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Around the World in 80 questions (Prelims)



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Around the World in 80 questions (Prelims)

  2. 2. • 20 Questions • 2,6,9,16,20 are starmarked
  3. 3. 1) PUT FUNDA • 1. London > Suez – Rail and steamer across the Mediterranean Sea • 2. Suez > Mumbai – Steamer across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean • 3. Mumbai > Kolkata – Rail • 4. Kolkata > Hong Kong – Steamer across the South China Sea • 5. Hong Kong > Yokohama – Steamer across the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean • 6. Yokohama > San Francisco – Steamer across the Pacific Ocean • 7. San Francisco > New York – Rail • 8 New York > London – Steamer across the Atlantic Ocean and rail
  5. 5. 2) WHAT IS THIS MONUMENT • HP Sauce has changed its label for the first time in 123 years to reflect the fact that X is currently draped in scaffolding. The brown sauce bottle's famous label featuring X and other prominent buildings of ______ will now reflect the refurbishment works that have seen X go silent since August 2017. • “It is the most Instagrammed landmark of the country and decorates millions of bottles of HP Sauce every year," said Joel Hughes, spokesperson at HP Sauce. "While X has a facelift, and because we’re a good and honest sauce, we thought it was high time we showcased the true view and created a label that showcases them in their scaffolded glory.” HP Sauce will stick to the label until X rings out again once the refurbishment finishes in 2021.
  6. 6. BIG BEN
  7. 7. 3) • The following images are taken in Guanajuato, Mexico, a former silver- mining town on a hillside peppered with brightly colored buildings that make for a vertical architectural display. This place served as the inspiration for something you might have seen in the past 2 years. • The people behind this creation stated that they used this town as inspiration in order to make the __ _ __ __ seem authentic and connected to to the culture of Mexico rather than randomly imagined. • FITB & What did this town serve as the inspiration for/ Where would you have recently seen something similar to the image?
  9. 9. 4) FITB (ALL BLANKS ARE THE SAME) • Although the origin of the name ____ is still debated among historians, it can be traced as far back as the early 1200s, when “Crna Gora” (“Black Mountain” in Serbo-Croatian) was used in the charter of Vranjina Monastery to denote the highlands of Mount Lovćen, a mountain by Kotor in southwestern ___. • That the country is known today by the Venetian calque “___” rather than the Serbo- Croatian “Crna Gora” reflects Venice’s dominance over the Balkans during the Middle Ages. Perhaps we will never know exactly why the area was in the first place called Crna Gora or ___, but one of the origin stories comes from the Middle Ages, when the Venetians traded with independent city states along the Adriatic. They had to travel up and over Mount Lovćen. The Venetians would therefore, in speech, refer to today’s mainland _____ as the place over the dark mountain; the pine forests on Mount Lovćen were apparently so dense that from far away the mountain looked black.
  10. 10. MONTENEGRO
  11. 11. 5) ID THE SONG, THE BAND AND FITB WITH THE LINE. • The story behind how David Paich came up with his most popular song X is rather unexpected. He says that this song is about his love for the geographical location in question, despite having never set foot there before he wrote the song. His love for the place, combined with randomly playing around with his new CS-80 keyboard, gave him the iconic brassy riff opening of the song. He based the lyrics off a late night documentary with depictions of plight and suffering in that place, and the landscape descriptions in the lyrics were based off of an article that he had read on National Geographic. • As a child, Paich attended a Catholic school; several of his teachers had done missionary work in that place. Their missionary work became the inspiration behind the line "_ __ __ __ __ _ X..."ID the song, the band and FITB with the line.
  13. 13. 6) ID X OR GIVE ME THE HEARTBREAK THAT OCCURED IN 1950. • X is one of the most famous stadiums in the world and was a showpiece venue for the 2016 Olympics.The stadium has been a “temple” and a “sacred space”, a place where Brazil’s jogo bonito was developed and curated.The experience of the stadium used to be second to none: the concrete bowl, packed with over 100,000 people, would create an immense, powerful atmosphere. The general area, had very cheap tickets, and there were incrementally more expensive parts of the stadium, depending on how you wanted to live the game. • When the stadium opened in 1950, it had an instant impact, it was the biggest stadium in the world at the time, and amongst the biggest in history.X was the location for terrible nation wide heartbreak on 16th July 1950, and the incident is said to been instrumental in drawing a certain Edson Arantes do Nascimento to the beautiful game.ID X or give me the heartbreak that occured in 1950.
