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MFQT '19 Prelims

  2. 2. 1. Identify the character and put funda. A particular fictional character has a peculiar habit of having something in a manner, which is not the conventional method. His preferred method according to aficionados would lead to small shards of broken ice which causes faster melting and thereby dilution. Whereas following the conventional method leads to a velvety, perfectly blended mix. Identify the character and put funda.
  3. 3. James Bond,Shaken Not Stirred
  4. 4. 2. Where have you seen her? • Actress Lindsay Lohan sued Take Two interactive. She alleges that the company profited off using her likeness to promote their bestselling product. She claims that a certain character Lacey Jonas was an unlawful use of her likeness. The New York Supreme Court ultimately ruled against Lohan, while noting that the character was a satirical representation of a modern beach going young woman and not a slandering representation. • Although ardent fans would know that Lacey Jonas was a totally different character and not the person Lohan was claiming likeness to, in fact the person Lohan was referring to was only cooked up for promotional purposes, and she is only visible in a slideshow along with characters like Franklin, Lester, Dave Norton, Ron etc. Give Funda.
  5. 5. GTA Loading Screen Girl
  6. 6. 3.ID X ” Black, then white are, all I see, in my infancy, Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me, Let’s me see” • The above excerpt of lyrics is taken from a song by progressive metal band, Tool. What makes this particular song unique is the time signatures and the structuring of the syllables in each line of the lyrics. Both reference a significant mathematical pattern X, seen very often in various artworks around the word, more popularly in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Identify X.
  7. 7. X-Fibonacci series
  8. 8. 4.Name The Phrase • The expression ‘_____ ___ __ _____' is used to indicate that someone has fallen just short of a successful outcome and failed to secure any reward. • The phrase is of US origin and dates from the mid-20th century. Fairground stalls gave out ______as prizes, and this is the most likely source, although there's no definitive evidence to prove that. It is very much an American expression and is little used elsewhere in the English-speaking world. The first recorded use of the expression in print is in Sayre and Twist's publishing of the script of the 1935 film version of Annie Oakley: "Close, Colonel,___ __ _____!". • Name the Phrase
  9. 9. Close, But No Cigar.
  10. 10. 5. • A 27-foot sculpture made out of 100,000 _____s has been placed on the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square as a form of tribute. • The sculpture, named _____angel was created in Oswestry, Shropshire, by the British Ironwork Centre. It took two years to build. • The police force was the primary supplier for the sculpture with them providing ____s that they had confiscated. • What is the sculpture made up of, and what is it a tribute to?(All blanks are basically the same)
  11. 11. Knives Angel,tribute to knife attack victims.
  12. 12. 6.ID XY • The name XY was coined by the Finns during the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939. The name was an insulting reference to Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav X, who was one of the architects of the X–Ribbentrop Pact signed in late August 1939. The pact with Nazi Germany was widely mocked by the Finns, as was much of the propaganda X produced to accompany the pact, including his declaration that bombing missions over Finland were actually airborne humanitarian food deliveries. The Finns sarcastically dubbed the Soviet cluster bombs "X bread baskets", and called XY as a “drink to go with the food”.(You may know XY’s cost to be $600 for T’s) • ID XY.
  13. 13. Molotov Cocktails
  14. 14. 7.ID The Expression • Actors have always been a superstitious bunch, as you might expect from a profession in which employment is sporadic, audiences fickle and reputations fragile. • Of all theatrical superstitions, a certain attempt to ward off the forces of darkness especially stands out. Wishing one’s fellow performers the opposite of good luck is perhaps the best known one outside the profession. It is widely used among actors and musicians in the theatre today, sometimes before every performance, but more often reserved for first night. • What am I talking about?
  15. 15. Break A Leg
  16. 16. 8.ID X • X is a phantom island that was reputed, during the 15th-century age of exploration, to lie in the Atlantic Ocean, far to the west of Portugal and Spain. The island also went by the name of Isle of Seven Cities (Ilha das Sete Cidades in Portuguese, Isla de las Siete Ciudades in Spanish).It originates from an old Iberian legend, set during the Muslim conquest of Hispania c. 714. Seeking to flee from the Muslim conquerors, seven Christian Visigothic bishops embarked with their flocks on ships and set sail westwards into the Atlantic Ocean, eventually landing on an island where they founded seven settlements. • X eventually found its way into India in 2010, where it is now associated with luxury and overindulgence, while there is poverty in the vicinity.
