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Lockdown Quiz Prelims



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Lockdown Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. LOCKDOWN QUIZ By Anish Bharatrajan
  2. 2. 1) • In Season 1 of the hit show Inside Edge(2017) Vivek Oberoi plays Vikrant Dhawan a genius megalomaniac. In the show Dhawan is regularly shown playing the board game ‘Go’, it was used by the creators as a prop to show his high IQ. • What was the reason behind the creators using Go to signify a high IQ as opposed to a conventional game like Chess to showcase the same?
  3. 3. • This was because Go was the last board game that humans dominated AI in. • However two weeks before the show aired, AlphaGo asserted Ai superiority.
  4. 4. 2)ID X,Y and Z • When designing a video game, every decision plays a part in defining the overall player experience. Perhaps one of the most defining decisions that can come up is deciding the _______ __________. This decision will have a big role in shaping the rest of the design of the game. • According to a research paper the X variant has shown an increase in confidence and coordination ,Y has shown an increase in strategizing and Z which has not yet been implemented is theorized to increase empathy.
  5. 5. • X-First person shooter • Y- third person • Z-second person
  6. 6. 3)ID X/Y and put funda for the sporting aspect • X is the idea that past behaviour influences the future probabilistically. • It has also been called Y based on the best known example of the phenomenon, which occurred in a certain Casino in 1913, when the ball in Roulette fell in black 29 times in a row, which led to people betting massively on red and losing millions. • X also plays a role in a certain aspect of a sport where one of the more ‘disadvantaged’ players becomes influenced by it. According to research it starts to be more significant than chance especially after three.
  7. 7. • X-gamblers fallacy • Affects goalkeeprs in penalty shootouts • A famous example of this was in the Euro 2004 Quarter final match between England and Portugal when Simao,Rui Costa and Ronaldo all went left and David James expected the next taker(Maniche) to go right but he too went left.
  8. 8. 4) ID the 1968 novel and the painting in question • In a 2013 sci-fi film the main character(played by Tom Cruise) and his wife commemorate the past by hanging a painting ‘X’ they find at the ruins of the Museum of Modern Art.In the end when the main character dies while sacrificing himself, his wife preserves his memory by framing the painting with twigs found in the forest around their house. • According to director Joseph Kosinski the film commemorates the ‘agricultural past of humanity in a post apocalyptic world via the visual archiving of one of the greatest American paintings of the 20th century’. • It was also intended as an homage to a 1968 Novel wherein it is one of the two paintings (the other being van Gogh's Bridge at Arles) hanging on the ‘living room wall of an elegant, anonymous hotel room’.
  9. 9. 2001 space odyssey and Christians world
  10. 10. 5)ID X • X’s name derives from Aussie slang for techno rave parties, dubbed _____ parties for their repetitive 4/4 beats. • X was played by an Australian-New Zealand ‘shredder’ for authenticity.On being asked about the experience he said that he was just screaming his head off the entire time and just tearing through Namibia on a truck while stood on a piece of Datsun 1600 chasis was just something else • X’s plaything supposedly weighed 60 kgs and had to be held up with bungie ropes
  11. 11. X-doof warrior
  12. 12. 6) Put funda • ”Computers pull information from your secondary memory and load it into the RAM to access it quickly. Since the ____ is already loaded into the RAM, the game doesn’t have to waste time bringing data from the secondary memory, causing it to run more smoothly with less loading.” • This was a workaround made by Rockstar in one of the most fundamental features of the game to get around performance limits in the older gens and is especially frustrating at times. • This workaround inadvertently follows Syndrome’s philosophy from ‘The Incredibles’.
