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About Long Range Systems

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Since the birth of LRS’ iconic restaurant coaster pager, LRS remains committed to providing tools and services that enable its customers to provide a better guest experience. As the innovator of onsite communications, our services today range from:

1. On-site paging and messaging
2. Guest tracking services
3. Guest queue and process management tools
4. On-site feedback and customer survey services

We know restaurants need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff. Visit us as LRSUS.com to learn how we can help you better manage your operations and improve customer experiences.

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About Long Range Systems

  2. 2. We Believe… Every Guest Deserves A Better Experience. LRS tools and services are designed to provide improved operational efficiency and better customer experiences. Message Monitor Manage Measure
  3. 3. Decades of Operational Know-How For 20 years, LRS has remained dedicated to developing technologies that help businesses improve customer experiences. It all started in 1995 when LRS invented the ubiquitous coaster pager In early 2000s, LRS invented the location tracking system to improve operations LRS offers simple and powerful systems that connect staff with guests Paging Tracking Connecting
  4. 4. Solutions for Every Industry Our solutions streamline operations to help you focus on what really matters – the guest. Hospitality Healthcare Education Retail Manufacturing Better Tools to Assist and Manage Hotel and Restaurant Guests Reliable Patient Communication and Management Solutions Smart On-site Tools for Student Services and Administration Tools to Offer More Responsive Service for Shoppers Efficient Communication Systems for Smoother Operations
  5. 5. Simplify Operations LRS messaging and paging systems keep customers informed, staff aware, and operations running smoothly.
  6. 6. Deliver Food Faster Table Tracker is a table location system that identifies where guests are sitting so you can deliver food faster.
  7. 7. Simply Powerful Let guests choose how they’re informed with the only pager or mobile notification system within a single wait list application.
  8. 8. Instant Feedback Check Point is a simple, affordable survey system that helps your business easily collect on-site customer feedback.
  9. 9. Take the Next Step Our team is here to make sure you get the most out of your system. Join the thousands of businesses already using LRS messaging or tracking solutions.