  15. 15. 7)ID X • "And it is about the size of your thumbnail if you hold it out arm's length in front of you. The whole focus of your attention goes into this little thing out there. It's in a black void, which makes its colors even more impressive. Primarily, you get the blue of the oceans, the white of the clouds, you get a little streak of tan that we call continents, but they're not that noticeable. It just looks glorious.“ • This was a quote by X revisited in 2019 by CNN debuting their new film Y ahead of a certain 50th anniversary. • X is also known for flunking the Mercury and Gemini program test by answering “eleven polar bears fornicating in a snowbank” when showed a blank white sheet as part of a Rorschach Test. • X is also part of an Illustrious group termed “The Loneliest Men in the World” along with Ron Evans,Fred Haise, Frank Borman and others.
  17. 17. 8)ID X • The Tamil Nadu government has cracked down on X, as it violates the state’s lottery ban, which is in effect since 2003.The state believes that X encourage users to take chances for a reward.This ban particularly came into focus during the Diwali period when the rest of the country was busy on a wild goose chase. • X is said to use a principle called variable rewards which was discovered in the 1950s by BF Skinner a famed psychologist.He ran an experiment with rats where it was found that rats preferred pressing a lever which offered a treat of variable sizes rather than a fixed constant treat.
  18. 18. GPAY
  19. 19. 9) WHO IS SOPHIE CHOTEKS INFAMOUS HUSBAND? • 28th June 1914 is a momentous day in World History and its events have had world shaping consequences. • It all could have been possibly avoided if a certain motorcade had proceeded out of the city via the Appel Quay, rather than taking its planned route along Franz Joseph Street and into the narrow streets of Sarajevo’s bazaar district. • This wrong turn took them right to where 19-year-old Gavrilo Princip had stationed himself along the original published route for the motorcade, under the awning of a general store. • The car slowed to a stop right in front of Princip, who fired two shots into the car, hitting Sophie Chotek and her husband at point-blank range.
  21. 21. 10)ID X • The red darkens the closer one gets to London. Manchester and Liverpool are also quite swamped, but further north the density of X’s lightens with the density in population. • X’s are extremely popular in British Pop Culture with places like The Black Bull from The Inbetweeners among the popular ones. • ID X which is quite Synonymous with British Culture.
  22. 22. PUBS
  23. 23. 11) GIVE FUNDA(X AND A LOCATION WOULD SUFFICE) • It’s 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet. Last month, 150,000 people paid Cards Against Humanity $15 to save America with six days of incredible surprises.Right now, the federal government is working to pour billions of your tax dollars into X despite the fact that X’s have been militarily obsolete since the advent of gunpowder. • Since the Trump administration is committed to using 12th-century military technology to protect our country from invaders, we have responded in kind by building a 30-foot trebuchet, a medieval catapult designed to destroy X’s. We paid 300 gold to increase its attack damage, so it’s very powerful. • These are extracts from a campaign launched by Cards Against Humanity where they purchased a plot of vacant land at a certain place and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive a process as possible for the US Government.
  25. 25. 12) ID X/PUT FUNDA. • This image freaked out a lot of netizens on Twitter with people claiming that this was the reason they have trust issues. • X lightheartedly dubbed the “very, very serious allegations” as “fake news,” before acknowledging that “this does look bad.”X also revealed that not everything is real and that he doesn’t tape after midnight, instead he tapes at 5 p.m. and pretends that’s it late at night. • X usually prefers taking a preplanned route in LA or sometimes uses the pretext of needing bearings from a local when in a new town, such as London (with Adele) or Liverpool (with Paul McCartney) or New York City (with Madonna) or Las Vegas (with Céline Dion).
