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Around the world in 80 questions(finals)



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Quizzing through the ages
Quizzing through the ages
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Around the world in 80 questions(finals)

  2. 2. 1. ID X(2.5) Give me what they did • X is a historical region which is located in central Romania. Bound on the east and south by its natural borders, the Carpathian mountain range, it extended westward to the Apuseni Mountains. • The Anglosphere commonly associates X with ____, thanks to the dominant influence of a literary work and the many films and Tv Shows the tale inspired. • BBC recently released a new series starring Claes Bang as the titular character, based on the aforementioned literary work. BBC played with certain characteristics of ____ in a truly brilliant way for a billboard.
  4. 4. 1. What is the reason for doing this/what are they trying to prove. • The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, commonly known as The Boneyard, where the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) takes care of disused warplanes and fighter jets. It is home to everything from enormous cargo planes to bombers, Hercules freighters, A10 Thunderbolts and the F-14 Tomcat fighters. • “Each of the storage yards typically performs a variety of functions from storing aircraft that are temporarily out of service but expected to return to the fleet, to reclaiming useable parts which are inspected, overhauled, and then held until needed by active aircraft, to dismantling of the aircraft carcasses.Many of the planes date back to the Cold War or Vietnam, including retired B-52 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons. • They were stored with their wings removed and placed on the ground to prove something.
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  6. 6. They did to prove to soviet satellites that the planes were non operational
  7. 7. 2. ID X and who Mr. Moreira is. • One of the earliest known references to the concept of X is found in the Hebrew Bible. Nehemiah 2:7–9, dating from approximately 450 BC, states that Nehemiah, an official serving King Artaxerxes I of Persia, asked permission to travel to Judea; the king granted leave and gave him a letter "to the governors beyond the river" requesting safe passage for him as he traveled through their lands. • King Henry V of England is credited with having invented what some consider the first proper X in the modern sense. The earliest reference to these documents is found in a 1414 Act of Parliament.In 1540, granting X’s England became a role of the Privy Council of England. In 1794, issuing British X’s became the job of the Office of the Secretary of State. • Quite recently a certain Mr. Moreira was held by police in Asuncion (for matters related to X deception) where he had been staying with his brother. The 39-year-old had travelled to Asuncion to promote a book and a campaign for underprivileged children.
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  9. 9. X- Passports Ronaldinho
  10. 10. 3.ID X • This was a design of an X used to kill A reporter, Georgi Markov, had just crossed the Waterloo bridge over In England. • An autopsy revealed that he had been poisoned with Ricin, a poisonous substance that blocks the body's ability to make proteins (very bad news). It takes 4–6 hours to onset and can easily kill people in small doses. • Button 1 is the trigger that fires the ricin. Button 7 contains the actual ricin.
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  12. 12. X-Umbrella
  13. 13. X-Umbrella
  14. 14. 4. Give me the slogan • In 1977, Gary Gilmore was tied to a chair. Sandbags were stacked up behind him. • A line of volunteer police officers then gathered behind a curtain with 5 holes in it. They placed their rifles through the holes. • He was to be executed for 2 brutal murders in the state of Utah. • They lifted their gun, aimed. • The called man then asked, “Do you have any final words?” • Gary then said _ • Advertising executive Dan Weiden read about this story and then used it to produce the slogan for a popular brand.
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  16. 16. JUST DO IT
  17. 17. 5.ID X • In Brazil during the early 1970s there was a period of strong censorship by the dictatorial government. So Cildo Meireles began an art project with political undertones that was designed to reach a mass-audience. • This project manifested in multiple ways, two of the most well-known being the X project, and the Banknote project. The goal of Insertions... was to literally insert some kind of counter-information or critical thought into a large system of circulated information. The project was achieved by printing images and messages onto various items that were already widely circulated, and which had value discouraging them being destroyed, such as X (which were recycled by way of a deposit scheme) and banknotes. • The text was white, so nobody noticed anything until they filled the X. Examples include teaching one on how to make a Molotov.