  17. 17. X-Antilla
  18. 18. 9.Give me the comment • The follow comment thread is from the official trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft game "Skull and Bones", which revolves around buccaneering and navy warfare. • The blanked out comment is particularly witty given the setting of the game. • It even evoked an unexpected reply by Ubisoft, suggesting that they would make him walk the plank, for something which most of us are guilty of.
  19. 19. 10. What is the purpose of this playlist? • Livin on a prayer,tearin up my heart,heart and soul,hips don't lie,better together. • These are some of the numerous songs in a playlist, which was developed by New York-Presbyterian Hospice, which collects songs that have a tempo between 100 and 120 beats per minute. • What is the purpose of this playlist?
  20. 20. CPR
  21. 21. 11.Fear of what? • The ironically named Aibohphobia is the irrational fear of what? • P.S- If you had Aibohphobia, this question would have two triggers.
  22. 22. Fear Of Pallindromes
  23. 23. 12. What design choice and which product? (2 marker) • This huge design choice made this company’s products unique as compared to its competitors. The choice was made on the basis that simple geometric shapes are easier to remember than alphabets in the heat of the moment. • All the simple geometric shapes chosen conveyed a message, much better than the respective alphabets scheme followed by its competitors. The symbols were a representation of things like yes,no,point of view and a sheet of paper. • What design choice and which product?
  24. 24. Playstation’s DualShock Controller Using Symbols instead of Alphabets
  25. 25. 13.Give me S,M and the connect (2 marker) • S---->M • DM Bravo---->Blackwood • Dean Elgar---->T. De Bruyn • Id S and M, probably the most effective pair of the list.
  26. 26. S- Steve Smith, M-Marnus Labuschagne •Concussion substitute pairings as per the new rules.
  27. 27. 14.ID the city and give what the two pioneers founded. (2 marker) • The tale of this city's relation with _______ ____has an inalienable relation with the city's J&K synthetics, and it's shutting down which left it's workers jobless in the 1980’s. • The two pioneers of the city's current status, Mr. Vinod Kumar and Rajesh Maheshwari used to be neighbors in the J&K synthetics employees colony.Id what the two people founded. • Ps-The QM is not responsible for any PTSD this question might cause.
  28. 28. Kota Bansal and Allen
  29. 29. 15. Give XY • According to a 2017 research in the UK, XY in Jewish children living in the UK was about 10 times more common that it was in Jewish children living in Israel. • A similar study in the USA also yielded similar results. • It turned out there was was a big diet difference which caused this disparity, children in Israel commonly ate a snack called bamba,a corn puff made with X _____,while their counterparts in the UK and USA rarely ever ate X products. • Howard Wolowitz is an example of this disparity. • Give XY
  30. 30. XY-Peanut Allergy
  31. 31. 16.Give me the event. • Perhaps the most famous of its kind was the October 1927 Fifth edition. • It was here, that the famous quote," God does not play dice" was uttered. • It also marked the culmination of the struggle between the scientific realists Vs the instrumentalists. • Starting at this point, the instrumentalists won, with instrumentalism having been seen as the norm ever since. • What event was this?
  32. 32. Solvay Conference
  33. 33. 17.ID X Since its origins, X has consisted of three major components: a bottom layer of glue, mesh fabric, and a polyethylene plastic coating on top to keep it water- resistant. According to Johnson & Johnson, soldiers nicknamed the material "___" in reference to its ability to repel moisture "like water off a ____." Soldiers began noticing it wasn’t just good for waterproofing ammunition casings, but also worked great for repairing things. They began using it for repairing jeeps, guns, and aircraft. Due to its waterproof nature and strength they even began using it as a temporary means to close up wounds in emergencies. Originally marketed as green, the silver version is now widely used. Identify X.
