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  1. WEIGHTING OF PAPER AND PROFILES PROFILES PAPER 01 PAPER 02 PAPER 03 TOTAL Knowledge (K) 18 30 6 (12) 60 (30%) Comprehension (C) 24 40 8 (16) 80 (40%) Reasoning (R) 18 30 6(12) 60 (30%) TOTAL 60 100 20 (40) 200 Percentage 30% 50% 20% 100%
  3. ASSESSMENTCRITERIA • The project will be presented in the form of a report and will have the following parts. • 1. ProjectTitle • 2. Introduction • 3. Method of Data Collection • 4. Presentation of Data • 5. Analysis of Data • 6. Discussion of Findings • 7. Conclusion
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  5. Possible topics to be considered • Why choose a square shaped design for a goat pen or a design closest to a square? • Investigating the decline in sales of Sunshine Mix Nuts at School ‘X’. • Choosing the best vacation package in a resort town. • Travelling to a tourist attraction. Best route and mode of transportation.
  6. • Remodelling an auditorium to accommodate the entire school population. • Designing new classrooms to alleviate crowding. • Paying Mortgage: NHT, Building Society, Credit Union. • Buying an appliance of the same brand and type via cash or hire purchase: Courts, Indian, Singer. • Using the laundry.
  7. • The best tile size suitable for tiling a room. • Determining the BMI of students in a school population. • Calculating the angle of elevation of the top of a building. • How does the type of ball used affect the distance travelled when a cricket ball is hit? • What is the safest angle to mount a ladder against a wall? • Does running a curve take longer than running the same distance on a straight?
  8. • What is the optimum angle to throw a javelin, Shot- put, Discus to achieve the maximum distance? • What effect does the run up speed have on the distance covered in a long jump or triple jump? • What is the optimum range for scoring goals on a netball, football and basket ball field? • Does the height of the shooter affect the percentage of goals scored in a netball match? • Is the penalty spot the best place to shoot a penalty from on the football field?
  9. • What is the cost incurred if a pipe is left dripping for a year? • Does drink companies give as much as they say they are? (measure the volume of the content and compare with what is printed). • Is a BMX faster than a mountain bike over 100m using the same cyclist? • Is typing faster than writing? • Which fast food restaurant offers the better/best meal deal on burgers? (Burger King/ KFC in terms of size, price, taste). • What is the effect of the run-up speed on the bowling of a cricket ball?
  10. • Does the depth of the seed planted affect the rate of growth? • An analysis of the mathematics that underscores the simple practice of gazing at fishing boats out at sea. • Designing the plan for a pool house. • An analysis of the sales strategies of my family’s clothing store. • A statistical representation of the heights of students in my form 4 group 1 class.
  11. • A graphical representation and analysis of a sprinter’s training program. • Designing a new hamster wheel cage. • A statistical representation of my aunt’s Blood pressure. • Developing a financial strategy for a young income earner. • How does the amount of weight carried by an athlete affect their speed over a 50m distance?
  12. • Transportation to school. • Baking a cake. • Best shape of a classroom. • Constructing a chicken coop for the school’s farm – What is the maximum number of chickens that can fit on the given floor space after six weeks? • Maximising the profits of an electronic store.
  13. • An analysis of the school’s electricity bill. • Does the location of a store affect the prices that are charged? • An analysis of the dimensions of a log that was left to soak in a pond.