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  19. 19. Coke Bottles
  20. 20. 6. • To avoid being caught and removed in handcuffs by the authorities for playing around on the actual structure, I decided it would be more prudent to build a replica of a section of and conduct a ________ competition and finished construction a week after the impassable declaration. • After announcing our event on the Rock and Ice website, the project went insanely viral. • When the Comp came to a close on Saturday, 65 competitors had plied their skills on our ____. First place went to Casey Crowder, second to Erik Kloeker, and third to Javier Luna. All three made ground-to-ground finishes in under 14 seconds.
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  22. 22. Climbing Trumps Wall
  23. 23. 7. Put funda • “It is a hidden cornerstone of modern civilization, and the shared heritage of all humanity.” • Things started earlier this year with thousands of popular X projects but the Arctic Y Vault will be extended to all public ____________ in February. X is used by more than 40 million users and currently hosts more than 100 million ____________. • The Y will be stored in a decommissioned coal mine in Svalbard, Norway, the same city chosen to host a global seed vault.
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  25. 25. Github : Arctic Code Vault
  26. 26. 8. What did Americans buy • Following the attacks of 9/11 in 2001, there was a spike in the purchase of a certain commodity. Factories were operating at full capacity and pumping more of this otherwise imported good with Made in USA labels to capitalise/ 'Do their Part' in the dark days that followed. • Americans started buying X hours after the attacks. Wal-Mart sold 116,000 units on that Tuesday. 'Every house needed one.' Based on this data, the company quickly bought up the available stock of Xs from every supplier it could reach. Wal-Mart had effectively 'monopolised', and its competitors were unable to restock their shelves.This story has become something of a legend . True American Capitalism.
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  28. 28. The American Flag
  29. 29. 9. Give us the phrase • This map explains a popular phrase, mainly used in the 19th and early 20th centuries
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  31. 31. Sun never sets on the British Empire
  32. 32. Fin
  33. 33. Written Round
  34. 34. • Shown here are famous journey’s and the vessels used • Identify who undertook these journey’s • +5/0 • No staking
  35. 35. Exchange
  36. 36. Written Round
  37. 37. • Shown here are real life locations that have been immortalized in iconic movies or location • ID the fictional location these places were used to shoot • +5/0 • No staking
  38. 38. Görlitz Warenhaus Department Store
  39. 39. Chott el Djerid Salt Lake
  40. 40. Sanctuary Adventist Church
  41. 41. Hatley Castle
  42. 42. Chippewa Square
  43. 43. Ohio State Reformatory
  44. 44. Christ Church, Oxford University
  45. 45. Exchange
  46. 46. Grand Budapest Hotel
  47. 47. Tatooine
  48. 48. Kill Bill’s Chapel
  49. 49. Charles Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
  50. 50. Forrest Gump’s Bus Stop
  51. 51. Prison from Shawshank Redemption
  52. 52. Hogwarts
  53. 53. SAFETY SLIDE
  54. 54. X-Transylvania
  55. 55. 2. Give me Picasso's reply which was a masterpiece in itself. • During the Nazi occupation of Paris, Pablo Picasso was taken to be "interrogated" by a special branch of Gestapo that had been set up to handle intellectuals and artists. • The Nazi policeman gestured Picasso to sit in front of his desk, then he produced a photo of the now world famous "Guernica", the large painting that depicts Picasso's take on the Nazi bombing of the Spanish town of the same name during the Spanish Civil War. • The Nazi pointed at the photo and said with a harsh voice: • "Picasso! Have you done this ?"
  56. 56. SAFETY SLIDE
  58. 58. 3. ID X and give the reason for this disparity. • This Photo shows X from the ISS. Steet lights in the Eastern part appear slightly more orange and those in the Western Part are a harsher yellow. Thirty years later X is still divided by light.
