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Jelly In A Bubble E 2

Produktpræsentation af Jelly in a bubble

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Jelly In A Bubble E 2

  1. 1. Jelly in a Bubble Lighting designed by Lone Stidsen, LOST DESIGN
  2. 2. Application There are endless possibilities for the use of the lighting, for example they can be used in the home, in the work place, restaurants and other public areas.
  3. 3. The Bubble A mouth-blown Bubble with or without a jellyfish as a unique filtering object. Interchan- ge the jellyfish and experience a new expression, a new light and new shadow effects.
  4. 4. Inspiration and materials Unique mouth-blown Bubble of glass wraps itself around the jellyfish as a protective membrane. I have drawn my inspiration for the first collection of filtering ob- jects from the world of the jellyfish. The materials mirror the light qualities of the jellyfish, so the light becomes tangible and the observer experiences a new atmosphere of light. 1 Filtering objects 3 1. Acrylic plate + rubco + glass beads 2.Glass 3.Silicone + fishing line + glass beads 2
  5. 5. The idea of light - The light has a straight downward direction, no glare. - “The jelly” is lighted from above. The light is collected in the material and then dispersed. - No fire hazard, no heat waves in a forward direction
  6. 6. Transformer OPTOTRONIC OT 9/200 - 240/350 OSRAM Electrical conduction: Insulated live steel wires Technology Ex. Jellys in a bubble 20 x 30 cm 5-7 cm Cooling of LEDs Aluminium disc diameter: 10 cm Light-sources LEDs E DRAGONpuck DP3/W2/833 3,6 w -350 mA - warm white, OSRAM Hook: Suspension of the jellyfish in 25-30 cm the center of the disc 15 cm 20 cm
  7. 7. Unique Selling Points • Unika, mouth-blown Bubble • More possible light-filtering and design-expe- riense objects in the bubble. • User customization of the light filtering object The user has the possibility to change the light filtering objects and by that change the product design and • Invironmental friendly LED-light. the light-perception of the product and in the room. Simple classical Romantic Funky Your choice
  8. 8. Economy Estimated potential in Europa Year 2-3: 2000 - 5000 pcs Retail price: Bubble: 450 € Jelly: 150 € Project price:Bubble: 250 € Jelly: 90 € Cost price: Bubble: 100 € Jelly: 30 €
  9. 9. Lone Stidsen LOST DESIGN. Odensegade 3,4. sal. DK-8000 Århus C, Danmark, T + 45 31 23 70 08, lone@lostdesign.dk 2008 Researchassistent at Designskolen Kolding, applying for an Ph.D in lighting design Competitions ”artificial lighting desing within hospital environment” 2007 Exhibitonal architect at “Domain farms in Tønder municipality” The museum of Hol 2006 ”Jelly in a bubble”. 2nd place at “Norsk armaturpris”. 1st price was not awarded. men (Museet Holmen) 2006 1. st prize in bridge lighting project in Eventyrhaven, Odense (in cooperation with Christina 2006 Teaching at VELFAC “The window as an architectural effect” Augustesen). 2006-? Member of Young Light Control group (Ungt Lys Styregruppe). Organizer of light 2004 3rd place at ”ungt lys armaturkonkurrence” on ”Lysets dage” (Days of Lights). workshops and participation in exhibitions about light. 2006-? Writes articles for the magazine “Lys” (“Light”), published by Lysteknisk selskab (Light technical company). Exhibitions 2006-? Member of LYSnET (Lightnet), an interdisciplinary network of researchers, teachers and specialists, discussing light education in Denmark 2007 09 Lysets dage, (Jelly in a bubble) 2006-? Establishment of the company LOST DESIGN. Freelance work as a photographer. 2007 01-04 Løgumklosterbilleder. Museet Holmen, Løgumkloster (photography). exhibitional architect and with graphic design, artistic exhibitional projects and light 2007 01 ”Forårsfornemmelser, - nu med karse” Installations of light at Kolding library assignments. ”Waiting for spring” 2006 Completed degree as a textile designer from Designskolen Kolding (the design 2006 11 Oslo Lysfestival, Fornebu (Jelly in a Bubble) school of Kolding). 2006 10 City Vest Art Gallery, City Vest, Århus (Jelly in a Bubble) 2005 Acoustical decoration for Blaakilde Ungdomsskole (Blaakilde Youth School). 2006 09 Butik Dina Vejling, Odense (Jelly in a Bubble) 2004-? Freelance work with graphical projects and photography for Museet Holmen (The 2006 08 Musikhuset, Århus. Joint exhibition with the other graduation projects Museum of Holmen), Løgumkloster Refugium, Teologisk Pædagogisk Center, Præ from Designskolen Kolding (Jelly in a Bubble) stehøjskolen, Blaakilde Ungdomsskole, Løgumkloster Højskole. 2006 06 Graduation exhibition at Designskolen Kolding. (Jelly in a Bubble) 2004-? Consultant on interior design of private rooms. 2005 03 Nigeria photo, Tønder Museum, auction for nationwide emergency aid 2004 Development of decorative mosquito nets for the African retail market for Vesterga 2004 10 Løgumklosterbilleder, Løgumkloster Kommune ard Frandsen A/S 2004 09 Løgumklosterbilleder, Løgumkloster Refugium. 1999 Completed degree as a teacher from Silkeborg Seminarium. Lone Glass lamp bobble metal lamp lamp made of glasses acoustical objects Background Ib Mogensen out-sider a/s, Ulrik Birchs Alle 43 DK-2300 København S Denmark, T +45 22 61 74 20, im@out-sider.dk Advisor on the project “Jelly in a Bobble” Former managing director of design and development at Louis Poulsen Lighting, among others. At present owner of the urban space fixture company out-sider a/s (www.out-sider.dk)