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Best Fries on the Planet: Fry Lights media alert

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Best Fries on the Planet: Fry Lights media alert

  1. 1. *****MEDIA ADVISORY****MEDIA ADVISORY***MEDIA ADVISORY**** It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s McDonald’s “Fry Lights” Billboard Lighting the City Up to Three Miles Away Follow the McDonald’s “Fry Lights” to reach the golden archesWHAT: Starting today, Chicagoans will see beams of lights – or in this case McDonald‟s French Fries – shining from a new McDonald‟s billboard appropriately titled, “Fry Lights.” From the flagship restaurant at Clark and Ontario, “Fry Lights” can be seen from up to three miles away.WHY: McDonald‟s fries have long been claimed to be the number one fries and is one of the rare foods that are sought after and loved universally. To proudly proclaim that McDonald‟s fries are delicious, McDonald‟s Owners of Chicago and Northwest Indiana (MOCNI), in partnership with ad agency Leo Burnett Chicago, launched a new local ad campaign, “Best Fries on the Planet,” which runs through Dec. 8. The “Fry Lights” billboard is part of that campaign.WHEN: Nov. 16 - Dec. 8WHERE: Corner of Clark St. & Ontario St. across the street from the Rock „N Roll McDonald‟sSPOKESPEOPLE: Ron Lofton, President of MOCNI Brian Shembeda & Avery Gross, Creative Directors at Leo BurnettIMAGES: Images can be found at: https://leoburnett.box.net/s/zutspuymlsnpl34pykltCONTACT: For more information, photos or interviews contact: Tina Stanton Leo Burnett 312.220.1479 tina.stanton@leoburnett.com