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How to Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing in 2013

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As mobile devices become more and more pervasive, businesses must recognize this opportunity. A mobile strategy has gone from a desirable addition within a marketing plan to a critical segment.

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How to Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing in 2013

  1. 1. How To Engage Your Customer With MobileMarketingBy Lorél Marketing Group
  2. 2. People use the mobile phone torun their lives - making calls,exchanging text messages,sending photos, gettingdirections, surfing the internetand checking email.While consumers of all agesown mobile devices, mobilemarketing still requiresunderstanding the target marketand what it does with thesedevices.Lorél Marketing Group suggeststhese ideas to get started in theright direction with your mobilemarketing strategy.
  3. 3. 1. Define the Strategy:• Understand your mobileusers, their behavior andusage.• Leverage the mobileplatform and enableconsumers to do what theylike.
  4. 4. 2. Determine theCommunication:Leverage the existing channelsthat you already use with yourcustomers - email, direct mail,point-of-sale advertising,banners, websites and print ads• Get customers to interactor respond via their mobilephones• Clearly state the basicsteps required to engage• Launch it as part of anintegrated campaigninstead of a stand-aloneeffort
  5. 5. 3. Understand the TrueCost:Mobile marketing is not cheap foranyone• Not all customers have unlimitedplans• A typical mobile campaign willrequire 4 SMS messages:1. SMS 1 to start the request toopt-in2. SMS 2 back to the consumerto notify of the request3. SMS to have the consumerconfirm4. SMS 4 to welcome theconsumer to the programbefore the engagementbegins
  6. 6. 4. Allow the Customerto Choose:The subscriber has to opt-in toyour mobile marketing program• Gain approval to messageyour customer• Update your privacy policyand terms to includemobile campaigns
  7. 7. 5. Allow Customers toManage theCommunication:• Allow customers to profilehow and when they wouldlike to be messaged• Maintain a reasonablefrequency• Keep message short anddirect
  8. 8. •6. Manage ConsumerDate with Respect:• Use the date to drivesegmentation adpersonalization• Tailor the message to theinterest of the consumer• Commit and state clearlythat you will not share theconsumer’s informationwith others, i.e,. Nonaffiliated third parties.
  9. 9. 7. Make the OfferRelevant and Valuable:When you develop your offer forthe campaign, make sure that itis something of value in returnfor the objective of thecommunication campaign.
  10. 10. A Closing Remark:The Key to mobile marketingsuccess is to be very customer-centric and provide relevantinformation and engagementthat is driven by the protocol ofthe mobile device.Your motivation needs to metransparent and your offer needsto be clearly stated.
  11. 11. Want to jump start your marketing strategyand programs?Lorél Marketing Group can help you get started with a no-costdiscovery meeting that can align your goals with a vision for yoursuccess. Care to learn more? Contact us today at info@lorel.comLorél Marketing GroupGraphc Arts Building590 North Gulph RoadValley Forge, PA 19406(610) 337-2343www.lorel.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/lorelmarketingTwitter: www.twitter.com/lorelmarketingLinkedin: www.linkedin.com/companies/lorel-marketing-group