29. 29. Look & Feel Applied automatically to a site when joining a hub site.
  30. 30. Let’s play with a real Hub site How will SharePoint help you integrate your brand?
  31. 31. Three tiers of branding and navigation Organization logo + nav Logo graphic + link Nav bar background color Set in 0365 Admin Center Hub logo + nav Logo graphic + link Nav bar background color 3 tiers of navigation Site logo + nav Logo graphic + link Hover card Navigation (either horizontal or left)
  32. 32. Out-of-box themes Up to 120 color combinations
  33. 33. Custom theme New, easy-to-use tool to generate theme files for your organization Hosted on Fabric web site: http://aka.ms/spthemebuilder
  34. 34. Theming •Synced from the hub site •Enforcement controlled by hub site owner
  35. 35. Search Scoped to the hub content.
  36. 36. Increased relevance & Content discovery When you search for content from a hub site, results include content from all associated sites.
  37. 37. Use case: hubs for content management scenarios like policies and procedures.
  38. 38. Webpart updates News roll up and site feed
  39. 39. News roll up
  40. 40. WARNING Roll out of news and documents is relying on the Graph/Search and you might not see the news immediately after being published, it takes few minutes (5-10)
  41. 41. Sites webpart
  42. 42. Let’s play with a real Hub site
  43. 43. Information architecture Welcome to a flat world.
  44. 44. Cons of not having sub-sites • Content types and site columns cannot be easily shared across site collections. • Not ideal if you have custom branding, navigation or advanced features. • A subsite can automatically inherit settings from its parent site including permissions, features… • A subsite can automatically be added to the navigation of the parent site • Term sets cannot be shared across site collections unless it is created at the farm/tenant level. Source: https://joannecklein.com/2017/11/03/sharepoint-site-collection-advantages/
  45. 45. Pros of a world without sub-sites • Site provisioning can be managed by selected user, • avoiding proliferation of subsites in your environment • Permissions don't cross over to other site collections, • making it easier to manage for site owners. • You can enable external sharing on a site collection basis, • reducing security leaks • It's also a boundary for storage. • The new Retention Labels/Retention Policies are published at a site collection level. • Facilitates cleanup of unused sites. • Flexible for content reorganization • A site can be moved easily into the navigation hierarchy Source: https://joannecklein.com/2017/11/03/sharepoint-site-collection-advantages/
  46. 46. When to use a hub? Some use cases for hub sites.
  47. 47. Common use cases Intranet home Suitable for smaller organisations without a complexe need for publishing infrastructure
  48. 48. Common use cases Department hubs IT, HR, Marketing, Finance
  49. 49. Common use cases Project hubs or a PMO hub Simple mechanism to access all the active and completed projects and roll up status details
  50. 50. Common use cases Financial reporting hub Aggregate site for a reporting period and then having associated sites attach from different departments as they work on their independent materials and reports.
  51. 51. Known limitations
  52. 52. Limitations • List of all hub sites is not available in SP Admin center • Available only through “get-SPOHubSite” powershell command • No available for Multi geo tenants (but will be in the future) • 50 hub sites max • This is probably only a starting point, but for now, plan your structure accordingly • No limit to the number of sites connected to a hub.
  53. 53. Let’s wrap this up
  54. 54. Hub site are the missing piece, but … • No best practices yet • We are waiting on solutions for content type management and news roll up (scheduling, targeting …)
  55. 55. The workplace is evolving We must embrace this paradigm shift to take full advantages of Office 365. • Rethink the way information is organised. • Explore new ways of communications.
  56. 56. We anticipate rollout completion to all organizations by mid-May.“ – Mark Kashman
  57. 57. References • Organize your intranet with SharePoint hub sites (by Mark Kashman) • https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint-Blog/Organize-your- intranet-with-SharePoint-hub-sites/ba-p/174081 • Few tips by Marc Anderson • http://sympmarc.com/2018/03/28/office-365-hub-sites-are-here-a-few-tips/ • Theming your hub site • https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/declarative- customization/site-theming/sharepoint-site-theming-overview
  58. 58. How to do it by script using PowerShell • Create a hub site in SharePoint Online • https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/create-a-hub-site-in- sharepoint-online-92bea781-15d8-4bda-805c-e441e2191ff3?ui=en- US&rs=en-GB&ad=GB • Auto Provision Office 365 sites in a Hub Site using Site Designs • http://www.aerieconsulting.com/blog/connect-new-sites-to-hub
  59. 59. SharePoint design documentation The design documentation provides context and design guidance so you can better: • Customize SharePoint • Design responsive web parts • Use themes and colors • Design for accessibility (coming soon) https://aka.ms/SPdesignguidance
  60. 60. Advanced use cases • GETTING ALL YOUR HUB CONTENT USING SEARCH • http://www.sebastienlevert.com/2018/03/26/getting-all-your-hub- content-using-search/ • Joining a hub on site create automation • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo1iN7pbmLI • Common use cases for Office 365 SharePoint hub sites • https://www.habaneroconsulting.com/stories/insights/2018/common- use-cases-for-office-365-sharepoint-hub-sites
  61. 61. Thank you! Follow me for more @valleelp