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Babigian - Branding and Rebranding

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Branding and rebrand projects

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Babigian - Branding and Rebranding

  1. 1. Selected rebranding and new brand launch examples Submitted by: Lori Babigian
  2. 2. Launching New B2B Brand ROLAND DGA http://www.rolanddga.com/ Marketing Director Roland DG is a manufacturer of printers and digital devices widely used in the signage, textile, interior & vehicle graphics, engraving, direct part marking, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and dental CAD/CAM industries. • Responsible for day-to-day oversight and on-time delivery for all marketing activities (B2B and B2C) for the North and South American markets, excluding Brazil • Supervisor of 13 member staff responsible for digital marketing, creative, web, social media, public relations, trade show, corporate events, training, sales and reseller support programs • As a member of Roland’s Global Marketing Team I played a lead role in brand messaging and delivery of region ready content for new product introductions • Key interface with product management, regional marketing and sales personnel to identify the most effective positioning in new and existing markets • Successfully executed twelve product launches in 2 years, exceeding distribution goals • Extensive event schedule included 58 trade shows, 225 dealer events and weekly webinars • Responsible for the selection and implementation of concurrent technology projects necessary to execute marketing 2.0 strategy–website CMS, Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, social project collaboration and in-house video production studio
  3. 3. Launching New B2B Brand
  4. 4. DisplayStudio Launch Ads
  5. 5. Website
  6. 6. Online ads
  7. 7. Rebranding example PRINTRONIX Irvine, CA Director, Global Marketing Communications – Printers, Supplies & Services • Translated company objectives into global post-acquisition communications strategy for two printer brands • Created "Power of Plus" brand campaign that drove awareness and preference for company technology • Responsible for corporate marketing budget, the selection and management of outside agencies and the coordination of region-based marketing and sales personnel to support the execution of the marketing plan • Managed four product launches and established new modular marketing support and sales training materials in nine languages • Developed online web marketing strategies for the two brands, including inbound marketing, Salesforce.com CRM integration, blog, social media and online newsroom
  8. 8. About Printronix • Technology start up in 1974 by Bob Kleist, introduced first factory floor rugged computer printer in 1975. • First Orange County, CA company on NASDAQ and remained publicly owned for more than 28 years. • A top 10 mainframe computer printer manufacturer. • Majority of placements under notable OEM brand names such as: IBM, Ricoh, OkiData, HP WeP & Lipi • 2008 purchased by private equity firm Vector Capital • 2009 Printronix acquires largest competitor, TallyGenicom • 2012 Vector sells to Corona Investment Partners
  9. 9. Collateral Before rebranding
  10. 10. Collateral After rebranding
  11. 11. Consumable data sheets - Before
  12. 12. Consumable data sheets - After
  13. 13. Website - Before
  14. 14. Website - Before
  15. 15. Website - After
  16. 16. Website - After
  17. 17. Website - Before
  18. 18. Website - Before
  19. 19. Website - After
  20. 20. Website - After
  21. 21. Website - After
  22. 22. facebook “face lift” Before rebranding After rebranding
  23. 23. Email Banners Before rebranding After rebranding
  24. 24. Online Ads Animated GIF After rebrandingBefore rebranding
  25. 25. Online Ads Animated GIF Before rebranding After rebranding
  26. 26. Full and Half Page Ads AfterBefore
  27. 27. Full and Half Page Ads AfterBefore
  28. 28. Postcards Before After
  29. 29. Rebranding example NORITSU AMERICA VP, Marketing – Retail Photo Printing Equipment, Consumer Kiosks & Professional Services • Management of Japanese corporation’s North American marketing staff to meet organization objectives • Assigned increasing levels of responsibility to include Product Marketing and global MARCOM to support company acquisition strategy • Responsible for post-acquisition integration including CRM, sales training, public and analyst relations, tradeshow and industry event participation • Executed “Smart Choice” corporate rebranding campaign, successfully launched the brand into the retail consumer kiosk market • Launched successful new marketing platform for Noritsu Technical Service Division, “Service. Above and Beyond”, yielding non-photo market growth in the fitness industry • Project owner of Salesforce.com CRM implementation