  13. 13. In Gta once you get into a certain car the game starts replicating those cars around you
  14. 14. 7)ID X which is a source of nightmares for many • X was conceived at an internal hackathon as a competitor for slack(after a failed attempt at purchasing slack)at ________ and was announced at an event in New York, and was launched worldwide on March 14, 2017. • In the last month X has almost doubled its number of daily users. • X has been called an ‘absolute abortion of an application with GIFs and memes to look cool and hip and take attention away from its vampiric code that likes to feast on resources’
  15. 15. 8) ) ID what inspired this scene in family guy
  16. 16. The Chicago museum of art scene in ferris bullers day off
  17. 17. 9) ID the film and how did X reach a full circle in 2018 • This 1980s film is canonically considered to be a testosterone pumping action flick but it has plot points straight out of a stereotypical slasher film. • Dillon is the bitch queen whom you root for to be killed. • Poncho as the harbinger who sees what everyone else dismisses, a typical jock and a black guy who dies. • Hawkins(played by X) as the nerd and finally the main character as The Virgin who isn't pure because he abstains from sex and drugs, but because he abstains from unnecessary killing. • X reached sort of a full circle with the franchise in 2018 and incurred the wrath of fans.
  18. 18. Predator X-Shane black Shane Black directed the 2018 Predator film
  19. 19. 10)FITB • Transformers: Age of Extinction has Mark Whalberg playing a doting dad to Tessa(played by Nicola Peltz).His world turns upside down not when he harbours an alien faction leader but when he discovers that his 17 year old daughter is dating Shane a 20 year old race car driver. • Whalberg freaks out and threatens to call the cops on Shane because Tessa’s a minor. Tessa then explains that the two met and started dating in high school. • Shane goes a step further and shows a card displaying the legality of their relationship due to the _____ ___ ______ act. • Whalberg then quips back by saying “You know how that ends right?”
  20. 20. Romeo And Juliet law
  21. 21. 11)ID X • X is a miniseries published by DC comics last year. The story takes place in an alternate timeline where a version of the anti-life equation has ravaged Earth with most of the population having been turned into undead zombie like creatures. • What brilliant wordplay combining the publishing house and a significant step in becoming a zombie did they use to create the name X.
  22. 22. DCeased
  23. 23. 12)Put funda • • Blue Dye • • Non-Photochemically reactive Lacquer Thinner • • Blue Dye • • Chewing gum • • Raw Egg Yolk • • Expulsion of Hot Air • A process of destruction and forgery is being described here.
  24. 24. 13)ID X and why was the number 51 chosen • X has a short cameo in the latest Star Wars film to honour their contribution to the Star Wars universe. X makes a brief appearance in the underworld of Kijimi. • In the scene X is seemingly surrounded by junk, but according to director JJ Abrams they are in fact 51 artifacts paying homage to X’s career.
  25. 25. John Williams and a tribute to his 51 Oscar nominations
  26. 26. 14)ID X/variant used by Y and the act • The X series pistols are manufactured by German PW group.During WWII they were the weapon of choice of the Officers in the Luftwaffe. • A variant of the X series has been made hugely popular by Y who made the switch from a .25 Beretta to X in 1958 • The above mentioned variant is infamously etched into bloody history for its involvement in an act in an air raid shelter in the 20th century. • Shown is an image of the weapon used which now lies in a museum in the Kremlin.
  27. 27. Walter PPK used by James bond • Hitler used it to kill himself
  28. 28. 15)ID the characters X and Y • Shirley Henderson is a Scottish Actress with around 85 acting credits to her name. She has lent her voice to characters in two of the most successful film franchises of all time. • She played X in 2002 and 2005 in one of the franchises and played Y in 2019 in the other franchise. • Her role as Y was very well received by fans and was said to have one of the best moments of the film.
  29. 29. X-Moaning myrtle Y-babu frik from rise of skywalker
  30. 30. 16)ID X and the song • _____ was a summer hit song that had a very well received music video which paid homage to an iconic 1990’s coming of age film X. • Over 250 extras were individually styled, over two weeks to meticulously recreate the style of X. Many scenes in the music video are remakes of key scenes from X, with outfits designed to channel the look of the film's clothing. • X also has a spinoff Tv series and a book series of the same name. • (Image of The lead actress of X performing the song on ‘Lip Sync Battles’.)
