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Using White Papers in Your Marketing Strategy Part 3

  1. Using White Papers in Your Marketing Strategy White Paper Success
  2. How Do You Promote a White Paper? Since your white paper is acting as mid-funnel content, approach its promotion and outreach differently  your mid-funnel content takes time to prove itself  It will not be long before you start to reap the benefits in the form of closed sales and rankings increases Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  3. Why Did You Write It? So people would download and read it Your objective: To establish thought leadership, generate leads and perhaps nurture existing leads Sadly, it’s not going to do that if no one finds it Now , promote it! Compiled by author from source:
  4. Promote Like a Madman Get your white paper in front of anyone who could possibly benefit from it  Mention it on your  Blog  Newsletter  Facebook page  Twitter  Include:  Journalists  Analysts  Bloggers Compiled by author from source:
  5. Industry-niche Marketing Focus Be sure to focus on industry-niche  Consider promoting your white paper at a conference to help audiences better understand a concept  Reach out to bloggers in your industry and see if they find the content in your white paper valuable Compiled by author from source:
  6. Company Blog Promote on Your Blog Write a blog post providing an overview of the white paper, or post portions of it via a series of blog posts Promote your paper in your blog’s sidebar or widget or with a call to action at the end of the post Compiled by author from source:
  7. Online News Release Promote your white paper using online press release distribution services This is an ideal method for generating backlinks and creating buzz Online releases are submitted to major search engines, industry journals and social networks Make sure the release includes links to your website and other content Compiled by author from source:
  8. Promote As Ads Feature your best content on your homepage or in sponsored ads Many companies are publishing more eBooks and white papers and are promoting them as ads across various publishers Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  9. Webinars and SlideShare Generate leads via the registration process You can repurpose your white paper as a SlideShare presentation or a webinar Webinars combine the power of audio and visual to engage the audience and promote thought leadership Compiled by author from source:
  10. Relevant Blogger Outreach Compile a list of influential bloggers and online editors Send them a release on your paper, and explain the rationale for why readers would be interested in reading it Alternatively, if any of the blogs accept guest blog posts, write one, submit it and include a link to your white paper Compiled by author from source:
  11. Paid Search As an immediate lead generator Use paid search to promote your content to your audiences Make sure your ad keys in directly with the search query If someone types in “Ways to improve sales performance,” your ad text might be, “Improve sales performance with proven technology-Find out how in a free white paper” Compiled by author from source:
  12. A Plan to Launch As with any good campaign, a launch plan is key to getting content in front of the right audience Highlights, including supporting statistics, can be an effective platform to catch interest and promote shareability Because much of the content found within a white paper is highly shareable, it can be used for blog posts, infographics and social media broadcasts Compiled by author from source:
  13. How Will You Know if it’s a Success? Never underestimate the power of getting labeled as a resource  A strong white paper will be added to resource libraries in industry organizations and shared with revere like a textbook Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  14. Measuring White Paper Performance White papers can be syndicated for publication in multiple platforms Syndication allows you introduction to another website’s audience, but choose an audience that is relevant to your business Choose sites that are of higher authority, then some of their expertise will reflect back on your business Compiled by author from source:
  15. Track Results All of this effort could be for naught you don’t have the mechanisms in place to track leads and measure conversion performance 1 Keep conversion tracking in mind when building the landing page 2 Establish goal and event tracking parameters within your analytics platform of choice and tie it to your CRM 3 Compiled by author from source:
  16. Measuring ROI White paper downloads are commonly tracked by marketing automation software Compiled by author from source: Manages Lead Scoring Manages Lead Generation
  17. Performance Tracking your white paper download is a must when it comes to measuring the ROI of your content At the most detailed level, a content marketer would to see the revenue driven from a single white paper A simple measurement is track to downloads and shares for each white paper This can let your marketing team know what type of content is resonating with your audience which may influence your future content creation Compiled by author from source:
  18. Optimizing Your White Papers Give your content a fair chance to succeed  This will happen naturally  Make sure your landing page is well optimized and characterizes a valuable result for Google to rank #1 for related keywords Compiled by author from source:
  19. Determining Effectiveness The success of your white paper can be determined through a variety of analytics: Number of downloads Social shares SEO rank Revenue generated Compiled by author from source:
  20. Contact Us for the Full Presentation: Mediacontact USA Inc. 13575 58TH Street North #160 Clearwater, Fl. 33760 T: 727 538 4112 E:
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