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London Bridge Network - Pillar Nonprofit

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The presentation by Michelle Baldwin from Pillar Nonprofit at the February 2016 London Bridge Network Event - Small Business Incubators

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London Bridge Network - Pillar Nonprofit

  1. 1. Thebestcitiestoliveinexhibitacommitmenttosocialinnovation. Thisisnotanaccident.It’stheresultofacreativeandentrepreneurialapproachto developing theproducts,servicesandprogramsthattransformacommunity.
  2. 2. Products, processes, programs, projects or platforms that challenge and ultimately change routines, beliefs, resource and power within a social system. “Successful social innovations reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience. They have durability, scale and transformative impact.” Frances Westley Social Innovation is… Social Innovation Generation Video
  3. 3. What is Innovation Works? Innovation Works is a collaborative community of socially minded innovators dedicated toa positive transformation of our community. The building at 201 King Street is where Innovation Works will be located.
  4. 4. Why now? There’s no place in the community that is intentionally designed to encourage this kind of collaboration. Who is behind Innovation Works? Innovation Works is the result of a collaborative effort between the many leaders, game changers and forward-thinking organizations that make up the social fabric of London.
  5. 5. Who will use the space? Innovation Works is for social innovators. This can include nonprofit enterprises as well as social purpose businesses and entrepreneurs, who care about creating vibrant communities. Social innovators are visionaries, trailblazers and catalysts – people who thrive on interactions and exchanges. They’repeoplewho liveonideas,and challenges. Theyliketoworkwith othercreativepeople whomayseethe worlddifferently. Theywanttoworkwithothers tomakemeaningfulchange- tosolvemanyoftheproblems facingtheircommunities
  6. 6. Community Support to Date Donations  $1.625 million raised to date  $395,000 target remaining
  7. 7. What will happen in the building? Various options to fit the needs of social innovators will include flex desk packages, clusters of desks, permanent desks, private offices and community meeting space. Tenants will share their expertise and skills through shared programming and will move each other’s ideas, ventures and organizations forward. Integrated service delivery, shared services, shared outcomes and transformational change for London make this a hub for community impact.
  8. 8. When will Innovation Works open? Renovations, accessibility improvements and environmental enhancements began in 2015. Innovation Works will be open for business in June of 2016.
  9. 9. 9 SOCIA L ENT ERPRISE SECT ORS SOCIA L ENT ERPRISES A RE WORKING IN 86 44 Food Service Services 22 22 16 10 6 Art s Consumer Product s 4 6 Educat ion Recreat ion Co-Working Space www.pillarnonprof it .ca Looking f or a spot t o eat ? 7 Like shopping & giving back t o t he communit y? 15
  10. 10. Idea Phase • Coaching • Business Plan Canvas • Feasibility • Connec ons • Social Enterprise Evalua on • Build Awareness Concept Phase • Strategic Planning ($) • Financial Check Up ($) • Business Plan ($) • Impact Measurement & Evalua on ($) Start-Up Phase • Social Finance Educa on • Investment Readiness Program • Wraparound Supports • Investor Engagement • Social Investment Metrics • Build Awareness SOCIAL INNOVATION Spectrum of Supports Social Enterprise Lead: Lore Wrainwright socialenterprise@pillarnonprofit.ca Consul ng & Advisory Services Lead: Albert Brule consul ng@pillarnonprofit.ca Social Finance Lead: Andre Vashist Andre.vashist@vergecapital.ca
  11. 11. Michelle Baldwin Executive Director Pillar Nonprofit Network mbaldwin@pillarnonprofit.ca 519-433-7876 www.pillarnonprofit.ca www.innovationworkslondon.ca www.vergecapital.ca @Pillar NN @innoworksldn @vergeccapital