  27. 27. 13)GIVE FUNDA/X • Prior to establishing himself as one of Europe's top strikers, Lewandowski was close to signing for Sam Allardyce at Blackburn. The Polish forward was invited to watch Blackburn's match against Everton in April 2010 where the hope was that a deal could be struck. It was at this point however that X intervened and Lewandowski's flight was cancelled, and Borussia Dortmund nipped in to sign the player. • X had far reaching effects across western and northern Europe over an initial period of six days in April 2010. Additional localised disruption continued into May 2010, it created the highest level of air travel disruption since the Second World War. • The image shows X’s effects all the way in Manchester England.
  29. 29. 14)ID X • Bastille _________ Guns provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of X models. • It allows for controlled management of payload such as explosives, with no damage to common models or surrounding environment .
  30. 30. DRONES
  31. 31. 15) WHAT IS THE BACTERIA EATING • Halomonas _________ is a gram-negative, halophilic species of proteobacteria which was discovered on rusticles recovered from the X in 1991.One of the researchers, Henrietta Mann has estimated that the action of microbes like Halomonas may bring about the total deterioration of the X by 2030. • While the bacteria have been identified as a potential danger to oil rigs and other man-made objects in the deep sea, it also has the potential to be used in bioremediation to accelerate the decomposition of other similar ‘wastes’ littering the ocean floor.
  33. 33. 15) PUT FUNDA • Rufus has been a regular feature at club since 2003 - when he took over from the previously ‘employed’, Hamish. He serves a vital role during the Wimbledon Championships, and now has a celebrity following to rival that of Scottish tennis ace Andy Murray. • During the main competition, he is flown before the gates open - from 5am to 10am. Rufus also played a key role at the London 2012 Olympics and has previously visited Westminster Abbey, various hospitals and airfields. • Rufus has trained at Wimbledon since he was 16 weeks old.
  35. 35. 16)WHO DAT • Originally calling himself "Mr. 305," a reference to his area code in his hometown of Miami, Fl, ________ has been using the moniker since at least 2010, when he released the mixtape X on April 20th. • On June 17th, 2011 _______ released the album , which included the song “X“.
  36. 36. MR. WORLDWIDE
  37. 37. 17) GIVE ME THE MOVIE. • The picture shown is a screenshot of the Itunes Movie Rentals Trending chart.The blanked out film is number 8, 9 years after its release. It has been in the 10 most popular films on iTunes since late January and is holding strong at number eight on the movie rental charts due to a surge of renewed interest in the film. • This Steven Soderbergh’s star-studded 2011 thriller, killed off Gwyneth Paltrow in its first 15 minutes. It also shows diligent men of science who ultimately save the day — a comfort for anyone looking for optimism — while highlighting the work of conspiracy theorists profiting off the spread of disinformation. A blogger played by Jude Law is particularly sinister.
  38. 38. CONATGION
  39. 39. 18)ID X AND FITB • The first X was held in 1929, and it’s been running every year, uninterrupted, since 1955. It is said that if you want to reach driving immortality, you must triumph here.The 2.094-mile course winds directly up and down the narrow switchbacks carved by the city streets, Is the most dangerous and technically demanding in an __ calendar. • Kings and princes watch men gamble with their lives, along with shipping scions and their tanned associates. Then there are the modern- day royals: the Drakes and Elton Johns, Rihannas and Gigi Hadids.ID X and FITB
  40. 40. X-MONACO GP F1
  41. 41. 19) ID X • X is a colossal statue of a statesman and an activist. It holds a certain record in the world. The project was first announced in 2010 and construction started in October 2013 with a total construction cost of around 400 Million USD. • While one would assume that this gigantic statue needs no introduction since it is known to be twice in size of the Statue of Liberty, it seems like the governing body officials thought otherwise and wanted to raise the bar for attracting tourists. Hence around a month ago, with an allotted budget of around 300K USD, a 30 feet statue of a dinosaur was being built and installed to attract tourists to X. • However, in just about a month, when it was not even near completion, the giant dinosaur fell down.Some would say the Dinosaur falling down is symbolic of the downfall of the archaic people who built it.
  43. 43. 20)FITB • Ildefons Cerdà i Sunyer, (1815 –1876) was the progressive urban planner who designed the 19th-century "extension" of _________ called the Eixample. • He was a founder of modern town planning who coined the new word “urbanization” • _________ is also the stomping ground of a magician from Rosario
  44. 44. BARCELONA