  31. 31. Fancy and Clueless
  32. 32. 17) ID X, which is something all of us in India would have watched considering it to be true IMAX. • The IMAX film standard uses 70 mm film run through the projector horizontally. This technique produces an area that is almost 10 times larger than the standard 35 mm format. • The problem for IMAX, however, was that they could only use it in a small number of museum films and select documentaries. It wasn’t until The Dark Knight in 2008 that a Hollywood film finally utilized the IMAX camera. • In the wake of its success IMAX devised a plan to convince theatres to start using IMAX screens, but they had to make compromises like only using 22% of the IMAX screen size only 1/9th of the original resolution. • This was appropriately dubbed X, a pun on the original product.
  33. 33. LieMAX
  34. 34. 18)ID X and where you saw X being name dropped. • X was named dropped last year along with terms like the Deustch Proposition and a term from Maths-1. • One could even argue that although an inverted X as mentioned was against the very definition of a X and had little technical relevance, an argument could be made for the metaphorical interpretation of X since there have been some real world attempts to explain the grandfather paradox using a X.
  35. 35. X-Mobius Strip
  36. 36. 19) What did the director do to portray that particular plot point and why • Color out of Space is a 2019 Sci-fi film based on an H.P. Lovecraft book where an extraterrestrial organism lands on their farm and starts infecting their minds and bodies. • An important plot point in the book was that the aliens were indescribable and unimaginable. This made the director adopt a scientific approach to portray that plot point in the film.
  37. 37. Because Magenta isn’t a real colour(it has no wavelength on the EM spectrum)
  38. 38. 25) Put funda • The most widely used numeral system in the ancient world was base 10, a system that probably originated because it was easy for humans to count using their fingers. But it had certain drawbacks in the ancient world where fractions where hard to express • 10/3=3.33, 10/4=2.5, 10/6=1.67 • For a task as common as X, fractions wouldn’t be feasible so it led to the usage of a different numeric system which we still use.
  39. 39. An hour being 60 minutes,a minute being 60 seconds and a day being 24 hours • Since 60 and 24 when divided by 2,3,4,6 and 12 produce whole numbers.
  40. 40. 21) ID the song X which also featured in S2E5 of Derry Girls • The Music video for X was filmed in Belfast originally as a documentary on ‘The Troubles’ and includes real clips of local children playing war games and British forces on patrol and was originally banned by the BBC • X was supposedly written as a way of letting the world know that the IRA did not represent the people of Ireland. • Artists all over the globe have also paid tribute to X, with Eminem sampling it on his In Your Head single.
  41. 41. Zombie by The Cranberries
  42. 42. 22)ID X and Y • ‘__ ________ ___________’ by Peter Van Houten is a book about a girl named Anna who has a rare form of blood cancer and is set in a central Californian Town. Anne was supposed to represent Peter Van Houten's daughter since he lost her to Lukemia at the age of 8. • Peter Van Houten was played by William Dafoe in X and a derivative of Peter Van Houten was played by Saif Ali Khan in Y
  43. 43. X-The fault in our stars Y-Dil Bechara
  44. 44. 23)Which real life person is Radomsky based on • In a 2015 song’s Music Video, Richard Radomsky is shown to be a struggling athlete who lives alone with his daughter in a trailer, he is underperforming on the field and descends into alcoholism and depression. • Radomsky is inspired by his daughter to create a new technique which helps him get a gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics.
  45. 45. Dick Fosbury who invented the Fosbury Flop
  46. 46. 24)ID X and which sport • Alfred Watkins was an English Self taught amateur archaeologist who was an active member of the Photographic Convention of the UK. • An avid photographer Watkins began with a primitive pinhole camera made from a cigar box and devised a rudimentary version of X called the Bee Meter after exploring the mathematical relations of lens size and exposure periods. • An advanced version of the Bee meter is now used in a particular sport and at times assists in something which is often quite annoying to the viewers
  47. 47. X-Light Meter which is used to end the a test match day by the Umpires