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Marketing strategy for music services

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Marketing strategy for music services

  3. 3. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   US  MARKET  TRENDS   118B    [Source:  Nielsen  &  Billboard’s  2013  U.S.  Music  Report,  StaAsta  /IPF  2012  report,  Pandora  Q1  2014  Report,  PEW  research  center  January  2014]   60%   Streaming  up  32%  with  118.1B   streams  in  2013.   60%  of  US  Internet  users  have  used  a   legal  digital  music  service  vs.  20%   subscripAon  services  &  28%  paid   downloads.   61%  of  US  mobile  subscribers  own  a   Smartphone;  Android  53%/40%  iOS;   ownership  is  highest  among   Millennials  aged  18-­‐34  at  over  75%.   WEARABLES   Ear/Headphone  the  next  fronAer   of  wearables.   CONNECTED  SPEAKERS   Old  A/V  systems  ge^ng  connected  via   Sonos,  Beep,  etc…   CONNECTED  TVS   3+  hours/day  –  50M+  Americans   have  connected  TVs,  Boxes.   CONNECTED  CARS     52’/day  by  144M  (76%  alone).   75%   STREAMING  BECOMES  THE  NEW  AIRPLAY   MOBILE  IS  MASSIVE…   Only  4-­‐5%  of  music  consumers  in   the  US  have  signed  up  for   subscripAon  streaming  service.   5%   96%  of  Pandora’s  80M  users  in   January  2014  came  from  mobile.   96%   …AND  CONNECTED  DEVICES  TO  GROW  AS  PLAYBACK  DEVICES   42%  of  US  populaAon  owned  a  tablet   in  January  2014  (130M  users).   42%  
  4. 4. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   US  COMPETITIVE  LANDSCAPE    [Sources:  Comscore,  Music  Report  January  2014]   FREE   Premium  services  like  SpoAfy   and  Rdio  unleash  free  offering.   MANUFACTURERS’  OWN  MUSIC  SERVICES   Samsung  launched  Milk  Music  with   Slacker  and  partnering  with  Deezer   for  their  US  launch.   OPERATOR  +  MUSIC  BUNDLING   Operators  are  bundling  music   services  with  their  plans.   COMPETITION  IS  EXPANDING  WITH  FREE  OR  BUNDLE  OFFERINGS   Other  major  manufacturers  include   music  streaming  services  to  foster   their  own  ecosystem.  
  5. 5. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   Most  3-­‐5h  listening  sessions     start  around  10am   At  home  via  home  entertainment     with  friends  &  family  throughout  the  evening   Live  audio     on  their  own  in  the  car   Peak  listening  Hme  of  the  day  and  transacAonal  listening   though  social  sharing   Good     morning   Commute   Lunch   Commute   Back  home   Good  night   4AM-6AM 7AM-9AM 10AM-12AM 1PM-3PM 4PM-6PM 7PM-9PM 10PM-12PM [Source:  OnDevice  Research]   A  DAY  IN  THE  LIFE  OF  A  LISTENER  
  6. 6. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   4  DISTINCT  TARGET  GROUPS   ACTIVE  LISTENERS   LEAN-­‐BACK  LISTENERS  CREATORS/LISTENERS   •  Younger,  high  mix  of  male   •  DYI  Discovery,  acAvely  share   •  30y+,  slightly  more  male   •  Commute  listener   •  Uses  iTunes  podcasts   •  30y+,  slightly  more  male   •  Urban  and  rural   •  Commute  listener   •  Live  audio  in  their  car   •  Older  crowd,  male/female   •  Mainstream  taste,  background   usage  at  the  office/home   •  Pandora/iHeart  user   PERSONAL  USERS   MUSIC  AUDIO   •  Young,  lightly  more  male,  urban   •  3-­‐5  h/day  with  peak  mid  day   •  Aware  of  10  services,  uses  5  YT,   iTunes,  Pandora,  SpoAfy,  SC   PRIMARY  TARGET:    Switchers  &  New  to  streaming   Core  Messaging  must  be  simplified  for  these  key  segments   SECONDARY  TARGET:   TradiAonal  Audience   AMAZE   ME     MAKE  IT   SIMPLE   •  Comedian,  radio  host,     •  DYI  Discovery,  love  to  share   •  Record  voice  memos   •  Alone,  classroom    [Source:  OnDevice  Research]  
  8. 8. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   STRATEGIC  DIRECTION   Phase  1   Compelling offering! Functional products! Positive consumer experience! Strong consumer ramp! Phase  2   Preferred products! Differentiated solution! Superior consumer experience! Sustained engagement! Corporate! Goals! Consumer  goals   Enthusiast adopters! Reason to show up, no reason to leave! Broad Adoption! Brand Awareness ! Strong NPS!
