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10 unconventional ways to use food around the house

Shopping list - Listonic presents a crafty set picturing alternative uses of your everyday food products. Thanks to this you'll discover the full potential of your groceries.

P.S. You may also learn how to impress your friends with your creativity and knowledge!

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10 unconventional ways to use food around the house

  1. PHOTO CREDITS  I hope you have a milk and cookies kind of day (CC) by Purple Sherbet Photography CC BY 2.0  Eggses by Nomadic Lass CC BY-SA 2.0  Wood & food by GabPRR CC BY 2.0  Hazardous Waste by David Goerhing CC BY 2.0  Coca-Cola by Leo Hidalgo CC BY 2.0  coca cola by Marina Aguiar CC BY 2.0  Dầu dừa by Phú Thịnh Co CC BY-SA 2.0  Gyokuro by Dimitri Fedorov CC BY 2.0  Tomato by Ludovic Tristan CC BY 2.0  Ol.-Oil---Pomp-Blog by U.S. Department of Agriculture CC BY 2.0  Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon by geografika  Homemade mayonnaise by tashka2000  Mayonnaise und Petersilie by Quade  Powdered milk in bowl for baby and spoon on red background by Africa Studio  utsiTomatoes and basil by rpavich CC BY 2.0