  30. 30. About Noritsu • Noritsu is a leading global provider of high quality digital imaging equipment and provider of photo printing solutions to the retail, professional, law enforcement, specialty and other print-intensive markets. • More than 62,000 installations in more than 180 countries, Noritsu has been at the forefront of innovation in the photo industry for nearly six decades. • With worldwide demand for print services on the decline, Noritsu Koki, parent company has made aggressive strides since 2009 to diversify into new markets outside of photo imaging technology.
  31. 31. Rebranding Noritsu: Making the right choice • Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers (our customers like to be identified as being smart) • Demonstrate how we listen to our customers • It’s all about making the right decision with the right partner • We’re not the cheapest, just the best Breaking thru the clutter This theme has the best possibilities for extensions into all communications – customer testimonial ads AND message will be enhanced as profit proof points are substantiated with data.
  32. 32. Collateral Before rebranding After rebranding
  33. 33. Advertising - Acquisition Communications • Headline emphasizes total solution now available • Theme leads the customer to the conclusion that together we offer the BEST total solution • Reinforces our key differentiators in the market:  Open architecture  Flexibility  Highest quality  “White label”
  34. 34. Branded Print Sample Envelopes 36Front Back
  35. 35. Old Print Sample Envelopes Can you believe they were using these before the rebrand?
  36. 36. 38 Video Strategy Message – There is an exciting profit opportunity in the photo category by offering wider variety of photo products conveniently at retail – Noritsu can help you achieve success through our integrated vision of the future Strategy – Customer testimonials presented on video will provide additional compelling examples of how hard we work for our customers – Increased impact and credibility of message coming from peers – Content leveraged across web marketing, trade show & sales presentations
  37. 37. Opening graphics show type moving through the screen. The word “smart” docks with many other words to visually demonstrate the breadth of the Noritsu total solution. Successful Noritsu customers share on camera (and unscripted) why working with us has been a smart choice for them. 39 Video graphics – Segment titles
  38. 38. Customers Tell Our Story
  39. 39. Web Microsite
  40. 40. March Ad Features London Drug Actual Customer Testimonial
  41. 41. Communicate new positioning for the company Launching New B2B Services Brand
  42. 42. Noritsu Technical Services website launch It’s A People Business
  43. 43. Advertising 45
  44. 44. Brochure
  45. 45. Communications Business Cards Letterhead Stationary
  46. 46. Significant Success in 2 New Segments: 1. Fitness equipment maintenance and repair 2. Airport security hardware maintenance and repair
  47. 47. Launching New Retail Consumer Brand PHOGENIX IMAGING LLC (HP + Kodak Joint Venture) - San Diego, CA Director of Marketing – Retail Photo Printing Equipment, Consumer kiosks • Positioned technology start-up for market share leadership in digital photo printing equipment • Developed and managed global product launch marketing support • Established the brand and a communications campaign for new consumer photo service model, “Photos Your Way” • Developed and implemented comprehensive sales support infrastructure including distributor websites, CRM database, product presentations, sales training and support portal • Obtained market trial commitments with top tier sales opportunities – Walmart, London Drug, Shoppers Drug Mart, Kinko’s and Best Buy
  48. 48. Page 50 New Retail Consumer Brand Menu board style signage
  49. 49. Phogenix Imaging Confidential Page 51
  50. 50. Page 52 – The Digital Order: • Prints up to 5 x 7 • A CD holder • Negative sleeving • Regular index prints • Capacity = 30 prints – The Enlargement Pack: • Prints up to 8 x 10 • Jumbo index prints • Calendar prints – The Poster Pack: • 11 x 14 prints • 12 x 18 prints • Capacity = 5 prints – The CD Holder: • Holds 1 CD Product Packaging Packaging created to illustrate how a retailer can merchandise the new Phogenix service offering to consumers
  51. 51. Rebranding example ARAMARK - Los Angeles, CA Hired to manage supplier relations. Promoted and created a national marketing organization to support division’s expansion from 12 districts to national footprint supported by 23 districts. • Led portfolio expansion with new music, comic, food channel and juvenile merchandising programs • Created and executed “ARAMARK Advantage” rebrand • Walmart Program Management responsibility for testing, evaluating and implementing new service model • Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI) third place honor entertainment category • Secured co-branding licensing agreement with Marvel, DC, Tekno and Archie Comics • Tangibly increased the value of division prior to company being sold to largest competitor- Anderson News.
  52. 52. Earlier Company Marketing
  53. 53. Earlier Company Marketing
  54. 54. ARAMARK Rebranding
  55. 55. Repositioning Service Company New Branded Merchandising Programs