Predictive Marketing Analytics

11. May 2017

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Predictive Marketing Analytics

  1. Predictive Marketing Analytics Using Data Science to Make Smarter Decisions
  2. What Is Predictive Marketing?- Predictive Marketing is the Practice of Extracting Information From Existing Customer Datasets Predicting Which Marketing Actions are More Likely to Succeed, and Which are More Likely to Fail Determining Future Outcomes and Trends Can Have a Major Outcome on Your Marketing Strategy Compiled by author from sources: -
  3. Predictive Marketing Analytics- Data is Gathered on Customers, Algorithms Adjusted in Real-time and Leads are Scored For a Trend to Drive Business Results Advertising and Audience Sources Can be Measured to Develop Campaigns With Predictive Responses Compiled by author from source:
  4. Predictive Analytics Platforms- Predictive Marketing Analytics Platforms Work in Union With Marketing Automation or CRM Platforms Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images Acts as a Database of Record For First-Party Customer Data
  5. Predictive Analytics Use- Predictive marketing analytics platforms can be used for a number of business cases, including the following: Generating Net-new Leads Lead Prioritization Account-based Marketing Persona and Customer Segment Building Cross-selling and Upselling Sales Enablement Compiled by author from source:
  6. Advanced Capability Platforms- Platforms Begin to Make a Distinction by Offering More Advanced Capabilities That Include the Following: Compiled by author from source:
  7. Analytics Platform Capabilities- Multi-sourced Data Sets Prospect Discovery Lead Enrichment Lead Scoring Predictive Models Native Integration Compiled by author from source: B2B marketers are relying on predictive marketing analytics platforms to automate and streamline marketing Many vendors are rooted in lead scoring but have included predictive modeling and personalization Virtually all B2B predictive marketing analytics platforms provide a core set of capabilities that focus on:
  8. Automation Integration- Offers Native Integration With Leading Marketing Automation Platforms to Draw From a Single, Integrated Pool of Customer Data Internal CRM Customer Service Accounting Systems Predictive Marketing Analytics Vendors Use a Variety of Methods to Import Data From Client’s: Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  9. The Foundational Principles- Analyze and Score a Set of Prospects Based on Their Similarity to Your Actual Customers The Algorithms are Advanced and The Results are Both Automated and Improving Massive Amounts of Data – Purchase history, behavior, and demographic data The Extent of Access – Access streaming data in real-time activity The Simplicity of the Cloud – Immense computing power via the cloud Compiled by author from source:
  10. Top Challenge: Not Enough Insight- 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Ensuring Data Quality from Variety Sources Managing Data from Variety Sources Providing Real-Time Insights Managing the Velocity of Data Generation Standardizing Metrics Connecting Individual Prospects with Their Organizatons Top Challenges Stopping Marketers from Creating Actionable Insights: Compiled by author from source:
  11. Personalize & Predict- 95% Predictive Marketers 76% Retrospective Marketers Compiled by author from source: Agree That The Ability To Model & Predict Specific Account Outcomes Is Essential:
  12. Tech Savvy Marketers?- Who is Using Predictive? Who is Thinking About it? Who Even Understands What it is? 38% 25% 25% 10% 2% How Mature are Marketers with Technology: Basic Have a Few Tools, CRM, Marketing Automation Have CRM and Exploring Marketing Automation Send Email Only Are the NASA of Marketing Tech Do Not Know What it is Compiled by author from source:
  13. Lead Scoring- Lead scoring is the assigning of a value to each lead based on a predetermined set of rules, or criteria The resulting score is used to determine which leads receive priority from: Sales Partners Lead Generation Compiled by author from source:
  14. Predictive Lead Scoring- Predictive Lead Scoring Can Incorporate 200 Or More Data Points By Sourcing: Websites Social Networks Internal Systems The Predicted Action Is Usually Related To Purchase Intent Such As: Lifetime Revenue Profitability Promotion Response Sales Acceptance Compiled by author from source:
  15. Employing Predictive Insights- Growth Grow your database of accounts and leads that are a good fit for your business Focus on the right people, close more deals and grow revenue faster without having to market to people who aren’t a good fit Your marketing programs become more impactful with tighter alignment between sales and strategy, resulting in developing accounts that have the highest return Compiled by author from source: Everstring_Three_Core_Impacts_of_Predictive_Marketing_BNE93.pdf Image Source: Google Images
  16. Employing Predictive Insights- Alignment Align around the right goals, the right audience and the right message Go beyond firmographic and demographic data to personalize your message using over 20,000 curated data signals Identify who you should be targeting with your program spend and use data to identify how to focus your message Compiled by author from source: Everstring_Three_Core_Impacts_of_Predictive_Marketing_BNE93.pdf Image Source: Google Images
  17. Breaking Down Barriers- How is Predictive Breaking Down the Barriers to Implementation? Creates continuously updated target lists- Most update on a quarterly basis Target and Market to Buying Committees, not individuals- Most is targeted at the contact level Build Data-Driven Campaigns-Here is where marketing tools are indispensable Compiled by author from source: Image Source: Google Images
  18. CONTACT US FOR THE FULL PRESENTATION: Mediacontact USA Inc. 13575 58TH Street North #160 Clearwater, Fl. 33760 T: 727 538 4112 E:
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  15. file:///C:/Users/Monika%20Somogyi/Downloads/Everstring_Three_Core_Impacts_of_Predictive_Marketing_BNE93.pdf