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Evolution Marketing Social Imapact Report 2007-2017

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Evolution Marketing llc, an Oconomowoc Wisconsin based company specializes in the area of environmental communication, eco-friendly marketing and sustainable strategies. Experts at communication and practitioners of sustainable initiatives, the Evolution Marketing team can lead your responsible businesses to success. Evolution Marketing’s creative communication professionals excel at assisting organizations of all sizes in communicating their sustainability message to employees, customers and other business associates. Our goals are to help your business communicate in an effective manner the types of environmental practices, products and services your company offers. The companies which Evolution Marketing, llc has worked with since 2007 are either engaged in some aspect of sustainability (local food, green technology, energy conservation, etc) or they prefer to have all of their marketing materials produced in a sustainable manner.

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Evolution Marketing Social Imapact Report 2007-2017

  1. 1. GROWING SOCIAL CAPITAL & CHANGING CULTURE ONE PROJECT AT A TIME Evolution Marketing Social Impact Report 2007-2017 www.evmkting.com Our Mission: Live responsibly, work by example, lead by design and educate through action
  2. 2. EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH Evolution Marketing team members have…. Presented talks on sustainability marketing and U.N. Sustainable Development Goals to 200 + Wisconsin high school students in 2017. Guest lectured to 10+ Wisconsin college/ University classrooms containing undergraduate and graduate students on topics of environmental communications, marketing and sustainability between 2009 – 2015. Presented, moderated and/or faciliated 50+ talks for events, regional/global conferences, tradeshows, webinars, business seminars and workshops on topics in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and sustainable solutions/strategies for business.
  3. 3. BUILDING A RESILIENT OCONOMOWOC In 2008 – 2009, members of the Evolution Marketing team literally helped to build Waukesha County’s first universally accessible and environmentally responsible community built playground, Imagination Station in Oconomowoc’s Roosevelt Park. We believe that it is businesses’ responsibility to support local activities that help create a more resilient community. Lisa served as the volunteer PR Chair for the community built playground project. In this role she lead a team of 25 + creative professionals who donate their time & talents to appeal to the community for playgound donations (i.e. tools, food, 2500 + volunteers, in-kind & financial donations, etc..). She also served as spokesperson throughout the week long building process. Mike servered as the volunteer Tools Co-Chair for the project. He interfaced with residents/homeowners, builders, contractors, local construction businesses and suppliers to get well over 1000 tools, landscape and heavy equipment donated for the build. 2010 - 2017 In 2010, Evolution Marketing President, Lisa Geason-Bauer founded the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market as a partnership between the chamber of commerce and local environmental group. This indoor winter farmers’ market was the first in Waukesha County and it provided a place for over 115 farmers, artisan producers and makers to sell their goods in the winter months. Due to the creation of the winter farmers’ market, over 55,000 visitors were provided with local access to fresh seasonal produce all year long.
  4. 4. CREATING BRIDGES BETWEEN BUSINESS & ENVIRONMENTAL NONPROFITS Between 2007 – 2017, the Evolution Marketing team has donated time, professional services and cash resources to 12 business and environmental organizations operating at the county and state level. Evolution Marketing is leading by example…. • Our team members have donated 1000 + hours of time to volunteer efforts with nonprofits that are working towards the creation of a more equitable and just world for all. • We sponsored local environmental education initiatives (i.e. Greener Oconomowoc’s Earth Day Resource Fairs in 2007 -2011 and the Earth Day Bike Summit 2013), that attracted over 4000 + local residents and provided sustainable living resources and education to the greater Oconomowoc area! • For several years (2014 – 2016) we helped to champion and sponsor the U.S. Green Building Council’s 30x30 Nature Challenge. In 2014 and 2015 we helped promote the challenge to our clients and other businesses within Waukesha County via a Lake Country Now blog featuring over 60 articles written about the human health benefits of spending time in nature. In 2016, we spearheaded a countywide challenge that brought business leaders from across Waukesha County as well as our County Executive to a kick-off event at the Oconomowoc Community Center. Members of the Evolution Marketing staff joined over 3000 other individuals and 131 other businesses in participating in this program! • In 2017 we helped to bring Cool Choices (a sustainability and employee engagement game) to employers throughout Waukesha County. We joined 25 other workplaces in playing a community level game for six weeks that generated over 31,000 choices associated with energy savings at work and home, travel choices, water usage and waste management! •In 2017 Evolution Marketing joined the 1% for the Planet movement. That means that in 2017 we donated at least 1% of our total sales to local environmental organizations. We further pledge to make sure that at least one percent of our income from our client projects will be fueled back into local environmental projects in 2018 and beyond. “Lisa connected the dots between workforce development and sustainability, making it possible for an environmental group like ours to collaborate with chambers of commerce and workforce development staff across Waukesha County. We inspired more than 500 people to adopt sustainable practices at work and home thanks to Lisa’s leadership at Evolution Marketing. Lisa knows sustainability and she understands how to frame issues so that they resonate with diverse audiences, even in the very-red Waukesha County.” Kathy Kuntz, Executive Director, Cool Choices WISCONSINGreen Building Alliance GREENER OCONOMOWOC OCONOMOWOC AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE