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Gen Quiz prelims- TT'20



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Gen Quiz prelims- TT'20

  1. 1. General Quiz @ QI ‘20 Hosted by Ayush Malviya, Anish Bharatrajan, and Sanchit Sahay
  2. 2. Prelims
  3. 3. Generic thank yous ● Everyone
  4. 4. The general rules ● You will see 20 questions, unless something has gone wrong. ● Q1-Q13 are +1/0 ● Q14-Q20 are +2/+1/0 ● Out of these , , , are star marked to resolve ties, after which it’ll be down to sudden death ● QMs are gods, and Malgawd
  6. 6. Q1. What connects these? 1. A desire to know or learn. 2. A deep understanding of what somebody/something is like. 3. The part of a person that is not physical; your thoughts and feelings, not your body. 4. A situation or a time in which it is possible to do something that you would like to do.
  7. 7. Mars Rovers/Landers 1. Curiosity - A desire to know or learn. 2. InSight - A deep understanding of what somebody/something is like. 3. Spirit - The part of a person that is not physical; your thoughts and feelings, not your body. 4. Opportunity - A situation or a time in which it is possible to do something that you would like to do.
  8. 8. Q2. What company? On the next slide is the Hebrew letter "Pe" which is the 17th in chronological order. When it comes to foreign letters being used in English a lot of ignorance is observed with users preferring looks over actual pronunciation. Example being ß being pronounced as "B" instead of "S". A stylised version of this letter Pe is used twice in a logo for a very famous internet platform, which subjected itself to speculations of it being an easter egg - a joke on their own expense owing to the fact that their CEO is Jewish.
  9. 9. Joke being it’s piscorp
  10. 10. Q3. ID the phrase This is the English translation of an extremely popular phrase The phrase is originally from a 1983 TV Series and was brought into relevance in 2017 by a YouTuber, since then it has become a staple in YouTube videos where it is used to portray moments of shock.
  11. 11. Q4. What did the art designer create. In 1967 a student at Cambridge University was surveying the sky with a newly constructed radio telescope, after a few weeks of observation she noticed something odd. The telescope had picked up on a radio signal that seemed to be pulsating at an interval of exactly 1.33 seconds. It was thought to be an otherworldly source and was named LGM-1(Little green men) although soon it became known that these radio signals were from Pulsars and not an alien world. An art designer found this interesting and decided to use the images of the radio signals to create something iconic, he reversed the image from black-on-white to white-on-black to make it look sexier and printed it on textured card for the original version of the _____.
  12. 12. Q5. What song? Though this song, advocating the image of an ideal world, gained immense popularity, some have often interpreted is as a Communist anthem. X, the singer himself, claimed that even though he wasn’t a Communist, the song was ‘virtually the Communist Manifesto’, adding that it was only accepted and celebrated because it was sugarcoated. "Now I understand what you have to do," he continued. "Put your political message across with a little honey."
  13. 13. Imagine by John Lennon
  14. 14. Q6. What practice, what movie? The practice of ____ in India was abolished under an act passed in 1973. However it still takes place to resolve some sort of disputes in the Parsi community. It's said that a certain famous criminal case was a prominent motivation to do away with this system, the case being popularised by a 2016 Bollywood Movie. All of this being said, this practice is prominent in a lot of countries still, including the USA. It's often mocked as being an inconvenience not liked by citizens, and has been seen in popular culture including The Office.
  15. 15. Jury. Rustom
  16. 16. Q7. ID X & Y X is a 1982 horror film and Y is an extremely popular 2018 released video game. The creators of Y have cited X as one of their inspiration for creating their game. Plot points like paranoia and teamwork are one of the most important aspects of both X and Y.
  17. 17. X- The Thing, Y-Among Us
  18. 18. Q8. What alphanumeric pattern connects these two? An American single-jet engine, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Which was once featured on MythBusters, testing the claim that it's the hardest vehicle to pilot. It's also responsible for a lot of UFO sightings. A rock band formed in 1976 with album names often referencing military/aero theme, with one of their recent albums being distributed for free to users of Apple iTunes, in 2014.
  19. 19. U2
  20. 20. Q9. Who is X? 30 Rock was a Television Show that revolved around the happenings in and around the NBC Headquarters in New York City which includes a lot of meta references, including cameos by Conan and Aaron Sorkin. In one such storyline NBC is accused of not meeting diversity standards which prompts Jack Donaghy to say "Who's the black kid in Community?", to which Liz Lemon Replies "X" however completely butchering the pronunciation. X was indeed an actor on Community as well as a writer on 30 Rock, who has gone on to be perhaps one of the most prominent young stars, to the extent which his escapes in the show Community and 30 Rock are eclipsed, having found success in acting, comedy, directing as well as music.
  21. 21. Donald Glover
  22. 22. Q10. Name the mathematical problem. Following is the solution for a mathematical problem that finds its roots in a popular entertainment context. Despite the solution being pretty clear it has been a subject to a lot of confusions and controversies. This problem is also used in other entertainment contexts where it's used as a tool to leverage humour or to show someone flexing their brain muscles.
  23. 23. Monty Hall!
  24. 24. Q11. Name the original context and the subject In the novel A Clockwork Orange, a rather severe rendition of a particular commonly known experiment is shown, where a subject is made to undergo a particular procedure which ensures that everytime he tries to commit a violent act, he feels nauseated. The concept and the original experiment behind this is way more popular in a general context.
  25. 25. Pavlov’s Dog
  26. 26. Q.12 ID these two functions. These two functions on a modern day computer are probably amongst the most commonly used. While access to one of these functions is easier to memorise because of mnemonics, that of the other function seems somewhat random. Although anyone even mildly experienced with computers knows them like second nature. The reason for the seemingly random access method is allegedly because of a UX reason, keeping both access methods as similar as possible since they are used together more often than not.
  27. 27. Ctrl C, Ctrl V
  28. 28. Q13. ID X X is an American writer, producer, director, voice actor, and radio personality. Given below is a list of things which you probably might know him from ● Host of Chatterbox FM(2001) ● Host of V-Rock(2002) ● Host of Entertaining America at WCTR(2004) ● Intern at V-Rock(2006) ● Host of Integrity 2.0(2008) ● Co-host of Chattersphere(2013) ● Host of Fame or Shame(2013)
  29. 29. X-Lazlow Jones
  30. 30. 2 Pointers Start
  31. 31. Q14.ID Y and what ordeal is being talked about. X is a footballer from Ghana who plays for the ORPC Sports Club, in a 7-a-side tournament. He was planning to make some quick money over the summer but unfortunately the CoronaVirus Pandemic brought the entire tournament to a standstill. X was then unable to find a dormitory to stay in and approached the Mumbai Police for help, the Mumbai Police suggested that he do a certain something and he ended up taking their advice. X said that his inspiration throughout his ordeal was Y, who had also suffered a similar sort of ordeal in 2004 due to political tensions in Eastern Europe.
  32. 32. Y-Tom Hanks/Viktor Navorski Stayed at Mumbai Airport for over two months
  33. 33. Q15. ID X & Y X was a leader of a native American nation who defied the U.S. government and eluded capture for many years, X was supposedly used as a codename for a certain operation and it drew the ire of the Native American community who said that X was being maligned and they requested for a name change. However later press releases revealed that the actual name of the Operation was Y(named with reference to the insignia of the organisation which carried out the operation) and not X.
  34. 34. X-Geronimo Y-Neptune Spear
  35. 35. Q16. ID Y, and also give relevance of this entire thing. The following are descriptions of excerpts from the "about the author" section of the author X. born in New York, served a four-year stint in the Coast Guard, which he then followed with ten years in the Merchant Marine His fifth novel was dedicated to his wife, who also received credit for the author photo on the book jacket. X had one child, a boy, who died in an unfortunate, Y-esque (Y being a more popular author) accident at the age of six, when he fell through a well and drowned. In 1982, a brain tumour was discovered near the base of X's brain; tricky surgery removed it. It was revealed that he died in 1985 owing to a special sort of cancer, a rare form of schizonomia
  36. 36. Y - Stephen King. Richard Bachman (pseudonym)
  37. 37. Q17.ID X or Y and what is this a list of ● William Bragg ● Niels Bohr ● Hans von Euler-Chelpin ● Arthur Kornberg ● Manne Siegbhan ● J.J Thompson ● X and Y
  38. 38. X/Y-Marie Curie and Pierre Curie List of people who have won a Nobel Prize and then their child also has won it
  39. 39. Q18. Who is X? Put funda wrt the beat? X is one of the most popular artists of this century, X puts their heart and soul into their music and has had many record albums and singles. One of X’s favorite songs is Y which was released in 2015. X contributed to the beat of the song in a very unique and personal manner,something which is quite clear when you listen to the song. In an interview X said that they took inspiration from Michael Jackson for this, since he had also done something similar for his 1987 hit ‘Smooth Criminal’.
  40. 40. X-Taylor Swift,User her heartbeat in Wildest Dreams
  41. 41. Q19.What product is he talking about, put funda A neuroscientist from Brandeis University published a research paper which says that there is a difference between taste, smell and flavour. Taste is what our tongue tells our brain, smell is the message from our nose to our brain and flavour is a combination of signals between the tongue, nose, eyes, and ears. Our brains fools us into thinking that this combined signal is actually coming from only the tongue. He also claimed that a very popular product used this loophole to sell their products.
  42. 42. Skittles, He claimed that all Skittles are actually same with just a different colour and all of the colours taste the same
  43. 43. Q20. ID the incident and what certain tech development took off Ever since the Internet Boom of the 1990’s people hadn't imagined entire computing systems being destroyed without warning. This was until a very infamous incident which had repercussions on the tech world. During this incident phone lines were down and everyone rushed to the Web and tried to access a certain type of website. This led to the websites being choked up and were ground to a halt. Up until then the daily peak traffic witnessed had been 6 gigabits, but it reached 12.5 Gigabits that day. A lot of websites had to put a single static web page explaining the event and the web issues. This incident led to a certain development in tech taking off, with the pioneer being Akamai Technologies.
  44. 44. 9/11,Cloud Computing