  59. 59. SAFETY SLIDE
  60. 60. X- BERLIN • East used sodium Vapour lamps and west used fluoroscent lamps
  61. 61. 4.Funda The piece was written by English composer Tony Britten in 1992, adapted from George Frideric Händel's anthem Zadok the Priest, which is traditionally performed at the coronation of British monarchs. The complete piece is about three minutes long and has two short verses and the chorus. The chorus is in three languages: English, French, and German. The climactic moment is set to the exclamations "Die Meister! Die Besten! Les grandes équipes! The _________!“ For the, the piece was performed by London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and sung by the Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chorus
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  63. 63. UEFA Champions League Anthem
  64. 64. 5.ID the date X • Lawrence Van Sertima had been a snake handler for 40 years and had not received a bite. X was about to become his unlucky day. On that day he was handling a Taipan snake, one of the most venomous in the world, when for an unknown reason it turned and bit him. • Under normal circumstances, he would have been flown by helicopter to the nearest trauma center. • X was no normal day, so he had to suffer a 40-minute ambulance ride to a Hospital. • There he was placed in an ICU and was hanging on by a thread. • What he needed was the monovalent antivenin, which is made from the venom of a Taipan snake. And he needed it ASAP. • Van Sertima didn’t have enough time to wait for the lifesaving serum to be delivered to him by car, train or boat. His only chance at life was to have it flown in. • The only two places possessing it where in _ __and San Diego • Since _ __was out of the question ,attention was turned to San Diego and the FAA in Washington gave clearance for the flight and it was accompanied by two fighter jets.
  65. 65. Safety Slide
  66. 66. X-9/11
  67. 67. 6. ID X and the method of voting • A Death in the Family" is a four-issue, 1988 comic book storyline published by DC Comics. The story was written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Jim Aparo, while Mike Mignola designed each cover. The story follows X’s quest to be reunited with his birth mother after being relieved of his duties. However during his journey he gets kidnapped, tortured and eventually killed by Y. • This storyline is particulary famous for its 900 __ voting system in which fans were allowed to decide X’s subsequent fate. • For 36 hours, beginning on September 15, 1988, readers could decide on whether X should live or not. Over 10,000 votes were cast, with a narrow majority in favour of killing the character
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  69. 69. X-Jason todd Phone calling voting method
  70. 70. 7.GIVE ME XY • XY has a length of 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles), from Moscow to Vladivostok, it is the longest railway line in the world.The railway was built between 1891 and 1916 under the supervision of Russian government ministers personally appointed by Tsar Alexander III and his son. • Y is an extensive geographical region spanning much of Eurasia and North Asia,it has been part of modern Russia since the 17th century. • X is a prefix meaning “on the other side of,” • XY is also a 2008 thriller film,starring Woody Harrelson,Ben Kingsley and Kate Mara.
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  72. 72. XY-Transsiberian
  73. 73. 8.These are variations of what • ________ – April 1977 and September 1987: The 1977 alteration was for Easter sunrise service. The 1987 alteration was for Pope John Paul II when he visited. • GO NAVY – December 1983: A group of Midshipmen, with permission, covered the sign for the Army-Navy football game's first and only West Coast appearance. • RAFFEYSOD – in 1985, an obscure rock band from New Orleans named the Raffeys altered the sign in an act of unauthorized self-promotion. • CALTECH – May 1987: Occurred on it’s centennial (of its incorporation as a municipality), also one of Caltech's many senior pranks. • OIL WAR – 1991, for the Gulf War. • JOLLYGOOD – 1993, unknown • SAVE THE PEAK – February 11, 2010, the original letters were covered with a series of large banners reading "SAVE THE PEAK", part of a campaign by The Trust for Public Land to protect the land around it from real estate development . As the changeover progressed, variations such as "SALLYWOOD", "SOLLYWOOD", and "SAVETHEPOOD" sprung up.
  74. 74. Hollywood Sign
  75. 75. 9.What as his position • Peter Colin Hodgsonis a politician and a member of the Labour Party. • In 2001, during production of this project, Hodgson was given the title Minister of the _____, responsible for investigating methods of capitalizing on the boom in tourism that followed the project. • Mr Hodgson did not get the position just because he has a wizard-like white beard. A spokesman for Mr Hodgson confirmed yesterday that the minister would oversee opportunities that the pacific nation could seize . Tourism Minister Mark Burton would also be involved.
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  77. 77. Minister of Rings