  34. 34. X- Duct Tape
  35. 35. 18.Give XY • Nobody can agree on where XY were invented, but supposedly they were used as a fish substitute back in the 1600s. The locals in Belgium normally fried fish, but in the winter the river was frozen so they couldn’t catch any fish. They turned to ____ as a substitute! • At least one source says that "XY" was introduced when American, Canadian, and British soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I. The Belgians served them, and since X was the language of the Belgian Army, the name "X" was associated with the food. What is XY?
  36. 36. XY-French Fries
  37. 37. 19.FITB • Divyansh Singh Panwar is an Indian sport shooter who won the silver medal in the 10 metre air rifle event at the 2019 ISSF World Cup. Panwar took up shooting in 2014 at the age of 12 and initially used his elder sister Anjali's weapons at the Jangpura shooting range in Jaipur. • In 2017, his father became worried by ____ and enrolled him at the Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi where he trained under Deepak Kumar Dubey. • After his double triumph in Beijing, Divyansh’s love for ____ made headlines, with the Jaipur lad saying that it was blown out of proportion, and that he was not addicted. What is being talked about?
  38. 38. PUBG
  39. 39. 20.Give the invention and the inventor. • In 1840, Warren de la Rue created one of the world's first X. He placed within a vacuum tube a platinum coil and glided an electric current through it. The design was done so that the high melting point of platinum would help it operate at higher temperatures and that the released chamber would have less gas molecules to respond with the platinum, making it last longer. • The item Warren invented was one of the most significant inventions in human history, but it is never attributed to him, as another inventor, notorious for his practice patenting derived inventions, claimed it, and is now the widely accepted inventor of this item. Name X as well the inventor.
  40. 40. X-Light Bulb
  41. 41. 21. Think Cricket, think Iceland • The 2018-19 Domestic Cricket Cup series between Rekjavik and Kópavogur was sponsored by reddit, with updates being posted to r/cricket. Keeping cricket, and Iceland as whole in mind, the series was given a very suitable name. • What is the name of the Series?
  42. 42. Volcanic Ashes
  43. 43. 22.ID X and Y • If you were a fan who attended the X at Y in 2005, it could be argued you witnessed one of the strangest races in history. A field of 20 should have been lined up for the race, but on that Sunday of June 19 just six were on the start. It all started with a crash during one of the early practice sessions, which led to the organizers banning a certain type of contenders from starting the race, out a fear of safety for both the competitors and the spectators. Instead of cancelling the event, the race was allowed to proceed, with the majority of the field not participating. This bizzare turn of events nearly drove the sport out of the particular country for good. The event was eventually discontinued in 2007, although X made a reappearance 2012 onwards,but in a different location, with Kimi Raikkonen being the latest winner. • Another very famous race occurs at Y, with Takuma Sato being one of the recent winners. Give me X and Y.
  44. 44. X-US GP Y-Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  45. 45. 23. • From item numbers to gravity defying stunts, bollywood is known for it's fair share of stereotypes and tropes. One of the most famous one, which no doubt all of us would be familiar with, would become a whole lot more difficult to execute in recent times due to the discontinuation of the primary object in the trope, due to concerns for safety. • Identify this trend/trope in bollywood which has arguably existed since the 80s, as well as the central object.
  46. 46. Omni
  47. 47. 24.ID X and the event. • The following tweets were made by Sunderland AFC and Ipswich Town FC with respect to a recent event. • This event had X equaling Ipswich's unwanted record from 1995. • What event, and ID X.
  48. 48. X-Southampton FC, Leicester beating Southampton 9-0
  49. 49. 25.What Achievement does the original upload hold? • Years before Kim Kardashian balanced a champagne glass on her arse, the internet was being broken by a lad from Porto Alegre armed with a pair of Nike Tiempos and a football. • To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film, Nike released a remastered version, promoting the limited edition release of Tiempo Touch of Gold boots. • The original is a part of YouTube history along with videos like:- Me At the Zoo, Gangam Style and Despacito.
  50. 50. First YouTube video to hit 1 million views