  9. 9. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   POSITIONING & MESSAGING FRAMEWORK!Background! Product! Name of the product! Target Audience! Target #1! Target #2! Target #3! Customer Needs! Customer need #1! Customer need #2! Customer need #3! Positioningand messaging! Tagline/Headline! Embody the biggest features of the product! Subhead! Short (3 words)! Long (25 words)! Positioning Statement/Product Intro! Short (˜25 words)! Highlights the “Beginner”! Medium (˜50-75 words)! Long (˜100-150 words)! Highlights the “Advanced Users”! Differentiating messages! Key Message #1! Key Message #2! Key Message #3! Key Benefits! Key Benefits! 2-3 Key benefits are listed in order of priority! Head! Simple message (˜3 words) to describe the benefit! Support! Legal claims describing the head! Support #1! Support #2! Support 3! Below messaging is to be used in all consumer-facing marketing & communications! Key! Features! Features! Features are listed in order of priority. If space only allows for two features, you must use top two features, listing the first feature first, second feature second. ! Quick Pitch! Use to communicate main benefit of Feature. Must be used before Key Message or Descriptive Message.! Key Message! Can only be used when paired with Quick Pitch. Not allowed as stand alone with Feature. ! Description! Can be used in place of Key Message, but only with Quick Pitch. Not allowed as stand alone message with Feature !
  10. 10. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   What  should  our  go-­‐to-­‐market   approach  consist  of  to  best   enable  us  to  acquire  new   customers?   Once  we  have  acquired   customers,  what  ongoing   engagement  model  will  allow   us  to  retain  them  and  create   advocates?   Satisfaction! Loyalty! Advocacy! Awareness" Interest" Consideration" Intent" Evaluation" Purchase" GTM   Customer   Engagement   GO-­‐TO-­‐MARKET  GOALS  
  11. 11. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   10  SUGGESTIONS  FOR  MARKETING  STRATEGY   BRANDING  AND  AWARENESS  TO  CAPTURE  NEW  USERS  AND  SWITCHERS  (USER  FATIGUE)   1.  Raise  Awareness:  Capitalize  on  posiAve  senAment,  clarify  through  simplified  core  messaging   2.  Connect  on  emoAonal  level  by  inspiring  an  audio  revoluAon  through  the  emoAon  of  sound     3.  Build  unique  experiences  including  Mobile  Studios,  Studios,  FesAvals   TARGET  TO  BE  THE  TOP  MUSIC  DESTINATION  BY  GOING  AFTER  LEAN  BACK  USERS     4.  Make  music  service  top  desAnaAon  for  lean  back  listening  experience  (curaAon,  recommendaAon)   5.  Mobile,  mobile,  mobile  and  connected  devices:  Increase  device  footprint,  awareness,  and  usage   6.  Create  innovaAve  360º  markeAng  &  partnerships  with  Creators,  Influencers,  OEMs,  and  Operators   7.  Develop  L&R  tacAcs  to  increase  engagement  (personalized  alerts  and  CRM,  curated  content)   GO  BEYOND  MUSIC  –  NO  ONE  HAS  DONE  A  GOOD  JOB  AFTER  ITUNES  PODCAST   8.  Aggressively  pursue  the  largely  untapped  US.  Non-­‐music  users   9.  Become  the  default  “voice  recorder”  on  mobile  through  partnership  and  educaAon   THINK  MONETIZATION   10.  Develop  new  moneAzaAon  models:  data,  patronage  (by  brands  and  users)  and  sponsored  content   MARKETING  PUSH  AROUND  HERO  LAUNCHES   (IDEALLY  2/YEAR)   NEW  PRODUCT,  NEW  DEVICE,  MAJOR  FEATURE,  MAJOR  PARTNERSHIP   ALWAYS-­‐ON  MARKETING  ACTIVITIES   FEATURE  UPDATE,  MILESTONES,  INFLUENCERS,  PARTNER  MARKETING,  L&R   MARKETING   APPROACH  
  12. 12. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   360º  MARKETING  PLAN   ONLINE VIDEO ADS Celebrate and Inspire listeners and reinforce uniqueness about music service with a “Sound of life” campaign STUDIO TRAINING/ TOUR Extend tour by expanding markets, target current and new SC creators. L&R CAMPAIGN Create a L&R program with personalized alerts, premium editorial content (text, audio, video , photo) MOBILE STUDIOS Culturally relevant advertising, including TV, radio, online video, online display & experiential/OOH executions STUDIOS Build iconic music, radio and artist studio in key US cities to record premium content demo unique features FESTIVALS Partner with iconic music and artistic festival to raise brand awareness, build premium content library and do product demonstrations HIGH IMPACT DIGITAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN Create campaigns that use breakthrough innovative technologies & cultural story- telling to increase buzz INSIDERS Expand our network of social influencers producing unique content to augment new content vertical OEM/OPERATOR PARTNERSHIPS Extend media buy through tagging spots with specific carrier offers EDITORIAL CONTENT ONLINE TV CHANNEL Build premium editorial A/V content around music and audio. Extend the brand beyond products.
  13. 13. OFF  THE  ONE  |  BRANDS  +  MUSIC   GO-TO-MARKET PLAN! Marketing! Launch! Sell in! Event! (CES, lifestyle event or own)! PRE-LAUNCH! LAUNCH! POST LAUNCH! Target! Focus vs. Broad! Promotion! Soft vs. Hard! Product Sell-Thru!P1! PRE-LAUNCH! LAUNCH! POST LAUNCH! Tie marketing to product launch! Marketing! Sell in! Product Sell-Thru!P2! Launch!Event! (CES, lifestyle event or own)!